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    hi guys,

    after a few hours of work this thread is now back up-to date. Thank you to everyone who has provided all the above info. Please keep them coming!

    Please remember if you can provide the CCC coords and tribe name it helps me a lot



    Thanks for the extension Oil Baron Chris! :D

    This is great news from the oil baron and the team. He really is an amazing guy. It really isnt me though. I pretended to be the oil baron at the end of the last event as the real oil baron was away selling oil to the Americans. I could never be the kind rich man he is. You will see at the next event as he has confirmed he will be there and so will I 🤔


    As promised i have spoken to Gunnsen and have an update to the following questions:

    1. Q:Will dino wipe and imprint guns be added to the AH again?

    A: Gunnsen will update the mod ASAP to make it compatible, but due to how much work he has on at the moment this will take some time.

    2. Q: Any reason the DS terminal does not distribute the fertiliser to farmers? Just a replacement for the SS item collector to do that. There is an option for using a specific fuel in the ini settings.

    A: The team decided not to allow the terminals to do everything, so the options were not activated.

    Hope this clarify these questions.

    see you soon


    Hi Survivors,

    Please see attached minutes from Q&A session on the 8th May. The Q&A channel is now open for new questions for our next meeting.

    Q: Anything planned for the event server? Only seen stuff from other players hosting events off late

    A: Firstly, we have added Dani to the events team, and we have an event running this Saturday and we have lots of events planned in the near future.

    Q: Will it be possible in the future to have a Suggestion Channel on Discord?

    A: In Short No, as we have the forum. Discord is not great for this type of activity.

    Q: Would there ever be a possibility of a cross map chat? Like whenever someone types on one map it goes thru global on the whole PVE cluster

    A: No its not something ATM that is possible without further changes, due to being a busy cluster having all players talking at the same time would be horrible. Maybe if the player could filter chat for different maps this could be a option but would need looking into and testing.

    Q: Since nobody is asking more questions, I'd like to ask a question I got answered before, but maybe it updated in the meantime, when will Donators / Patrons / Admins / Owners have their ''Rank'' in game, and the colour? it has been a while since that question, so I'd like to know if there is any updates on it

    A: you may be aware this plugin was causing us issues. It is on our to do list to look at again but other issues have taken priority.

    Q: Is the "auto decay plugin" working? And could you explain how it's working?

    I see many abandoned bases (even with players lying inside and not moving for days/weeks)

    Is there a plan to hire more admins in the near future? From my view Chris and Mschmidi have a bit too much to do - especially when there are so many new players on the cluster (e.g. I see so many long water pipelines).

    A: Plugin works by removing bases and dinos that go over the set decay period without the admins needing to manually remove them. We are having a few issues with it at the moment but we are working with the developer to fix these issues. Regards recruitment YES we will be looking to recruit admins in the near future.

    Q: what about opening the transfers to genesis. any plans for it?

    A: No plans at the moment, as we have not discussed it within the team.

    Q: With the Genesis server(s) calming down, will there be a change in max. population (e.g. 80-> 50) and will the outpost rule be revised (e.g. extended limit to 2, with or without changed outpost dimensions)?

    A: The slot cap doesn’t make a difference to server performance so there is no need to change it. Outpost options we will be discussing in the near future.

    Q: Will Genesis 1/2 Stay forever now?

    A:In short we don't know what the future holds so we wouldn't like to commit to a decision.

    Q: Do you love me?

    A: Koga = Maybe, Mschmidi= Maybe, Boris, = Age / Sex / Location?

    Q: With official opening transfers to Genesis next week, will we be doing the same?

    A: NO


    A: DAFUC???????

    Q:Can building rules w.r.t vacuum compartments, on Ragnarok and Valguero castles, and on the volcano in Ragnarok be written on the rules page?

    A: We will discuss this in the team and get back with a answer.

    Q:Will dino wipe and imprint guns be added to the AH again?

    A: Gunnsen needs to look into this as there are some potential issues. We will report back as and when we have a update on this?

    Q: What is the plan regarding crystal isles and genesis 2? Will the last part of genesis 2 being added to the cluster have any impact on the server?

    A: We don’t have any details yet, part two could just be a update to Part 1. We might look at Crystal Isles in the future.

