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    Wildcard changed something, yes, but the fix is still buggy as hell. We will wait some longer before bringing a gamebraking and buggy creature back to the cluster.

    Hey everyone,

    due to the closed transfer on Genesis 2 and some special mechanics on that map some people find it hard to travel between maps. Here is a small guide on this.

    Travel to an old map

    • Currently there is no transfer of items or dinos allowed both from and to our Genesis: Part 2 servers
    • To travel you need to make sure to have an empty inventory and no items on your quickbar
    • You also cannot transfer the Exo-Suit and this is where it gets tricky:
      • If you drop your Exo-Suit the game will reequip you with another one eventually
      • To make sure you are naked while travelling open the transmitter/drop/terminal you use for travelling, switch to your inventory (do not close transmitter inventory) and drop the armor
      • After that travel immediately to the other map, do not close the inventory

    Travel between Genesis 2 maps

    • We added a temporary second Genesis 2 map, this is mostly for taming, farming, questing etc., it will be wiped eventually
    • You can travel between those two maps freely
    • To take any items (including dino souls) to the other map you need to use Chat commands
      • Open the transmitter/drop/terminal you use for travelling and hit Enter to open chat
      • Type /upload to upload all items in your inventory and quickbar to a seperated cloud
      • It will not upload any equipped armor, if you are wearing something different than the ExoSuit you need to unqequip it first
      • To make sure you are naked switch to your inventory (do not close transmitter inventory) and drop the armor
      • After that travel immediately to the other Genesis 2 map, do not close the inventory
    • Once you joined the othe rmap it will download all your items automatically
      • You cannot download the stuff on the same server as you uploaded it. You need to travel after using the upload command!

    We are already marketing the server in several ways and we don't think that any further advertisement is necessary. Our highest priority is to get the servers stable even during attacks and make sure our current player base has a fun gaming environment on our cluster. We will of course do more advertisement again once the player base gets smaller and we solved the other issues.

    We will not make any changes for now. You can craft everything up to the yellow kibble and you can get extraordinary kibble from the Loot Crates in the HLNA shop (which you only need in a few instances tbh). You can also buy Veggie Cakes.

    Wildcard currently gets a lot of critique for forgetting to add bees, so we will wait for their solution before we change something and make the whole thing worse.

    €dit: All Kibbles and also Veggie Cakes are part of the loot tables

    Everyone with 93 votes or more is participating in our drawing for the giveway. With our new concept there will be 5 winners now, first one gets an Ascendent BP, 2nd and 3rd get a Mastercraft BP and 4th and 5th place will get a Journeyman one.


    These are the top voters of the month.

    We used the list randomizer from to randomize the list and draw our 3 winners.

    Here is the result:

    Congratulations to Mendret for coming in first place and winning an ascendant blueprint of your choice.

    Congratulations to @nikola.poljak and Sohee for place #2 and #3 and winning each a mastercraft blueprint of their choice.

    Congratulations to Balaghan and destenyking for making it on the list in spot #4 and #5 and winning each a journeyman blueprint of their choice.

    Please contact us via the ticket system and leave us your name and coords, so we can give out the prizes personally at any time. You can also place a box and attach a screenshot with GPS so we can just put the BP there.

    Thanks to all our voters and good luck for the next drawing!

    I will end this discussion here with some additional information:

    The current loot is pretty fine. The cluster is running 2 weeks and Alpha Master Controller of Genesis has already been beaten without any exploit. Saying the loot is not good enough to beat the game is just saying you are incapable to play the game. Even my tribe, that has 3 active members and is not rushing anything (just killed our first boss on Center as it is the only one we currently could kill) has more stuff we could dream of. There are plenty ways of getting loot and you already know all the ways as we did not change it from vanilla. You get everything where you used to get it, but we will NOT change the loot table in a direction where you do a cave once and find everything you need. ARK is a long term game and this concept respects that.

    There also is trading. If you need anything really urgent you can still use the auction house, I saw everything essential in there all ready. Giving all players everything for free will result in a dead community. There will be no interchange between tribes, players will be bored after second golem run as they now got everything and population will drop rapidely. This concept is made by people who have a deep understanding of the game and was tested a LOT, it took us months to do the loot tables, testing, adjusting, testing again etc. And before I get to hear this again: Having a cluster with 25(!) mods does not distinguish one as a good admin, quite the contrary. So if someone thinks he can do this better feel free to try but this cluster here will remain with our concept and it will work out just fine for everyone playing here.

    About the publishing of our loot contents: You already know everything you need to know like what to get where. As Koga already said the most important items are of course more rare then others but everything is in the same crate as vanilla with only one exception so far: Gacha saddles on Ext were exchanged with rock drake saddles. We will not publish the probabilities per item and loot as it a) will be a very long list of numbers and b) it is also part of the gameplay to get your own impression on loot. Just like it was in Vanilla back then when people all had their own ways to get their desired loot and everyone had fun, this was much better than standing in line at the ice quee waiting 5 hours to be the 6th guy to kill it.

