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  • What Event do you want next? 51

    1. War of the Ancients (20) 39%
    2. Mystery Dungeon (27) 53%
    3. Scavanger Hunt (22) 43%
    4. Arena of Trials (15) 29%

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    You can vote for 1 week, select 2 of the Event ideas and you can change your vote!

    Here you get some short ideas about the Events:

    GD War of the Ancients

    An epic fight between the Forest Fury tribe and the Frozen Wastelanders tribe. Both sides established a base on opposite sides of the area. In the middle the battle begins!! It will be a MOBA style battlefield where players must collect materials to buy new Equipment/Dino's, destroy the enemy towers and in the end annihilate the opposition with the power of the ancient ones!! The Event will be PvP with medieval weaponry and tools!

    GD Mystery Dungeon

    The Oil Baron found a gigantic Structure on unexplored ground. He has no time to map this Dungeon, but he wants you to do it!

    You join with some of his best bodyguards in an epic adventure full of bystery, combat and puzzles. This is mostly an PvE Event.

    Our beloved Oil Baron did not say much more than to prepare your very best!

    GD Scavenger Hunt

    Follow the hints and find your way through the mysteries of this map. Reveal the dark shadows below the Surface! Focus on understanding every hint and finding the next locations! This will be a PvE event for the entire GD community!

    GD Arena of Trials

    The tribe Manticore Warlords invites us to join their arena. The players will have time to tame a certain dino and breed the strongest one of all! After some time your beloved tames will face each other in an annihilation tournament in the arena. While the taming and breeding is going on, PvP will be disabled. The dino for the arena fight will be chosen by the community!!

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