    Q: What action is taken against people who don’t remove traps? Is there a record of repeat offenders etc?

    A: We remove the stuff and what we remove is recorded in a team area. We could look back on this if required and take action against repeat offenders

    Q: Any reason the DS terminal does not distribute the fertiliser to farmers? Just a replacement for the SS item collector to do that. There is an option for using a specific fuel in the ini settings.

    A: We will discuss this with Gunnsen and get a answer to this.

    Q: Why is soul release inside caves on all maps not removed yet? This makes the removal of Cryopod's redundant.

    A: Dino storage mod has been changed a few times and caused config issues. We will be sorting this out and setting the configuration back up when we get some time.

    Q:Will you ever consider a loot rework?

    A: No, this has been asked many times before and when it was done last time it caused too many issues.

    Q: Will tuso grab and skiff lift ever be re-enabled?

    A: Disabled due to Griefing options it gives people.

    We will be releasing a few updates over the next two days with regards the upcoming event. Firstly we wanted to share the rules in preparation for Saturday. If you have any questions please post them here and a member of the team will answer them :)

    Please see below the FIVE rules for the upcoming Event on Saturday 9th of May

    1. Glitching, bug using and PvP behaviour is forbidden.

    2. Green signs will instruct you what to do, red signs will help you! Don't miss any.

    3. Moving is only allowed inside the areas of the event. People are not allowed to wonder off away from the event.

    4. You can place sleeping bags and if you die you can start again. If you get stuck just type /suicide

    5. This event is not a race its a challenge. If you race you will most likely fail.

    We will have multiple members of the team on hand should you have any questions or issues. This event is a bit of fun for the community, so please enjoy it :thumbup:

    Here at Ghost Division News, we had a fantastic opportunity to interview the ONE and only Ghost Division Oil Baron. Little is known about this very wealthy businessman and due to the fact, he is opening his private island for the upcoming event on Saturday 9th May, we thought we should get to know him a little better!

    Mschmidi: Firstly, thank you to the Oil Baron for taking the time to meet us today, and allowing us access to your private island. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

    Oil Baron: Well my real name is Bob and I live here on “Golden Island”. I am 34 years old, single and enjoy fishing, running & cycling. I enjoy travelling and my favourite holiday destination is Valguero. I was born in the United Kingdom and grew up in Texas. I am fluent in 29 Languages and I am currently learning another five. I am the CEO of GD Oil & Resources Inc.

    Mschmidi: Can you tell us a little bit about this island?

    Oil Baron: Yes I bought the island a few years ago from a big Hollywood film company as this was going to be the site for the latest Jurassic Park film “Jurassic Park 9 Dinosaurs In Underpants” but it was cancelled and the island went up for sale. I Bought it in 2018.

    Mschmidi: How did you become the wealthiest person at Ghost Division?

    Oil Baron: I started on Ghost Division back in 2015 spending all my time on Ragnarok. I started off selling resources for Ghost Coins, until I set up my first business “Bobs Long Rods” where I was killing squids out in the deep water and selling the fishing rods to customers all over the cluster. I did this for a few years before I made enough money to buy my first oil pump. I then set up a meeting with the owners of Ghost Division and we signed a contract for me to provide all the oil to the Ghost Division community and all oil wells & veins found on the islands would belong to me. This was when GD Oil & Resources Inc. was created. I Currently have approximately 28 Oil Pumps across multiple maps providing oil to the community. I also have an exporting company in America where all the surplus oil is pumped and sold to companies all over the world.

    Mschmidi: It sounds like you are a remarkably successful businessman so why are you organising this event?

    Oil Baron: Well Mschmidi that is a good question. I am organising this event to give something back to the community. I do not spend much time away from Golden Island and thought it was a great way to get to know people. I also wanted to give away some of the stuff I have collected as I have no use for the 917,000 Blueprints, I have in my Vaults in my storage facility.

    Mschmidi: 917k Blueprints? Wow you have more than me, and I thought I had a lot! How much are you worth?

    Oil Baron: Well it’s hard to say Mschmidi. Currently after what the community uses, I am producing about 105,000 barrels of crude oil a day and this is sold all over the world. To put that into money terms each barrel of oil is selling for approx. 406 Ghost Coins.

