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    Everyone with 90 or more votes is participating in our drawing for the giveway.

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    kottan 90
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    Probiotic 90
    Pim 90
    Pingu! 90
    Mschmidi 90
    Psycho Dad 90
    Gilbert Bouchard 90
    Draxxer 90
    istari 90
    Xrull 90
    Gr_im 90
    wow 90
    johnhenriksen5 90
    Dia 90
    123 90
    Tarble 90
    Desion 90
    piamette 90
    DrRocuronium 90
    ✩ Callie ✩ 90
    || King Louie ||90

    These are the top voters of the month.

    We used the list randomizer from to randomize the list and draw our 3 winners.

    Here is the result:

    Congratulations to Gr_im for coming in first place and winning an ascendant blueprint of your choice.

    Congratulations to DrRocuronium for place #2 and winning a mastercraft blueprint of your choice.

    Congratulations to Tarble for making it on the list in spot #3 and winning a journeyman blueprint of your choice.

    Please contact us via the ticket system and leave us your name and coords, so we can give out the prizes personally at any time. You can also place a box and attach a screenshot with GPS so we can just put the BP there.

    Thanks to all our voters and good luck for the next drawing!

    Problem is there are 169 gas veins on aberration. I already made a list of cheats to teleport to the coords of these veins, but we do not have any z-coordinates to the veins (the height) and it is really annoying to have to search for each of these veins. That is why we did not do this yet and maybe never will (it will take a lot of time to get it done).

    I always tried to ignore gas collectors in the 2 area rule, but maybe I sometimes accidently removed a few veins (sorry for that ^^). Just try to keep the other areas clean and don't place veins all over the map (1 or max. 2 areas for gas collectors are enough per tribe) it should not be that big of a problem.

    Update on our decision-making:

    We are currently checking if we can add another root to our cluster. If we did this we could host both Valguero and SE in both our clusters, PvE and PvP. We would even have another spare slot to add an event server, something I dream of for long time. Sadly there are two problems with that:

    First of all it is a matter of money, our costs are already pretty high and our donations goals are failed more often than not. We have some really generous members that even said they would cover the costs for a third server, but what will we do if those players suddenly want to play other games and pull their support. I am willing to give it a try as the offers were trustworthy but it might end with a situation where we need to shut down the root and loose maps.

    The other problem is to find a way to add the root to our cluster without additional costs or security issues. We will only add the root if we find a way to make sure that our current cluster cannot be compromised. This is not that easy if you host the servers on a private root without using external services like AWS. We need make sure that the cluster will not be compromised if one of the roots crashes, that our data is still safe against attackers and that the cross ark functionality works in general.

    I was not able to solve those technical problems and therefore we have not decided what to do yet. I am not willing to give up yet and start a poll what map to remove for Valguero (a vote that will most definitely result in the removal of The Center). I know, everyoner is eager to play the "new" map, but we want to do this the right way. Please give us some more days to decide.

    We will not remove Managarmrs as they are part of ARK gameplay.They already got nerfed to the ground and are easily to counter.

    Also: Please post suggestions into the correct subforum ;-)

    Open PvP is only giving a 5 minute cool down, you only get 20 minutes if you damage any structures

    Edit: the 5 minute CD on open pvp is important for tanking turrets. We could define turret damage as raid damage, too, but then you would gets 20 minute Timer everytime you get too close to a base and turrets shoot you

    Sadly there is nothing compared to Center in terms of Ammonites. Not sure about Valguero, never been on that map yet, but Island and Ragnarok only have few ammonites spreaded across the ocean (on Ragnarok only the northern half got em, not around the desert).

    We will think about the best solution for our cluster. We sadly cannot host more than 5 maps without increase the costs immensly (that is why we got no SE here, Ragnarok is much more popular). Maybe we can switch Aberration to Valguero as Valguero seems to offer all the Aberration stuff, or we could remove Center as it offers nothing unique to the players, just an Island remesh and a big empty deep sea (don't get me wrong, Center is my main server and I love it).

    We will announce something by the end of the week I think.