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    Than you did a stupid thing: Travelling to a server where you don't have a personal spawn point while having everything in your inventory instead of uploading it... One of the first thing you sould have learned in a cross ark environment :-D

    You cannot keep the player spawns clean, especially on Ragnarok and Center, as there are hundreds of spawn locations. We could of course host a "no structures" server, but noone wants to play that!

    Set to the default value and will not be changed. Ragnarok is the most unbalanced and least optimized map in our cluster, try farming somewhere else if it takes to long to wait for respawns. There is no ressource that Ragnarok is the best choice for except for wood and SE ressources!

    The scan event will be active until tomorrow, there were some trouble with activation. I also did a wild dino wipe on Aberration so everyone is able to farm those rare alphas for one more day. And I also forgot to deactivate the event :-D

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    That is really sad to hear, we always enjoyed your engagement. I am truly sorry that we could not deliver those things you had hope for, but I am not even sure what you are talking about. There were some major team changes early this year and we lost some very very valuable persons in our team that did awesome work before that and that were some kind of motor to this community, a loss we still struggle with. We have a lot of plans but very little time to get them done, I am aware of and truly sorry for this :-(

    Maybe you want to contact me via PM and tell me what things you are missing the most? Even if you are done with ARK (and I understand this, we do not know what to do ingame and get bored a lot, too) you could maybe help me to improve the ARK experience for the rest of the community.

    I just analyzed our savegames and there are still a lot of tribes that did not remove all of their soul terminal. Be aware that we will have to remove ALL terminals next week (exact date will be announced), no matter if there are dino souls in it or not. You can have a look at these lists to determine wether you still have terminals on the map (ccords are just the base coords, we do not have exact coords of the terminals):

    Still easy to exploit and hard to implement, I don't even know if there is a mod for this yet. If anyone knows a mod that could be used to reward pvp activities and is not exploitable please open another suggestion thread with the link. So far this is a nice idea but cannot be realized.

    There is no option to disable enemy stat scanning. As I said before, we will not change the current setting / situation.


    We will not add any more that gives you info about enemy dino stats. You can collect for dino scan weekend to find better stats, but all the spyglass mods are plain stupid on a PvP server