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    Hi all,

    Please see attached minutes from Q&A session on the 15th November. The Q&A channel is now open for new questions for our next meeting.



    Q: Can we have a channel for Genesis teasers/discussion? Make it nsfw so no one enters accidentally

    A: Calaban has made a channel

    Q: In your event manager application you stated "18 years or older" as a requirement. Could you elaborate on why? Many adults are incompetent despise being adult, and there are minor who can take responsibility and are reliable.

    A: these have always been the criteria we have used and at the moment we want to continue doing it this way.

    Q: What is the total number of unique players that gd had since the beginning?

    A: over 50,000

    Q: What is the most exciting event that you can recall having for the ark pve/pvp clusters, what does it entail, and will it happen again?

    A: 12,000 level giga spawn event, that was cool!

    Q: Will you, or what will you do against the immense amount of trolling/spamming some players participated in (including me), once the servers are back to normal? Will there be any consequences? And why was no action taken when it started?

    A: We keep an eye on the servers and Discord and if we see someone acting inappropriately, we will remove them from the servers & Discord

    Q Why isn't there a Q&A today?

    A: Last week was cancelled due to availability of Koga and Chris

    Q: Please can u remove s+ turrets from pvp, they are totally unbalanced

    A: pvp concept related question and this will be released this week

    Q: Are we having compensation [like increased times] for the long downtime of breeding etc

    A: We will be doing something but with PVP changes we haven’t had time to discuss

    Q: Can you give us the pvp details, I’m dying to know them lol

    A: It will be released next week

    Q:Why ATV is disabled?

    A: It’s very buggy and useless

    Q: Is it possible to make trophies like Sarco skins and sails transferrable? If yes will you consider it?

    A: It is possible using Auction House, and we could look at changing settings in the future

    Q: If i ever win top voters can i ask for basilisk fang instead of bp?

    A: No it will only ever be Blueprints to keep it fair

    Calaban left 19:39 uk time

    Q: Can we have public transmitters in aberration

    A: It’s up the community, we won’t do it as a organisation, but people must remember placing transmitters counts as your outpost.

    Q: Any updates on breeding? When can we have an event? What is the expected compensation promised by you guys for the issues with the same? Can we have a vote on custom loot drops for specific maps? Thanks.

    A: Custom loot drops, we have answered this before, community asked for it to be removed and bringing it back will be a lot of work and at the moment we have so much going on we just don’t have the time

    Q: Also, what are the ranks on forum like dodo hunter etc, how do we get higher ranks?

    A: Activity points for certain actions, participating in polls etc, making posts

    Q: PVP can we get s+ tek structures disabled so you have to get the engrams in order to access transmitter or replicator? and is it correct that reward vault is disabled for 4 weeks after the wipe?

    A: The final concept has not been released yet, 4 weeks is correct

    Q: Furthermore, can the seed spawn time/number for plant Z seeds be changed? One every 60 seconds is infuriating.

    A: Hard coded we can’t change that

    Q: Why is ghost bot in a bad mood and won't hug?

    A: Because Biehlomatik is grumpy and doesn’t like the community

    Q: Any ideas to sort of control the PvE marketplace?

    A: It’s very difficult to police and its down to the community to decide

    Q: What is the future for breeding rates if WC doesn't fix it?

    A: Were looking to keep existing values until a change comes from WC

    Q: Would there be any sort of automation of ark bar conversion from the forum to in game?

    A: We have looked into this, but we require a change by the TC vault, it’s not anything we can do in near future

    Q: There is a mod on the workshop called "The Ghost Division - Rewards" by Blutschnabel (Gunnsen). What's it about?

    A: It’s a big surprise, and it’s still in testing. Further details may be released in the future

    Q: Gachas/element veins nerf them? these things broke the element or is it hardcoded to?

    A: This was intentional by WC to make element and Tek easier to get. We won’t change this at the moment.

    Q: @koga who is your favourite c-person?

    A: Cherrie (this is banter Chris is his favourite person)

    Q: Will you post all the settings, all the disabled s+ stuff etc. when you give us the pvp details? And if we see something "broken" or whatever can we talk about it before server goes live?

