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    All up to date, thank you all.

    zeko3001 if you can provide the map i would be grateful, i've checked both Val and Rag at those coords and cant find any oil pump or vein

    Kboty Yes we will eventually extend to Gas Veins but this is when the Oil Barons Research & Development Team design one he is happy with.

    Keep them coming guys




    we have done some testing, and when tested we didn't fall though any SS structures but fell though Vanilla ones. I have been informed by quite a few people after the announcement that the falling though structures seems to be totally random but they are falling through SS too. It does seem to be confined to Ragnarok. If people are falling though other maps please let us know, but i'm planning to make a new announcement after information received yesterday and this morning.

    I think this is a WC issue so there will not be a lot the team can do about it, but of course as usual we will look into it and see if we can find a solution for the community.

    As i have said before, if anyone does get stuck please make a ticket and if a member of the team is available we will try to assist



    to my sheer disbelief, the Mek never Cloned. I patiently waited 30 days and BOOM nothing. To all the people that were looking forward to a photo with this Amazing Mek, i'm sorry the dream is over.

    Soooooooorrryyyyy its taken a while to post this but i was very Disappointed ;(;(;(;(;(;(;(;(

    Anyway off to play with my Sheep

    Hi All

    Great News the Mek is only a day and a bit away from completion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    As i am probably the only person who has a cloned Mek due to me being the only person stupid enough to clone one, I am now taking booking for a photo with the Mek.

    If you would like the opportunity to have your photo with this rare Mek please message me on discord :)

    Please don't let this fantastic opportunity pass you by as you will kick yourself when the offer is finished!

    Also thought of another Thrilling idea! If enough people want to share in the fun and clone their Meks too, we could have a monthly Cloned Mek owners club meeting to show off how cool we are. If your interested let me know :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D



    hi guys,

    its a sunny Wednesday afternoon and i thought i would come spend some time with my Mek Clone.

    Great News!!!!! The wait is nearly over

    ONLY 10 DAYS TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Stay tuned for another exciting installer of the Mek Clone


    hey guys

    well i thought i would post a update. Things have been busy and Mek clone is still going well.

    Here is a photo of me next to the Cloning Chamber and we are now only 14 days away WOOP WOOP

    Stay tuned for another exiting instalment of the the Mek Clone


    Hello everyone,

    After a discussion with ThumperMan007 we decided i would clone my best Mek in case i killed it whilst playing . I gathered the element for it which was a LOT X(X(X( and proceeded to put it in cloning chamber. To my utter disbelief once i started cloning i found out it is going to take 32 days!!! ;(;(:/:/:/;(;(;(X(X(X(X(X(X(X(X(X(X(X(X(X(

    Please see photo:

    As you can imagine i was very upset by this and unfortunately everyone i was in chat with at the time, who i thought would be very supportive and make me feel better found it utterly hilarious and some nearly fell of their chairs laughing.

    As there is nothing i can do and now have my Cloning Chamber occupied for 32 days i thought i would start a story about how i'm getting on over the next month with pictures and updates on its progress.

    I would also recommend no one else decides to clone a Mek!




    no question is stupid, unless it comes from me as i ask loads of stupid questions :)

    I have seen your ticket and your now marked as inactive so all your stuff is safe until you return.

    Have a great time

    Chris :)

    hi guys,

    after a few hours of work this thread is now back up-to date. Thank you to everyone who has provided all the above info. Please keep them coming!

    Please remember if you can provide the CCC coords and tribe name it helps me a lot



    Thanks for the extension Oil Baron Chris! :D

    This is great news from the oil baron and the team. He really is an amazing guy. It really isnt me though. I pretended to be the oil baron at the end of the last event as the real oil baron was away selling oil to the Americans. I could never be the kind rich man he is. You will see at the next event as he has confirmed he will be there and so will I 🤔


    As promised i have spoken to Gunnsen and have an update to the following questions:

    1. Q:Will dino wipe and imprint guns be added to the AH again?

    A: Gunnsen will update the mod ASAP to make it compatible, but due to how much work he has on at the moment this will take some time.

    2. Q: Any reason the DS terminal does not distribute the fertiliser to farmers? Just a replacement for the SS item collector to do that. There is an option for using a specific fuel in the ini settings.

    A: The team decided not to allow the terminals to do everything, so the options were not activated.

    Hope this clarify these questions.

    see you soon