    Mschmidi: So, hang on, that roughly means you are earning WTF!!!!, about 42 Million ghost coins a day??

    Oil Baron: That sounds about right, yes 😊

    Mschmidi: ;(;(;(;(;(………………………………………………

    Mschmidi: Back to the interview, it sounds like this will be a fantastic event and we are all very much looking forward to taking part.

    Oil Baron: Yes, it should be good. There will be free food and drink for everyone, and I have also asked a local tailor to produce 300 sets of clothing for everyone to wear, so you do not need to bring anything.

    Mschmidi: Thank you for taking the time to meet with us today and we will see you on Saturday 9th May at 7pm CET for the event!

    Oil Baron: Sorry Mschmidi you may be aware I’m a big fan of riddles, would you like to hear a few?

    Mschmidi: Sure!

    Oil Baron: Riddle: There’s a one-story house in which everything is yellow. Yellow walls, yellow doors, yellow furniture. What colour are the stairs?

    Mschmidi: Yellow?

    Oil Baron: Answer: There aren’t any—it’s a one-story house.


    Oil Baron: Riddle: What question can you never answer yes to?

    Mschmidi: I Don’t Know!

    Oil Baron: Answer: Are you asleep yet?


    Oil Baron: Riddle: A man who was outside in the rain without an umbrella or hat didn’t get a single hair on his head wet. Why?

    Mschmidi: I Don’t Know!

    Oil Baron: Answer: He was bald.


    Mschmidi: Ok, I need to go now…

    Oil Baron: Ok, Ok one more,

    Oil Baron: Riddle: David’s parents have three sons: Snap, Crackle, and what’s the name of the third son?

    Mschmidi: Pop?

    Oil Baron: Answer: David

    Mschmidi: right, good one! I have to go bye!

    Big Thank you to the Oil Baron for taking part in the meeting and to our Ghost Division News Crew (Reporter Mschmidi, Camera Man Dani)

    Please see below a couple of photos from the meeting.

    why why why does this always happen to me!

    How many times can I trap myself with saying things that go wrong.

    My favourite person beginning with K for example nearly lost me half my friends, and now I thought making up a imaginary pet called Pingu the penguin would be 100% totally safe, but NO there is a player on the server with that username, what are the chances!!!!!

    Adam welcome to the server and I know you will have no clue about the above, but it just makes me realise everyhing I say that I think is safe, never is.

    I feel this ticket will go down as another mess Chris has got himself into.

    I hope you enjoy your time here it's a great server full of great people, but I will make no further comment as to not dig myself a bigger hole.

    Sorry to Administrator for accusing him / her for being my pet.


    Kogadins  Calaban (kalaban) Kiwii I'm not reopening the favourite person beginning with K, this was just a example of how sometimes saying things you think will have no come backs can!!!!!

    Hi All,

    Firstly sorry for the time this has taken to be posted, I am currently away working and will not be around much whilst we're in this global current state of affairs, i have managed to edit and publish the latest Q&A session for all you great people :)

    Q:Would you guys ever consider increasing the foundation support limit? Would be useful for people who build on uneven surfaces etc and can make people not reach the structure limit as fast

    A: we don't officially know what the limit is and Wild Card doesn't either. This has been discussed before and declined.

    Q: Why don't we have a NSFW channel?

    A: We don’t need one, Genesis is marked as NSFW and for anyone who like me doesn’t know what NSFW means it stands for Not Safe For Work

    Q: Will the PvE cluster get genesis on day 1? And what time CET, because I am planning to take a day off of work.

    A: We added it day 1 and second Genesis server was a few days after.

    Q: Are Rates on the PVP server remaining the same after the wipe next Friday?

    A: Rates will stay the same

    Q: Make a new channel for genesis Market??

    A: We have a separate market on Genesis servers but no separate channel

    Q: How do you pronounce "Mschmidi"'s ign? This is a serious question, I believe everyone would like to know.