    Last but not least I want to let you know that we do not ignore your comments on the loot. We are already working on some fixes that all adress the fillers. We want to make loot feel more rewarding even if you did not get the item you need. I admit that getting seeds or dyes might feel like a punch in the face sometimes, so we will make sure this gets improved. We will NOT improve the quality or distribution of items though, so do not expect a fundamental change in our loot tables. As I said above: The current loot is pretty fine!

    Das mit deinem Zeug tut mir sehr leid, aber leider können wir keinen kompletten Rollback durchführen. Wir müssten dazu alle 9 Maps zurückdrehen und das letzte zeitgleiche Savegame ist durch dir Angriffe leider von gestern, das wäre zu viel. Wir werden uns aber etwas anderes überlegen, um die Verluste zu kompensieren!

    Dear survivors,

    several complaints reached us about the use of CKF:SF as a decor mod. This mod only offers another structure set, that is not visually compatible to other mods and therefore brings only little benefits for building. As it is only a very small mod compared to others (140MB) we are thinking about a change in our mod distribution among the maps. But most important: WE WILL NOT REMOVE ANY MOD FROM A MAP, ALL YOUR STUFF WILL BE SAFE!

    There are 3 different scenarios we can chose from:

    1. Just keep it as it is
      We do not change the mod distribution, all servers will remain with 10 mods each.
    2. Combine eco's Tek Decor and CKF:SF
      We combine these two small mods that also fit perfectly together and have 4 maps with 11 mods. These maps are TheCenter, Valguero, Aberration and Extinction
    3. We add CKF:SF as a default building mod to all maps
      We add the CKF:SF mod to all maps allowing everyone to build modern bases on all maps and still have a decor mod. We would add other decor mods to the current CKF:SF maps (Aberration, Valguero), if it is a new one or mods we are already using on other maps has to be decided, we need to test mods etc.

    We would like to know what you guys think about these ideas. Do you want another mod on the cluster, increasing the number back to 11 like pre-wipe? Please let us know your opinion by answering to that pull or leaving a comment in this thread.

    Best regards,


    I haven't read every single post here but we already talked about this in the last meeting and decided to keep it the way it is. Kibble production is an important task especially in the early game andis already easy enough with the item collector.It takes you 5 -6 dinos to have all the kibble you ever need in this game. Having an fully automated egg production isa TEK benefit now and we like it that way.

    I do not see a problem with server performance, too. A few dinos per tribe is not a problem compared to breeder tribes that have 50 dinos on mating all the time. If we allow egg production in terminal because of performance issues we would need to further lower the tribe dino limit for the same reason.

    SNK already gave some good tipps for getting kibble really fast. Wyverns, deinonychus, magmasaurs and rock drakes give you eggs for the best kibble, this combined with 4 yutys (3 male, 1 female) and an oviraptor will make you fill your fridge with kibble pretty fast, but you still have to do something for it!

    €dit: The resource generation in the Vivarium is oc disabled, only eggs and poop will be generated

    You want to recolor your favorite dino or breeding line? This is possible with our Voting Reward "Dino Color Token" for 50GC or at the discount prize of 120GC for 3 tokens. Be aware that you can only pay with GC; not with ARc Bars ingame.

    Once you received your Dino Color Tokens you will be able to use these ingame chat commands:

    • /dctokens
      Shows your token balance.
    • /sdcr
      Uses 1 token from your balance and randomizes the target dino color.
    • /sdc <region #> <color #>
      When looking at a dino uses 1 token from your balance and sets that region to that color. Do this for each region on the dino. Each dino only uses 1 token and can then be recolored for 15 minutes, not 1 token per region Ex. "/sdc 1 1" would paint the target dino's region 1, color 1, which is red. You can find all regions and colors in the Ark Wiki.
    • /savedc <name>
      When looking at a dino saves the color scheme as the name (Saved color schemes are species specific) Ex. /savedc zebra Would save the color scheme as zebra in your saved dino color schemes for that species.
    • /listdc
      When looking at a dino will list all available saved dino color schemes for that species.
    • /loaddc <name>
      When looking at a dino loads the color scheme of that name (Saved color schemes are species specific) Ex. /loaddc zebra Would load the color scheme of zebra to the target dino. Uses a token IF that dino has not used a token previously.

    Once you used a dino color token on a dino you can repaint it for 15 minutes. Be aware that the dino will be spayed/neutered during that time. This is only temporary and will be reverted after the 15minutes

    and yes, im a honorary Member and a Admin :P

    >Gespaltene Persönlichkeiten ;) <

    Not anymore :-D

    We will clean up the forum and reorganize some stuff for the wipe. We will also keep updating the website, but our #1 priority is the wipe atm.I updated the blocked engram list though.