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    I agree, rag is laggy


    u will not stop players from bilding huge bases,... ill build huge base with or without gachas on CI...

    i can see you try to keep the servers lag-free but i think that isnt the way.

    Tho only thing what would reduce the lag on this myp by disabeling gachasmis: most player will not play there, and that isnt the way to get a good community

    Tribe mates always stick together, so Cats will stick together also, I agree with kat, gachas ruined the game, people too lazy.


    did u read what we wrote?

    u can treansfer all the stuff they give, so why to disable them on a map, but open transfer

    And to add up people, in PvP we have no gachas, and we are doing just fine, farming is so much more fun than just afk'ing at your base playing fortnite.

    Don't think it should make a difference for 1 map in PvE, after all, you all farmed without gachas all this time, so what difference does it make?

    and if it makes no difference, we can enable them, so as u said: no difference. (and btw. we are not talking about pvp)

    Pls read the stuff and dont just write something to try to be funny, thx

    Why do ppl want to disable Gachas? just dont use them and let all other players do their stuff lol

    furthermore you can farm and transfer the resources on the other maps ...

    Sorry but I don't understand why you want to forbid other players to do something on one map ...

    Quote from Bones

    Leusele: Nope because people that suggested it takes it for granted admins would understand it does not apply to dust. That is how it is on all pvp servers I have ever been on, either everything is open to transfer, or it has official settings.

    Bones ah didnt see that Point

    but i agree with Gunnsen: enable all or disable all ele Transfer.

    and i agree with u Bones : REEEEEEE

    Well IMO if u say u want to disable ele transfer (what u did) the owners have to disable dust as well. There is no difference in between transfer Stable element or element dust.

    If you are a tribe, who want to have element on the server, just do a boss on this server and if u don't have the stuff to do a boss, u don't have element.

    I can't unterdtand why you don't want to enable element transfer but want to enable the dust... It also broke the offi servers cuz on offi its Bullshit.

    If u want to be a big tribe on each map, work for it.

    But that is the whole problem with this concept.

    Since people will have everything of any real value on the pve servers, there will only be things that are easy to get like bullets, fertilizer etc.

    Or are you talking about having a map where everyone just runs around shooting eachother for no reason other than killing eachother?

    A map where can ppl just build a base or pvp randome on the map, if u cant see the fun there, play pve save your stuff.

    no one will take loot to pvp server --> you will not get anything and if u cant see the fun on pvp, ill not border you to play pve :)

    tomscorer YOU GOT IT M8 :love:;)

    if you have nothing in the base u cant loot things lol ?

    do u know what pvp is? sounds like u want a pve raid for loot but im palking about pvp so if there is no loot in the player base u cant loot stuff lol

    i could see this as an event where We could take powerful dinos and gear to an Event server to fight each other.

    But making a Full PvP server but for PvE? is kinda weird and probably won't be populated days after it's launch.

    Hope i understood your idea (had to translate it)

    A event sounds good :)
    Maybe u are right and the server will be not that populated...

    But a event for like one week could be nice

    Maybe its a better idea to do it as a event for like one week - thx Abdu - :igelwinking:

    ok for example i also got rexes and stuff like a Gen/TP/Element and i have 5000h in ark so i think i dont need to tame stuff like a trike to improfe my Skill.

    and if a noob go to a server with a community and asks for stuff like this, imo its ok to give the stuff

    i cant understand why every pve plaver is crying here about "mimimimi i dont get my GC if other player gife the stuff for free...||||||

    it is just a game and its just PVf**kingE

    And this is the whole issue written in one sentence. Giving out free dinos, items or resources is not helping. It's only making the person's game easier, putting them in a place they don't belong yet.

    cant see a problem to help new player,...

    if u want to breed your own rexes and dont use the rexes of other player

    Isnt exactly this something like a community? tp help other players?

    And if YOU dont want to use them cuz of YOU dont belong to this place