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    We got around 30 players on the cluster every evening. I know,this is not as healthy a population as we liked too, but saying the cluster is dead is just plain stupid. But as I know there will always be those stupid people that speak ill on everything, so I can adjust to that. I just can repeat to tell those people they are free to create their own cluster and learn how much work it is. This trash talk is just disgusting.

    We also already announced we are working on chenges multiple times and we still are. I am unsure if you know this but at the moment there are easter holidays, it is about 28 °C on the outside and we are that bad persons we even like to enjoy our real life. Before that we had troubles with our servers for weeks, thanks to some ARK updates that killed our servers, thanks to team changes that made us redo a lot of work, thanks to the state of the PvP servers which produce about 2 tickets a day, each of them need us to investigate 1-4 hours, thanks to changes in the ARK API that thrw us back several weeks, thanks to a crash in our forum, thanks to the problems with steam registration etc. I can continue this list endlessly cause we have something on our plate ALL the time and yeah, our first priority was to make sure everything is back to running fine before opining another construction site bringing new problems to our table.

    These threads in forum do not help us at all btw., if we need input from the community we will ask for it as we did before. Discussing changes that don't make that much sense to us without knowing what we are actually planning just creates hopes and disappointment. We just fixed the last errors with our site and our server clusters and we already bought some PvP related plugins to check if they are worth testing. We will do this and discuss the PvP concept once we find the time to do so, it is a lot of time consuming work.

    So instead of just crying about our "lack of interest" you just could just try to realize some of us were hosting ARK servers since the Early Access Release and are pretty experienced in doing so. You could also try to realize that everything that is wrong with the PvP servers is the player base that loggs out at the first sign of a raid and try to improve that.

    'nuff said, this topic is closed for any further discussion, got neither the time nor the nerves for this.

    Happy Easter holidays,


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