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    Hello Survivors,

    we're holding an ARK Base Contest!

    We are looking for the most beautiful bases on each server.

    The base doesn't necessarily have to be big, it has to be beautiful.

    Whether made of thatch, stone, tek or other materials, everything has to look great together.

    Every tribe can submit a base for voting by leaving 1-3 screenshots as a comment (if anyone post more than 3 Screenshots the tribe will be Disqualified)

    In addition, the tribe name, the map and the coordinates (spyglass coords) must be included in the comment. (take a look to the 1st comment)

    At the end of the month we will take a look at the bases and and we will led you decide who the winner of our Base Contest is.

    The GD-Team will choose the (i think) 5 Best Bases of each map and we will go with all player who want to join to the bases and

    you will have the chance to choose the most beautiful Base of each map!

    I'm looking forward to your screenshots!