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    Aberration alpha was done yesterday, we have no tributes left and will not do any runs in the near future. Thanks for those who took part and I hope, those who died find another way to get the kill.

    Whoever wants to join in our Alpha Rockwell Fight next weekend please contact me via PM. Make sure you are able to bring and wear a TEK suit (at least chestpiece) and have some element to power it (20 should be enough). If you do not match our requirements we will not bring you to the fight. If you are not able to wear the Taek suit you have 2 options:

    1. Find a group to do some bossfights with you until friday to learn the Tekgram.

    2. Ask ExoRipper or Luke if he will do another run. If I understood this correctly they are selling spots.

    We will then do the Boss this weekend, not time set yet. I will start a conversation with all participants to find a date.

    Nothing decided yet, we will do Alpha Tek Cave tonight but only with tribe members. I can announce a date once we found one here.

    We are planning to do Aberration Alpha again, anyone can join for free, just make sure to wear a Tek Suit (especially the chestpiece) and a good weapon. We will bring the dinos to kill the boss, all you have to do is hovering above ground and shoot at tentacles.

    We will also test out the Alpha Ascension tonight, if it runs as smoothly as the Aberration fight we might offfer that ascension later on aswell

    This is already happening, I saw several tribes (including ours) offering their water breeding pens for rent. If you are on Gen2 you can contact me via Discord, our base is only 10 ELement per day and you have enough water space and a small guest house with trough, storage, fridghe and hatchery. You can even bring your raft if you want to have spawn possibility, but don't let any admin see you have 2 areas :-D JK; we have an open teleporter aswell and I will place another one in our breeding area later for shorter distances ^^

    No, we do not publish all our configs cause they have been copied by other server networks EVERY time we did this ;-) Also Wyvern Breeding is not a thing in Ark, so if there is no info regarding this you should just assume that it is Vanilla (which it is).

    P.S.: I just realized the MUtator is missing inthe blocked engrams list, I will update this.

    This can only be done once Wildcard updated the dev kit, so prepare for having that circles for some time or switch to Vanilla trough.

    Wildcard decided to take away 20 levels this year and we follow this up. With adding more levels will just result in even better items. Everyne has the same problem with the Ascensions, so it is not like some players have an unfair advantage now. We are already around twice as high as official servers, I think this is casual enough.