    A: Yes, this is in process and we hope to have it sorted soon

    Q; Do you have plans to add the multiple maps from the new DLC to the cluster permanently

    A: Genesis will be added as a permanent map when it is released

    Q: Would you consider adding special mods like Gaia, genesis, extinction core....? Like a special map for a month with one of those special mods. For the event server I mean

    A: The event server can host anything the team and the community want. We have a lot of things going on now regards PVP and we are still recruiting for Event Managers. Once all this is sorted, we will start planning what we are going to do in the near future.

    Hi all,

    Please see attached minutes from Q&A session on the 1st November. The Q&A chancel is now open for new questions for our next meeting.



    Q: Can we have the structure limit increased?

    A: Currently we have it set to 5k which means with the Wildcard multiplier you have a maximum of 7.5K so no we wont be increasing it any more

    Q: Could you guys please update SE drops? Keep getting multiple oil well, oil flask, wind tower bps... in red drops

    A: We used to have custom loot drops but it was removed. We may look at doing it again in the future but this will take a lot of time and with all the PVP work going on we don’t have the capacity at the moment.

    Q: Is there a chance to have regular wild Dino wipes? Like mainly for Aberration and Valguero they get pretty laggy

    A: we don’t have fixed schedules for wipes, and this can also cause server lag and cause servers to crash. If this happened when no owner is available players could be unable to play for a while.

    Q: When is something going to be said about wen the pvp server will wipe and add Valguero. Also what is going on with ORP??

    A We have announced date for wipe, any other details will be communicated as and when they are decided

    Q: Can you add to reward vault event emotes? You need bones and event items to craft these consumables, but dinos dropping bones are very rare and a single emote requires 50 bones (example: 150lvl skeletal giga dropped 26 bones), no way that everyone would be able to unlock them all, so we cant perform a 50-players zombie dance. Same for event skins, can only be crafted with event items. Maybe a pack of all event skins for 10 bars or so?

    A: We are looking at changes for the future, but the mod developer will be completing an overhaul of the Reward Vault soon and we will investigate new options for the future.

    Q: Would you consider removing wood from beaver dams? It only makes people angry, most players don't care to drop wood so dams don't respawn.

    A: if it’s possible to overwrite what the dams contain we will discuss at next meeting and look into it further.

    Q: Any way to make Megalosaurus relevant/useful. They have higher base damage than rexes and at night/on Ab, they can obliterate any enemies.

    A: Changing the behaviour of a dino is not possible as its coded into ark.

    Q: Now that the wipe is announced for PVP server, will there be more maps added from the start and if so, which ones will we end up with?

    A: Still in discussion around PVP but we won’t be adding more maps at the moment as PVP just is not busy enough to justify. We will try to make sure we have a balance of maps and if it gets busier, we will investigate it again.

    Q: S it possible to add the Nanny, u can set up to Imprint only 50%, it would make breeder life so much easy

    A: see previous weeks answers

    Q: why is soul terminal baby pickup disabled if the hatchery is basically doing the same for eggs? feels kind of like a disadvantage if you like to breed mammals instead of dinos

    A: see previous weeks answers

    Q:how old are you Calaban, and are you really rich

    A: 25 and yes

    Q: Is everyone able to sing happy birthday to Kat?

    A: yes and everyone took part and it was beautiful

    Q: Would you be adjusting the prices for reward vault?

    A: This will be looked into after mod developer completes overhaul of Reward Vault

    Q: can you add a way to change your appearance to reward vault

    A: we will look into this; we will need to test the commands and settings first and then discuss at a team meeting

    hi have used this mod before and its way to op in its standard form. It allowed people to take basic items and make them better than any BP you could every get. There is also an augment addon so you can make every item super powerful. You can also make blueprints of everything you make so a you craft a fully upgraded shotgun for example and you can then make 1000 BP's and never need to farm again. In my eyes from using this mod for over a year it will destroy the server. This is just my opinion though.

    I think its great the community are making suggestions and I never want to dampen that but we have to make sure mods don't ruin the environment that GD and the community expect.



