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Our PvP rules changed with the wipe, please make sure to read them thoroughly.

Added: Tribe names have to be identical on all servers in the cluster.
Added: Each tribe can define one ORP location per server.

Changed: When logging out with active PvP-Cooldown the ORP-timer is 45 minutes
Changed: Ragnarok/Valguero: Building around the wyvern trench or in the wyvern cave is not permitted.

Removed: Teaming is forbidden in all raid activities.
Removed: Raid protection is only granted if your main base got raided.

    We are already brainstorming to give back some love to you. You are so awesome and we want to show our appreciation by offering something really special!

    Better late than never :-D

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    If you want to have a water bin in your base you need to build at the coast. Thanks to dino storage mod noone needs a water bin except for breeding. And for breeding you can build a water base on another map.

    It is not possible to allow players to have more than 2 bases, we will have massive problems with cleaning the servers if this was a thing.

    I also find it bullshit that you can release them in caves, but then again i also find it bullshit that the tek suit is enabled there and i also find it bullshit that the small worms as a solo player in the ice queen, you dont have a chance to switch between shield and shotgun to kill those annoying bastards (2 mc fur outfits needed). Think it through

    Tek Suit needs element to function, both those things are end game, you even need the tekgram to use the suit. Cryopods are early game, you get them everywhere for free. This is not a valid comparison.

    I always ran the Ice Queen with Riot Shield and sword, easiest way to do this especially with our high level chars. I barely lost an armor piece in all my runs. Just make sure your shield got enough dura for the queen. You can also bring in dimorphodons or other small creatures that kill these worms easily. But hey, you would need to tame and breed other dinos than rexes to do so, so I guess noone will do it and prefer to run the caves on rexes. Just holding down W and left mouse button is way more convenient :-D

    Noone said we will not enable cave releases, I just said it is not decided yet. It is my personal opinion that releasing dinos in caves is just bullshit! Cave entrances were designed by wildcard to fit dinos aproppriate for the cave. They even changed some entrances to allow other dinos (i.e. The Island Swamp / Redwood cave). I just think it is an exploit to run those caves with other dinos that doi not fit through the entrance. And anyone that needs an OP dino in a cave should not do that cave.

    We will not change the loot config, as we stated we had a custom config and people hated it as they were not able to get everything they needed in under a week. Also Wildcard releases changes each 4-6 weeks that break any custom loot config.

    We will discuss if dino release in caves will still be a thing. Before Extinction it was absolutely normal to not have imba creatures in caves, we had to fight our way through to the end and back and it was fun. With Extinction the most bugged item ever in Ark was released: the cryopod. suddenly you were able to get any dino in any cave without effort, bring wyverns and gigas to boss battles (I think they at least fixed that), pause imprint timers, change imprint requirements etc., so in my opinion it is a bugfix to make dinos not releasable in caves again. I'd even go that far that I would disable souling baby dinos, but I guess we cannot make people put effort into breeding again.

    We will keep you updated what setting we will have after the removal of cryo pods.

    We will definitely do something about teaming, either by changing the settings and/or rules or by adding a plugin, but that plugin needs to be tested a lot to not bring any new exploits to the game.

    Something I never understood: A lot of players cry about 3 tribes that are teaming at the moment. How is this even possible. We have about 60 active tribes in our cluster atm, why cannot do the other 57 tribes a sort of counterattack. Yeah, it is a bit of planning, but teaming always goes into both directions...

    It's just suggestions to mix things up from wipe to wipe. I am also very much a casual player as you guys:)

    One thing I would like to see tho is removal of the insta soul balling, it is very convenient when breeding but in raids it makes killing dinos very hard.

    Does one of the 200 ini settings have an option for this?

    I just added a config setting that blocks the trapping of any dino that has been hurt in the past 5 seconds. We can adjust this setting if needed, but this will prevent players from just souling a dino while it is under attack. The animation for souling a dino cannot be changed easily or it will look really whacky, but I guess this will have a similar effect.

    This is way too OP especially for PvP, monitoring tribe mates, dinos etc. is a big advantage. I don't think this will be added but we will discuss this in our next team meeting. What do other PvP players think about this?

    Defense against wild dinos is an important part in PvE, especially when you are building in dangerous areas like the highlands, desert etc. We will not forbid any self defense against wild dinos. If you find a tame worth your time it is up to you to secure it, there are multiple ways to do that. I never had a problem and lost a tame to a base, it is way more likely to lose it to a wild dino than to a base. Should we disable wild dinos aswell? I guess you know where I am leading ^^

    Use bear traps, dino gates, tank animals etc. to make sure your tame is safe, we can not and will not limit the players ability to secure their bases.

    We will deactivate any downloads on the new map for the first few weeks. We also might block uploads on Genesis until we are sure there are no dangers to our current cluster, but only time can tell. We have no more information about Genesis than you do, but you can be sure that there will be no transfer of items and dinos TO the map for the first few weeks unless it is needed for the new gameplay style they announced. We might take some days after release to check these things but we want to add the map to our cluster as soon as possible. Everything regarding Genesis will be announced once a release date and some mor information is available.

    I do not get what the problem is here. If you get disconnected you can rejoin only a few minutes later to get back your stuff (if you died). Only thing that might be a problem is if your client crashed and the same time an update for Ark or a mod was released. That way Steam will update your game files and you will not be able to join until the servers also updated. This is happening from time to time, but only in a few very unlucky instances per year. If this is what botheres you I guess we will not change the way our servers work for a few lost items per year.

    If there is another way to lose items because of our update policy pleas explain.

    We will talk about this in the evenin, we wanted to make as little restrictions in building as possible. Caves are a nice spot to build, they are even balanced by Wildcard with 6x damage etc. but on the other hand we don't want tribes to block any artifacts and therefore prevent other players from doing boss runs. That is why our current rule was made the way it is today. Maybe this will change this evening, we need to talk this through maybe adjust the rules.

    Hey ho,

    Wildcard did it again. We don't know when and we don't know where, but they fucked up Reaper Kings. If anyone imprints a Reaper the Imprinter ID is set on the creature, but Wildcard forgot to also add the Imprinter Name. Sadly this value is the only thing a modder can check to see if a dino already has an imprinter. If it is not set all imprint-related mod items will not work. In our case this leads to 2 problems that can easily be fixed:

    1. The Nanny will not work on unfixed Reaper King babies. It might feed them but not add any imprint affinity percentages.
    2. Once a Reaper King is souled the imprint will be transferred to the player that releases the soul next time. After that the imprint is final, it will never change again, it only changes the first time the King is released from a soul. Releasing the soul will then set both Imprinter ID and Imprinter Name.

    This also leads us to the easy fix:

    Once you imprinted a Reaper King just soul it and release it again (best to wait for it being juvenile, did not test it with the larva) so your imprint is fixed and the Reaper King will be yours forever. You will also get the imprint done by your Nanny.

    Have fun souling baby dinos again,


    We already have a monthly lottery where you can win blueprints, the best thing you can get in Ark, so I think this is motivation enough.