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    Ihr könnt das Auktionshaus benutzen, um die Trophäen zu transferieren. Ohne Mod lässt sich das sonst nicht realisieren im PvE und dafür extra ne Mod zu installieren wollen wir nicht, jede Mod erhöht Last, Risiko und Ladezeiten.

    Added another rule:

    On top of that every tribe is allowed to have a single thread in this forum to present their offers!


    Regel ergänzt:

    Außerdem darf jeder Tribe nur einen Thread unterhalten, in dem er sein Angebot präsentiert!

    That is how we do it too. As long as you concentrate on a single stat and dont let other mutations get into your line the probability is the same:

    Offspring is male (~0.5) * Offspring inherits the mutated, higher stat (~0.55) * Offspring mutates (~0.005) * Mutation is in the right stat (~0.14)

    Those values are just what I remembered, not sure if this is totally correct (maybe right stat is ~0.07 because of probability to mutate a females stat), but overall this does not change with higher stacks.

    We will continue claiming in chat with GPS. I can confirm however that as soon as the OSD is activated you can now claim it with the radial menu

    That is good, but we need to check if other players can still pick up the loot after it has been dropped. If so I would like to keep our claiming method active as it gives us proof.

    This event was part of the core game and not some "shit settings". Regarding keeping the females on mating while diabling the male this is somnething we could speak about, I will bring this to the next meeting. But keep in mind that it is always the players responsibility to make sure his stuff does not get out of control like yours did. This was not a little mistake, it was a huge f**k up! We do not hold grudge against you as we know it was not in ill intention but just negligently, but we had to take action to ensure the servers safety.

    Edit: We usually pick up the dinos that finished mating with the soul gun and lock them away. Currently we are mutating our rexes with a toal of 39 females and a male that stacks the mutations. This way we stack them up pretty fast (still takes a few days per mutation, but that is OK). Yes, it is a bit more work than just keeping them on mating and come online every few days to drop eggs, but that endangers the server and also stacked mutations should be a reward in my opinion!

    Well, there are two things to be considered: First of all, if you approach a OSD and someone is already fighting you cannot claim it at all, we consider this griefing even if the fighting player forgot to claim the OSD correctly. We consider this common sense as noone would like to experience something like this and we have a saying in German that says "Don't do to others what you don't want to be done to yourself!" - living by that rule is always a very good starting point in a PvE environment.

    Now let's talk about the case you described: The OSD is not activated yet and noone claimed it. WC added the option to claim it in the radial menu, but when this was released it was pretty buggy. At that time you could only claim it after the last wave and before opening it. Also any player still could steal the items that were dropped by the OSD, so that was not a real solution. I am unsure if that changed, did not do a OSD quite some time.

    We decided to keep our rule so that we could check the logs and got proof in form of a screenshot. This way we can exactly determine, which player has a claim to tzhe drop.

    Long story short: If you approach an still inactive OSD that has not been claimed get out your GPS, claim it in chat and make a screenshot with OSD, GPS and Servertime so you have proof to your claim. That way you are stll safe!

    Daisho is right, one main base and an outpost per map is correct.

    Your second question is a bit harder to answer. We usually have a look at those big bases and decide if it is still within reason, but there is no general rule. If the whole base fits into generator range yo should be fine though, but there are some other facts to consider too (e.g. blocking pathways, ressorces).

    You have to disable mating / wandering after eggs have been layed. If you keep them on wandering and the reproduction gets out of control you endanger the whole server. I explained this to you very detailedm but I will quote the ticket again:


    There were hundreds, if not thousand pteranodons on wandering in and around your base. As soon as a player entered that area there were massive lag spikes on the server because of those dinos, the tame limit was nearly full again because of this what prevents other players from taming and breeding. This is not exagerrated, your base and your breeding was a real menace to our server cluster.

    Regarding the fact that you kept them on wander just for mating reasons: How do you mate a female creature while it is on cooldown? It is just not allowed to keep creatures on wandering all the time (except those that need wandering as a gameplay mechanic like dung beetle or oviraptor), to prevent exact this situation. We do not punish players if we see they left their creatures on wandering as long as they keep it under control. Usually I just tell them to stop this or next time we need to wipe the dinos.

    We will update the rule because of the latest change in Ark allowing players to set dinos an mating instead of wandering + hitching.

    Since imprinting is not even a problem anymore because ARK made this feature way to easy there is no need for a change to our breeding event. Like Ares already said it was impossible to imprint most of the creatures with lower breeding time and this is way worse than pausing your imprint and continue another time. Also we had severe issues on our servers due to people that did not followed the rules and kept their dinos on mating uncontrolled. Those dinos reproduced exponentially and flooded the map.

    There will be no change to our breeding event.

    Sadly the mod is not active on PvP Extinction yet, we will add it soon. Please tell us another map you are playing on so we can pay out the GC

    Sadly the mod is not active on PvP Extinction yet, we will add it soon. Please tell us another map you are playing on so we can pay out the GC