    A: its M – Schmidi said M-Schmidi

    Q: As we all know from the last Q&A all the staff team's names, would be interesting to know their age, so what are all the staff team's age

    A: Chris 36, Koga 35, Mschmidi 38, Calaban error, Kiwii 200, Gunnsen 17, Beilo 52, Soerpa 55, Cherie 24, Sushi Late 80’s.

    Q; The base limit is 2 per map. One main base and one outpost. An outpost can be one raft, one platform or a 7x7x4 base.

    A: Due to rule change your only allowed 1 areas on genesis

    Q: As you’re restricted to just one main base now, are you guys going to monitor the issue of people building on both maps ?

    A; this is no problem as you can have a base on both maps

    Q: Does the new one base rule for gen apply to Rafts and, more importantly, the sea turtle?

    A:Yes it sure does

    Q: Could someone elaborate 'no teaming' rule?

    A: This means no helping with regards to raiding etc

    Q: Could you discuss not opening up transfers for more than 1 month? I think we can all agree on the DLC is unique, and opening transfers will quickly ruin the point of the DLC, an example would be the blueprints that would instantly become worthless. Because the other maps have a very easy access to tons of high quality blueprints.

    A: I think most of the team agree, we will discuss it officially in the future and we will make a decision before the month is up

    Q: Will we ever add custom modded dinos?

    A: In a nutshell No

    Q: Will we get our donator / patron name colors ever again? cause the plugin seems broken by the seam of it, and if it will never return, what will we get in game? (for the 25 euros+ you get the in-game rank of donator for example) even if nothing will happen, it doesn't matter, I'm just curious

    A: we hope to get the plugin working again but it’s crashing the server and we can’t keep allowing this to happen.

    Q: Will we eventually get the Super Structures mod for the PvE Cluster?

    A: We are currently testing it and we will get around it fully testing when we can as we don’t want to risk the cluster. Because of the size of the save game files we need to get this right first try.

    Q: How come the stack size on honey is so low? (only 5) and could it possibly be raised?

    A: It cant be changed as we have no influence over stack mod

    Q: Same question for Sweet veggie cake, these do stack to 10 but I feel like Honey and Cake stacking to at least 50 would be much nicer. :)

    A: same answer as above

    Q: Will we get crystal isles as a new map on the cluster?

    A: we don’t know, we wont rule anything out but watch this space

    Q: Is the Auto Rewards working?

    A: Yes, but we have not added any packs to it yet due to time.

    Q: Can we rename the channel to #monthly-q-and-a?

    A: We have been very busy with Genesis, but we are planning to get this back on track.

    Q: Is there a chance of trading between genesis 1 and 2? Talking babies/eggs mostly since they can't be sold through auction house.

    A: we are not allowing transfers between genesis 1 and 2

    Q: Where is the Event Manager? ---- Question to Boris

    A: We are working on our event manager team

    Q: Will there ever be a PvP event inside PvE cluster again?

    A: depends on what events the team organise but yes it could happen

    Q: Where are the Q&A answers from the previous session?

    A: We will sort this ASAP Chris is moaning at Koga for the answers

    Q: Magmasaurs can dmg structures and turrets from outside turret range, ban them for raiding until its fixed?

    A: we are aware of this and we will discuss this asap and find a solution

    Q: Can you close this so no more questions will be deployed? :p

    A: yes its done

    Q: If transfer is activated to Genesis will you allow to un-soul Dinos that are not in Genesis Part 1 ( aka. Gigas Manas Rockdrakes ... )

    A: We are not sure if you will ever be able to transfer anything to Genesis so we cannot answer this at this time.

    Q: Is it possible that s+ get's replaced by super structures?

    A; we have already answered this and will report back once tests are complete

    Q: If I attempted to make a stacking mod for genesis will it be used?

    A: you don’t need stacking mod, as you can now change size stack sizes through ini file

    Q: Plans for length of pvp cluster?

    A: we don’t have a fixed length for the PVP cluster, last one was approx. 3 months

    Q: so there is 2 genesis servers, how about allow transfers on one and not on the other, so both parties have their way they like most?

    A: we made the community aware that we will run both genesis servers the same and some players would not like to have to move again, but all decisions regards Genesis have not been decided.

    Thank you for all the questions and sorry again for it taking some time, Discord Q&A channel is now cleared up ready for the next session :)



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