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    We disabled the XP gain in souls after our meetings in Discord cause according to my notes players said they do not want any passive (re-)generation in souls, but you are right about the cryopod. I will take that to the team and most likely reactivate the passive XP generation, but we will need to test the amount of XP they get (we can adjust it) cause iirc they level slower while in cryopods. I will set up a testserver and gather some more intel on that.

    I do not think there is an "get XP only while in terminal" setting. Souls work different than cryos as they do not spoil, so the terminal is not mandatory and was not implemented like the cryofridge. We might set the passive xp gain slightly lower than "real world rates" for passive XP to minimize the difference, but I don't think this is a big issue as the passive XP gain is not that big.

    As we discussed in our meetings we were to disable Element transfer. It just makes no sense that element dust transfer remains opened in that case, cause there just is no difference between dust and element as dust is just another way to farm element. As you can bring resources to craft to and everything crafted with dust from Extinction there is no need to transfer dust aswell aside from circumventing the "no element transfer" rule. We opened element transfer because we also thought it is good for faster PvP but it tresulted in one tribe locking down Extinction for everyone else because element is way to easy to farm on that map. Now that it is disabled I understand you want it back as it is a big advantage for the most active tribes while all the other player suffer from element transfer.

    We will not open just the transfer of dust as this will only make players sit in their base for hours not being able to partake in PvP, this just makes no sense. Telling us the boss fights are a lot of grind (which they arent, I can collect all trophie for an alpha fight in an hour alone) but then asking us for enabling a mechanic that keeps you in your base clicking the same button over and over again is just stupid. Also tzelling us that officials use that setting is even more stupid as official settings are the reason that most players play unofficial.

    We will discuss if we open element transfer in general so we can wipe and shut down the servers for good in two weeks after everyone but two tribes have left again (this at least is my prediction) or if we try to keep the season up and running with a decent population that can even thrive into a 4th season.

    I mean, if someone can give me a real reason why it is problematic to disable dust transfer aside from "it is official setting" (some of you might have noticed that we differ from official settings) I could at least try to understand. But all my questions to this topic get ignored and the answer is always "(some) players want this" or "it is that way on other clusters/official" and both those answers do not add anything I could take in consideration.

    And exactly this is Bullshit in my opinion, saying element transfer is blocked but allowing element dust is like saying meshing is forbidden but place public teleporters under the map so everyone can circumvent the rule... Also this will again make Extinction the only viable map to get Element, something we do not want for obvious reason. The current setting makes everyone equal on each map. Defenders of course have an advantage as they most likely got some element on hold while attackers need to farm it at first (but still can stock up for future raids). With not having a full ORP it would be deadly to our population if we reenabled element transfer in my opinion so I will strongy argue against any change ^^

    But as I said, we will talk about it in our next meeting and we will of course take your input into our considerations, but we still need to make sure our cluster is able to thrive and in my opinion reenabling the transfer of element will result in the same scenario we had before: One tribe will claim Extinction and than wipe every base on every map, they do not even need to wait for a tribe to come online, they just bomb everything to the ground with MEKs and maybe even Astrocetus if they bought some.

    Season 3 is up and running, a lot of your feedback made it into the current settings and rules. Enjoy the season, we will look forward to a similar thread for season 4. Your input was awesome and I hope the current settings are more of your liking

    Our current settings for dino souls should work like cryo pods except CryoSickness, but we are working on that issue. CryoPods bring a lot of bugs and glitches and we will not switch back to that.

    We changed our rule regarding ratholes. Every spot you can reach without using bugs or glitches and that is not allowing you to travel under the map is a valid base spot now.

    We discussed element transfers and the community told us we should disable it so attackers need to do some more preparations before raiding on another map.

    We will talk about this in our next meeting though. I do not see any sense in only allowing element dust transfer as it is just an annoying workaround for transferring element so we just can allow free travel with everything...

    Problem is that especially CI attracted a lot of new players, we will remove beach bob huts with inactivity. I do not want any player to leave due to "admin killed my base even though I wasn't inactive", no matter if it were only 10 thatch structures or a big Tek base

    Hey hey,

    kein Thema, wenn was unklar ist muss man fragen, dafür haben wir ja Münder (bzw. Tastaturen). Ich schau mal was ich da so beantworten kann:

    1. Element-Transfer ist geschlossen. Wir hatten diesen offen um möglichst einfaches Raiden zu ermöglichen, allerdings führte dies in erster Linie dazu, dass Extinction komplett abgeschottet wurde von einem Tribe, der dann den ganzen Cluster dominierte. Natürlich liegt das nicht nur am Element, die Jungs waren auch gut organisiert, aber es macht es definitiv einfacher.

    2. Alle Dinos außer Gachas sind zähmbar. Wir überlegen aktuell noch, ob und wie wir die Genesis Dinos in den Cluster kriegen

    3. Es gibt keine Verzögerungen, alles ist von Anfang an verfügbar. Einzig eine Beginner-Protection werden wir wohl nachträglich einfügen, diese macht am Anfang ja keinen Sinn.

    4. Im Reward Vault kann man so ziemlich alle Dinos und Items kaufen, wenn da was fehlt gebt uns einfach Bescheid. Verfügbar wird das ganze aber nicht von Anfang an sein, wir packen die Sachen immer erst nach einer Woche in den Vault um das Anfangs-Gameplay nicht zu sehr zu verfälschen. Jeder soll am Anfang die gleichen Chancen haben.

    5. Nein, wir bieten keine Anfänger-Pakete an, man kann sich alles so schnell erarbeiten dass sich dies nicht lohnt. Man kann aber einzelne Items wie die Hatchet etc gezielt kaufen.

    6. Siehe oben, Beginner Protection wird frühestens nach einer Woche eingeführt.

    7. Alle Engramme, die ihr auf den Maps von den Bossen bekommen könnt, müsst ihr auch durch die Bosse erlernen. Fehlende Engramme z.B. aus Genesis werden wir vermutlich frei verfügbar machen, dies wird aber noch im Detail besprochen, da es auch noch andere Lösungen gibt.

    8. Die Pachrhino-Regel wurde auf Spielerwunsch wieder entfernt. Was in den Regeln steht hat Gültigkeit. Der News-Beitrag bezog sich auf Veränderungen zur letzten Season und betrachtet in erster Linie Ratholes.

    9. Alleine die Unterstellung, wir würden Admins irgendwie bevorzugen, ist eine unglaubliche Frechheit. Zum einen haben wir hier nichtmal spielende Admins (auch wenn wir solche suchen, die bekommen aber nur limitierte Rechte und sind sollen eher unsere Augen und Ohren auf dem Server sein), zum anderen würden wir niemals irgendwie ins PvP eingreifen, um IRGENDWEM einen Vorteil zu verschaffen! Im Vergleich zu den anderen Maps bekommt man auf Center erheblich weniger Element bei höheren Kosten, das ist weder gerecht noch balanced.