Top Voters November 2022

  • Everyone with 88 or more votes is participating in our drawing for the giveway. With our new concept there will be 5 winners now, first one gets an Ascendent BP, 2nd and 3rd get a Mastercraft BP and 4th and 5th place will get a Journeyman one.

    romeo3888 90
    Reg . 90
    SpyMH 90
    Mendret 90
    Schumi 90
    qxv 90
    IKEAimmortal 90
    Hefty 90
    Harry*[]*Baals 90
    Oida 90
    Astronaut 90
    Stormbird 90
    Renata 90
    Total Spoof 90
    johnhenriksen5 90
    Mschmidi 90
    DestroyerF 90
    Olly² 90
    ShakesBeer 90
    damin95 90
    Splonky 89

    These are the top voters of the month.

    We used the list randomizer from to randomize the list and draw our 3 winners.

    Here is the result:

    Congratulations to @damin95 for coming in first place and winning an ascendant blueprint of your choice.

    Congratulations to Harry*[]*Baals and SpyMH for wining place #2 and #3 and winning each a mastercraft blueprint of their choice.

    Congratulations to @Renata and DestroyerF for making it on the list in spot #4 and #5 and winning each a journeyman blueprint of their choice.

    Please make sure to let us know what you need before end of December by contacting us via the ticket system and leave us your name and coords, so we can give out the prizes personally at any time. You can also place a box and attach a screenshot with GPS so we can just put the BP there. No Tek and Fishing Rod BPs allowed.

    Thanks to all our voters and good luck for the next drawing!