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    Hello Survivors,

    we're holding an ARK Base Contest!

    We are looking for the most beautiful bases on each server.

    The base doesn't necessarily have to be big, it has to be beautiful.

    Whether made of thatch, stone, tek or other materials, everything has to look great together.

    Every tribe can submit a base for voting by leaving 1-3 screenshots as a comment (if anyone post more than 3 Screenshots the tribe will be Disqualified)

    In addition, the tribe name, the map and the coordinates (spyglass coords) must be included in the comment. (take a look to the 1st comment)

    At the end of the month we will take a look at the bases and and we will led you decide who the winner of our Base Contest is.

    The GD-Team will choose the (i think) 5 Best Bases of each map and we will go with all player who want to join to the bases and

    you will have the chance to choose the most beautiful Base of each map!

    I'm looking forward to your screenshots!


    Imprinting Dinos is available again!

    Create a ticket and we will do it manualy, Imprint gun is still not sixed right now #ThxWildCard

    We will NOT change the player who got the imprint, just set it to 100%.

    I think the most things i thibk about are already said.

    as well as Paul_Foz i see the problem that we would get thons of crap loot like cable PBs or ASC Hide Armor.

    the Only thing how this Event can be wort is if we change ALL the loot tables and thats just to mutch work and i think if just good loot drops its to OP.

    Next problem is all the Players will try to get the OSDs, Lava Golem and Ocean/eldritch Drops on CI

    Nice Idea but i see ARK WAR incoming

    U rlly dont need that mutch dinos,...

    1k on 3 maps (so 3k in total) is still better than all tribes have 3k+ on one Server (Rag) .

    Thats how it is

    The problem is, ARK savegame has a max savegame size and thats the problem.

    so if u have all dinos on just one map (like ragna) the savegame is to big to run the Server.

    --> Split the Souls and the savegame on all servers will increase but ragna will be playable.

    and thats how it is, just do it :)

    PS i have to split my stuff two (already dropped 5k Souls on Gen1 xD )

    I think the community will say no to this cuz all cry about Base Lag and Stuff :D

    and there were already enough mods that were suggested and rejected

    Cant see your Problems lol :S

    Gachas to OP for u ? --> Dont use them and let other ppl use them if they dont want to farm
    Ur base is laggy? --> dont build a huge base and soul ur Dinos
    Other base is laggy? --> why r u in the base of someone else lol?
    server to laggy for you? --> go on SE/Abbe/Island

    I dont have lags if i play so maybe let other players play the game :*

    Gotta say this mod is nice for those who like to build but hell for those who just like a lagfree game. I think huge bases is allready giving me more lag than i care for

    and i for one will rather have shorter loadtime than more mods,

    My PC is strong enough! Give me the MOD :love:

    I agree, rag is laggy


    u will not stop players from bilding huge bases,... ill build huge base with or without gachas on CI...

    i can see you try to keep the servers lag-free but i think that isnt the way.

    Tho only thing what would reduce the lag on this myp by disabeling gachasmis: most player will not play there, and that isnt the way to get a good community