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    Hello Ganci

    today we've discussed your suggestion in a team meeting and we've made two decision regarding it. First of all, we declined your decision regarding the painting of structures. We never had issues with it, but to make sure, we've run some tests on different clients and with a massive amount of paintings. There is no difference in FPS at all. The server isn't loading paintings, it's fully client side.

    We accepted your decision regarding 24/7 mating though with some limitations:

    # you are only allowed to do this with females

    # you do this on your own risk! if we notice a massive amount of unclaimed dinos somewhere, we will remove with AOE damage. the AOE damage will also kill all structures and other dinos around then! so be warned

    We've also discussed the automation of the entire process, but we declined it. We don't like the fact that it will basically take over all your tasks you need to do especially because it offers way more features. Its similar to the S+ Nanny that we also deactivated.

    Hello Jaycarroll56

    today we've discussed this suggestion, but we decided to decline it for multiple reasons.

    One of the main issues with this is that the map would be full of raided structures. There is a good reason for removing inactive dinos and structures after a certain amount of inactivity. Imagine the flood of raided structures left behind and especially small ones (cables, pipes, foundations etc.).

    In addition, this will make the management of inactivity tickets impossible for the team. You can't imagine how much work it is to reset the timers manually of inactive tribes on multiple maps. And we all be on vacation sometimes.

    These are some of the reason why we decided to decline this suggestion.


    - Kogadins

    Hello Belok

    today we discussed this suggestion and we agreed to test this setting as it is reported to be causing issues.

    I will update the status to 'Accepted', because unless we will find issues during our tests in the next days, we will enable it.

    I'll keep you informed.

    Hello Nisse

    today we've discussed this topic and we have decided that we like the idea of having a special reward for reaching the donation goal. We have discussed different ideas, but at the end of the day we decided to hear you ideas aswell. Therefore we will create a topic about this and collect all the ideas from the community. The suggestion itself is accepted though :)

    More information will follow soon!

    same problem here, can't reach IP from italy (VPN from italy can't reach IP too), but work fine with VPN to germany

    Hey, have you tried to ping the server as BraveToTheBone explained above? If so, what was the result? Make sure to run CMD as admin please.

    Hello survivors,

    in the near future, we would like to offer new types of events for our community. Therefore, we are looking for two event managers to help the team organize and run events.

    Tasks of the event managers are:

    • The organization of events in a recurring rhythm of about 2-3 weeks.
    • The independent implementation and management of events. The admin team will of course support as much as possible.
    • The coordination and consultation with the team, especially about event concepts.
    • However, the event managers do not get any admin rights on the regular game servers. The rights are limited exclusively to the activity as Event Manager.

    Requirements for the event manager:

    • At least 18+ years old
    • Enough time to take over these tasks
    • Active player of the community
    • Discord and Teamspeak (with working microphone)

    If you are interested, please send your application to Kogadins   Gunnsen   biehlomatik   Calaban and Soerpa via private conversation.

    Hey Naxh

    unfortunately it's not possible to donate with Skrill. With PayPal and Paysafecard we already offer a variety of options that are sufficient for the vast majority of players. Since Skrill is also a British company, there could be problems after the Brexit. That's why Skrill is out of question for us.


    If you get tons of yellow text on your screen after you put your Awesome Spyglass away here's the fix:


    ADMIN OWNERS: If its possible to change the .ini file to have the unchecked by default this could help with some server lag. Some server owners stated in comments and forums in workshop that it can add server lag due to people killing tons of things with the spyglass open (since you can do everything with it) and all the sudden you have a WHOLE page of yellow text. Otherwise its up to each person to unchecked the hide notifications option. :)

    Hi there,

    I have checked the .INI settings that are available for this mod and I didn't find one that does what you want to. So I don't think there is anything we can do.