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    As Kat already explained, the 1.000 soul limit has technical reasons. Its goal is to keep the savegame at a healthy size. Back then when we had no limit at all, we found out the maximum savegame file size the hard way, resulting into permanent crashes. So as much as I understand the interest in an increased limit for patrons, I'd personally suggest to not add such a perk. It would reduce server performance for everyone. Eventually it would not be noticable if only one tribe uses it, but there are plenty of patrons. Just my two cents though from someone who implemented the soul limit back then.

    I heard ThumperMan007 is an expert when it comes to soul limits.

    Just for my understanding. This means every Drop has a ranked item "Set". Like Red ones have a higher ranked Set then Purples? And what is about those Deep Sea Drops. We are getting like "70 Cementing Paste" or "1 Battle Tartar" out of Deep Seas. Dont know why those items are in this Loot table?

    Each drop has multiple sets (3-5 depending on drop). Sets are kinda organized like tiers. So set 1 would be top tier (rare items) and set 5 would be lowest tier (common items). The difference between purple and red is the quality chance in most cases. While the loot might be the same, the chance to get an ascendant item is higher in red drops.

    So basically u guys are saying the drop chances better. I did 10-15 lava golems run until now in a row always either I got a woodclub, wooden shield,wooden shield bp, ghilie suit and some platform saddle . So with the drop chances chances for good items and quality where is it ? . and as for red loot crates. we will get soul balls, grapping hooks, SO u guys need let the community know how the new loot system works,, i think we also have right to know about these things. and about that market thing its those players fault those who are greedy they already had a good saddle bps and still they want more bps to sell in the market and earn gc ofc . ITS like ur just hiding many stuffs from us. LOL great response

    I already explained the entire system on discord once, but I will do it again:

    Every drop has a list of items. Each item has an entry weight. Based on the entry weight, we have created sets. So the entry weight for rare items is lower than i.e. for common items. By doing this, each drop has 3-5 sets. Inside each set, there are multiple items. All of them have the same entry weight, so the same chance to roll. Depending on the drop, one or more sets can roll, while always preventing duplicates. i.e. regular beacons have 1-2 sets, ring beacons have 2-3 sets. Each set drops 1 item. BP chance is 15 % for each item. Some items are exluded from dropping as BP (i.e. structures, fishing rod and resources).

    To further balance the drops, we have added "filler items" to the drops. WC has done the same for official servers, thats why you get lots of structures there and also some other stuff. Filler items are counted as common, so the entry weight is pretty high.

    As I said multiple times, there are no hidden or secret tricks inside the loot tables.

    No i see this, from what i heard: The loot drops on extinction, osds are less items but higher quality, while the lava golem has shit loot now. Keeping this information to your admin friends only. Make that info open for everyone.

    I'm not even part of the team anymore. Be careful when acusing team of taking advantages. This is a no-go and couldn't be more wrong. It's also not the first time you are doing this.

    It's been said multiple times that the loot tables will be shared. I'm not part of the team anymore, so I can't speed up this process. But the values and set logic is the same for every drop. I have created the entire config for every single drop in the game. There are no secrets in there.

    The loot config has been tested very extensive to make sure that the balance is fitting our needs across the entire cluster. With the old concept, the market has been ruined within few weeks after the custom config was removed back then. I'm pretty sure that the team will not make this mistake again. Players have been discussing the broken market situation with the old concept pretty much and asked the team to step in again and again. With the new concept, we aimed for a cluster that will be running for years, not weeks or months. This requires hard balancing decisions. We are well aware that the changes are hard compared to the old concept, but the new drops today are still better especially BP chances etc. compared to the initial custom config in the old concept.

    The loot will pop up over the time and with the limited BP chances and balanced loot chances, the items and blueprints will keep being valuable. Something the communtiy wanted us to do. As Kat explained, we have tested every drop at least 100x times to make sure that BP chances and drop chances for good items and quality are fine. I don't think any changes are needed at the moment.

    Hallo Überlebende,

    bitte beachtet die folgenden Regeln, wenn ihr den Marktplatz benutzt:

    • Alle Themen, in denen seit 7 Tagen keine Antwort erstellt wurde, werden geschlossen und ihn das Archiv verschoben.
    • Der Verkäufer muss sicherstellen, dass sein Thema innerhalb dieser Zeit gepusht wird.
    • Wenn der Verkäufer sein Thema schließen möchte (zum Beispiel weil alles verkauft wurde), so hat er dazu das Team zu kontaktieren.
    • Jeder Tribe darf nur ein Thema im Marktplatz haben.
    • Die Themen dürfen regelmäßig gepusht werden, damit sie nicht gelöscht werden. Ein Push ist nur erlaubt wenn der letzte Beitrag im Thread mindestens 6 Tage alt ist. Sollte dies in Spam ausarten, werden wir dies bestrafen.

    Viel Erfolg beim Handeln

    Das Ghost Division Team


    Hello survivors,

    please note the following rules when using the marketplace:

    • All topics without an answer within the last 7 days will be closed and moved into the archive.
    • The seller must ensure that their topic is pushed within this time.
    • If the seller wants to close his topic (for example because everything has been sold), he has to contact the team.
    • Each tribe can only have one topic in the marketplace.
    • The topics can be pushed regularly so that they are not deleted. Pushs are only allowed if the last post in the thread is 6 days old at minimum. If this turns into spam, we will punish it.

    Good luck in trading

    The Ghost Division Team

    Hello survivors,

    in the near future, we would like to offer new types of events for our community. Therefore, we are looking for two event managers to help the team organize and run events.

    Tasks of the event managers are:

    • The organization of events in a recurring rhythm of about 2-3 weeks.
    • The independent implementation and management of events. The admin team will of course support as much as possible.
    • The coordination and consultation with the team, especially about event concepts.
    • However, the event managers do not get any admin rights on the regular game servers. The rights are limited exclusively to the activity as Event Manager.

    Requirements for the event manager:

    • At least 18+ years old
    • Enough time to take over these tasks
    • Active player of the community
    • Discord and Teamspeak (with working microphone)

    If you are interested, please send your application to Kogadins  Gunnsen  biehlomatik  Calaban and Soerpa via private conversation.