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  • Hello im very interesed on the tusos, i'd like to buy some asap dm me on dsc pls VerytaS#8195

  • Hey Dia saw your market place post and am interested in your spinos on Genesis. Would you be interested in selling a breeding pair for GC? if not are your neutered spinos imprinted? we want to buy a pair or 10 neutered.

  • hello will be interested in a tek quetzal

  • hello

    i would like tek qvezal


  • Hello I have an argy for sale, Male lvl 241, S 40; W 46; M 48; HP; 41 clean no mutations :)

    • Sorry, no upgrade but thanks for the offer.

  • I want to buy 2 gacha female and male element dust 44 craft skill.

  • cześć, chcę kupić trochę argentavis i jajo rockdrake

  • Hi there..

    How much for that 91,x rex blueprint u have on your screenshot?