    Hi all,

    Please see attached minutes from Q&A session on the 25th October. The Q&A chancel is now open for new questions for our next meeting.



    Q: How much of the server team speaks German/where is the rest from?

    A: The Ghost Division team (Owners & Admins) are fluent in German and can speak some English too. Chris (AKA the Number One Admin) can just about speak English.

    Q: is claim rule still needed for extinction since u can claim drops by pressing E on them?

    A: In short yes, some people don’t like to claim the OSD / Vein until its finished as sometimes they can bug and you can’t access the loot. Also due to bad behavior in the past and to support the community, we recommend players claim the OSD / Vein in general chat for example “OSD claimed 44 22” so we have a log should any discrepancy occur.

    Q: Can we have the shorter days and longer nights for the Halloween event? On google it says officials have 40 min days and 20 min nights but on GD it's been an hour and half the day hasn't passed yet?

    A: This will need looking into thoroughly before making a change. If we did this for example the DodoRex and Dodo Wyvern would be on the map for way longer than they should be and we will need to look inot implications this could cause.

    Q: How long have you been top 3 on ark-servers?

    A: We have been there for approximately two / three years

    Q: How many tickets do you answer monthly? How many of them are from pve and from PvP? Also, what percent of tickets actually require admin intervention?

    A: Firstly, you must understand we have more PVE Players than PVP so clearly, we will receive more tickets for PVE as this is a bigger community. With PVE it normally relates to GC to Arc bar, Voting Rewards etc. but with PVP we do get some GC to Arc bar, but mainly PVP its more questions relating to rules or discrepancies between tribes. With regards to the third part of the question 95% tickets require either admin or owner intervention.

    Q: Can you clean up the forum? It's filled with support requests and generally stuff that's no longer needed, it makes useful threads disappear?

    A: This has been asked before and its something we will be working on over the coming months. There is a lot of work going on behind the scenes and admins and owners do this in their free time so we need to prioritize our tasks.

    Q: I was wondering, in case someone wanted to be extra careful, if you could document all your items and dinos with an available admin, before a boss fight, if the fight bugs out, server crashes, or you lose power over a power outage etc., if your boss paraphernalia could be replaced/refunded?

    A: In short No, we have a clear set of rules regard this, we don’t refund dinos or offer a teleporting service for people that become stuck i.e in a boss arena. Ark is a massive game full of different content and this brings bugs and issues, and if we decided to help with this it would take up so much time, we wouldn’t be able to maintain the servers to the high level the community expect. Everyone knows what Ark is like and the risks involved in playing.

    Q: Could be a special perk, or something for Donators or Patrons?

    A: This is something we have discussed before and are looking into. We have always been very firm this will never be a “Pay to Win” server, but we appreciate the support of our Patrons and Donators, and we will be looking into options in the near future.

    Q: Is it possible to get once a month a free recolouring Dino for Patrons?

    A: As above this is something we are looking into and it will be discussed at the next team meeting.

    Q: Will there be an Event coming on the Event Server in near Future?

    A: We have had a few technical issues with regards to Mods and settings we wanted to use on the Event Server. These issues have been ironed out now Chris is working with the Event Manager’s to get our first event ready. Unfortunately, Nebbs has stepped down as Event manager and the Team are going to discuss at the next team meeting what our next move will be with regards to the Event Server. Kuro has already started making some headway with regards to the first event and we will keep you posted.

    Q: What will happen to PvP on Ghost Division?

    A: As I’m sure your all aware this is a hot topic at the moment and the details of this are being discussed and finalized. Once this is done there will be a detailed update for the community.

    Q: Do you actually know who you’re going to change ORP?

    A: Again, this forms part of the previous question. This is currently being discussed and once decided an announcement will be made


    Q: Is it possible to get a option to exchange back the Arc bars to GC?

    A: We are not looking to allow players to exchange Arc bars back to GC. This is for a multitude of reasons including the forums shares players from PVP and PVE and there is already a massive amount of GC in circulation on the Forum

    Q: Is the favourite Food of our Developer Kiwii are Kiwi´s?

    A: A Great question and one that I’m sure everyone has been wondering! Sadly, they are not her favorite food.