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    2 more questions

    1- will there be a wild dino wipe everyday at restart time

    2-can u like enable the settings of soul trap so that we can throw our dinos near to other bases.

    1. no why?

    2. not a bad idea, now gachas are disabled so i cant see a abuse behind that :) ill diskuss it with the team

    the only thing we can do is (as on Offi Servers) if a Dino is above lvl (for example) 300 just don't spawn him if he would pop out of an egg

    so max breed lvl would be 300 and next mutation would remove the dino...

    BUT we will leave it as it is now.

    There is a limit xD its 255 cuz (Programmer know what i mean) 28 = 256 (0 to 255 = are 256 Variables)

    so you can have 255 per Stat --> thats the Limit

    Hey, we (Admin/Owners) talked about the Nanny and we decidet to keep the Nanny out of the Servers.


    we are talking about something that could affect the Nanny

    So look forward to the wipe and all other announcements :igelballoon:

    Voting RewardPriceRemark
    Armor, Saddled, Weaponsdepends on ItemIngame Reward Vault
    Transfer of Elements
    (1k Element, one server to another)
    50 Ghost Coins -->
    Dino Color Tokens
    1x 50 Ghost Coins

    3x 120 Ghost Coins
    Check Dino Color Tokens
    EVENT: Double XP for one weekend750 Ghost CoinsMax. every 4 weeks

    Only one event per weekend --> Ticket
    Payment in GC only
    EVENT: Double Breeding for one weekend1000 Ghost CoinsDoubled maturation speed
    Halfed mating cooldown

    Max. every 4 weeks
    Only one event per weekend --> Ticket
    Payment in GC only
    EVENT: Taming Weekend

    1000 Ghost Coins

    Taming x5
    Dino scan active

    Max. every 4 weeks
    Only one event per weekend --> Ticket
    Payment in GC only
    Dino 100% Imprint100 Ghost CoinsWe will not change imprint player --> Ticket

    Big PVE Cluster Update: Ingame-Currency & Shop & Dino Preview ~~Thank you noelpy

    All about Ghost Coins, ARc Bars and Voting Rewards ~~Thank you Kat

    Questions and answers so far:

    Q1: Can we change the Imprinted Player

    A1: No, we will not do that.

    Q2: Do you get to chose the gender of the dino you ordered or is it just random?

    A2: You can Order it in the Reward Vault (Randome/M/W)

    Q3: Which colours are available?

    A3: We can only use those colours: Color IDs

    Q4: If I buy a wyvern is it fully matured/ imprinted / egg?

    A4: The wyverns are fully grown and without imprint.

    Q5: Will we add leveling dinos as reward?

    A5: No. Don't bother asking.

    Q6: Can dino xy be imprinted?

    A6: Only dinos that do have a growth cycle can be imprinted. If there is no baby variant out there, we can't imprint the dino.

    Q7: If I purchase ''Max. Lvl Phoenix + Perfect Tame'' does it have 100 imprint?

    A7: No it will be at lvl 225 BUT you can also purchase an 100 % imprint

    Q8: Can aberrant versions be ordered on island, ragnarok or centre?

    A8: They can, because you can transfer them from aberration to other maps anyway.

    Q9: With the custom colour for a dino, is it 50gc for one colour zone or can you do the whole dino for 50gc?

    A9: Whole Dino for 50gc!

    Q10: Considering the amount of GC it costs I'd prefer being able to at least have two to choose from so I don't end up with a Phoenix with 55 points in food.

    A10: Nope. You get what you're given. Don't like the stats? Order a new one.

    Q11: if you pay to raise a creature's imprint to %100, is it possible to raise the imprint after the creature is fully grown already?

    A11: Yes, it is.

    and as i said, if you want to start breeding a lot its ez to breed a lvl1 first and after that you start to breed your stats in

    yes but as i said,... :) if you are searching for tigh lvl dinos you can tame the low ones and set up a lvl1 line... its ez

    well for my point of view as a player (yes i also play as a nomal player without cheats and stuff) i cant see the difference...
    if you have a lvl1 Dino and breen in a 60 base DMG Tame --> with 50+ Mutations in Dmg you wont see the difference in your 3 Digets either... or am i wrong xD

    we will Talk about in the Team meeting because you wont have a advantage but i still done see the good thing about

    and as i said, if you want to start breeding a lot its ez to breed a lvl1 first and after that you start to breed your stats in

    No limit here, for some reason admins dont like lvl 1 dinos. You can still create it by taming low level dinos tho.

    hey im the only admin and i like lvl1 dinos BUT they are useless.

    and yes, im a breeder BUT with the Spyglass you see what stats your dinos have and you can see the mutations with the Soul mod,... so no one needs lvl1 dinos.

    AND you can breed a lvl 1 dino, it takes longer but its possible

    I totally agree with you Artyom <3

    The thing is we are all working in real live and for example I can help if i get home and that's after 16pm GMT+1

    We know about the fact that we have not enough admin power/ just 12h where we can act quick (afternoon and evening in Germany)

    BTW. 99% of all stuck thinks can be solved by players who carry a personal tp :) jk I know not everyone is in endgame.

    Our biggest problem is the "got kicked from the tribe" right now but we hava a solution which can fix it, we just need to test it.

    I hope we can give support more fast in the next time (cuz I have Home Office from tomorrow)


    Hello Survivors,

    we're holding an ARK Base Contest!

    We are looking for the most beautiful bases on each server.

    The base doesn't necessarily have to be big, it has to be beautiful.

    Whether made of thatch, stone, tek or other materials, everything has to look great together.

    Every tribe can submit a base for voting by leaving 1-3 screenshots as a comment (if anyone post more than 3 Screenshots the tribe will be Disqualified)

    In addition, the tribe name, the map and the coordinates (spyglass coords) must be included in the comment. (take a look to the 1st comment)

    At the end of the month we will take a look at the bases and and we will led you decide who the winner of our Base Contest is.

    The GD-Team will choose the (i think) 5 Best Bases of each map and we will go with all player who want to join to the bases and

    you will have the chance to choose the most beautiful Base of each map!

    I'm looking forward to your screenshots!


    I think the most things i thibk about are already said.

    as well as Paul_Foz i see the problem that we would get thons of crap loot like cable PBs or ASC Hide Armor.

    the Only thing how this Event can be wort is if we change ALL the loot tables and thats just to mutch work and i think if just good loot drops its to OP.

    Next problem is all the Players will try to get the OSDs, Lava Golem and Ocean/eldritch Drops on CI

    Nice Idea but i see ARK WAR incoming