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    We are not planing on making a rushed fix for this. This is out of our control and installing a mod just for this is risky. It can easily break things. As Kat already said, the suggested mod is not trustworthy. In addition, there are more expected issues of the Structures Plus mod when Genesis comes out. Structures Plus won't be updated anymore and this will probably a lot of critical issues over time. We can't fix all issues with a new mod. This is not possible and also not the right way.

    Hello survivors,

    we are very happy to finally announce the winners of the screenshot contest.

    The winners of the 'Dino' category are:

    Asgad   toytoyzscruffy   DorIdose   BraveToTheBone and Theooo

    The winners of the 'Base' category are:

    asringulez   Britana   Kat   Theclown and Arkheza

    The winners have to create a ticket to receive their prize. It might take a few days for us to send you the key, so please be patience during this time. Thanks for your understanding!

    Thanks to all participants!

    The Ghost Division Team

    Hey everyone,

    the team has made the following decision: The release of dino souls will be disabled in caves.

    We are aware of the discussion in this topic here, but overall the team unanimously believes that this is the best for the PvE cluster.

    Make sure to remove your cryos before the given deadline.

    Ehhh one more thing I should clarify: We are not using the money we got from donations and/ or patreons. All prizes in this contest are paid with our own (private) money ;)

    Hello survivors,

    we hope you had a great start in 2020. The release of the new ARK: Survival Evolved expansion 'Genesis' is getting closer and we want to use the time until then with a screenshot contest. We are now collecting your screenshots for the two categories 'Dino' and 'Base'. Each player can participate with one screenshot per category. The closing date for entries is January 31, 2020 at 6 pm GMT+1. The winners will be selected by the team. The 5 best screenshots per category win. Each participant can only win once, so that there will be 10 different winners at the end. Team members are excluded from participation. Only the screenshots posted here in this topic count.

    Each winner will receive a 'Genesis Season Pass' Steam key for themselves or a friend.

    We look forward to your submissions.

    Additional Rules:

    1. It is only permitted to submit screenshots of your own creatures and buildings.
    2. Each screenshot has to be its own post in this thread and has to contain the screenshot, the servername (i.e. PvE Ragnarok) and coords so we can check if the screenshot was taken on our servers.
    3. It is not allowed to edit a post you previously made. If there is a problem with your post send in a ticket. Edited posts will be disqualified.
    4. It is strictly forbidden to create forum accounts to manipulate the contest. This can result in a community ban.
    5. We may use screenshots for advertising purposes! By participating in this contest, you agree with this.

    Best regards,

    The Ghost Division Team

    Ez fix. Do not allow people to go inactive, it is bad for a seasonal server to have inactive bases take up spots that new people could build in. It made sense when server was no wipe but not so much anymore.

    Go on Rag and have a look, it is a mess of inactive raided stuff.

    This is not going to happen. Just because we have a seasonal concept now, this doesn't mean that you won't ever be inactive for more than 7 days for whatever reasons (regular holidays, vacation, no internet/ computer access etc.).

    The reason why the maps were no cleaned were the holidays and the inactivity of the team. This was ANNOUNCED and we are currently working on cleaning all maps one after another.

    Bones we are removing inactice bases and dinos using ghostdata. This is the easiest way. Your idea would cause extra work with every inactivity ticket because we would need to login on every server every few days and enter the tribe and this is not always possible because of the tribe limit. There is no need for it. Inactive stuft gets removed anyways.

    We don't even have a consensus within the community. So there is nothing the team can discuss about at this point. We are well aware of this discussion and we have talked about it within the team.

    Dear PvE survivors,

    on the last weekend of this month (January 31st to February 2nd) we will remove all cryopods on the PvE cluster. Up to this point, all existing cryopods must be replaced with dino souls. This requires action on your part! Please ensure that all cryopods have been replaced with dino souls until January 31, 2020 3pm GMT +1.

    We will keep you informed about this measure!

    I'm reading all your suggestions and feedback. Just a little headsup:

    If you make suggestions, keep in mind that it must be possible to do what you suggest. I've read thru a few posts with suggestions that we are not able to realize for the simple reason that there are no such settings.

    Also if you suggest to add more "interesting" stuff to the reward vault, explain WHAT exactly. We need more details to discuss inside the community and with the team.

    I'd also like to remind the community, that the prices are set by the community at the moment. There are no regulations. Therefore - at the moment - its up to the community to regulate it. Don't blame the team for things that the community fails to do. Its the same with the beacons and the open transfer of extinction. Thats what the community demanded over months. The responsibility is not on our end.

    Besides that, keep the feedback coming.


    Basically we had a fully customized and very balanced config for all beacons on the PvE cluster. We spent weeks of testing and adjusting for it. The community disliked it and flamed us, because blueprints were very rare (as we planned it, because so they were worth something). But the flame from the community was growing too much and people demanded us to remove our customized config and instead to use the official vanilla config. Thats what we are doing now.

    We won't create a new customized config. It would take us weeks of testing and adjusting once again and thats not worth the time after how it ended last time. So basically the loot you get now is what the community wanted it to be.