Halloween Special 28.10 - 31.10.2022

  • Rules

    • The event will start Friday, October 28th at 12:15 (CET) and end on Monday, October 31st at 23:59 (CET)
    • You need to have a website account registered with the same SteamID you use for playing the event.
    • You need to subscribe the following mods: https://steamcommunity.com/sha…iledetails/?id=2634348401
    • You need to join the Eventserver (no travelling): steam://connect/
    • No griefing!
    • Since our admins are allowed to take part in this event (they don't have access to admin commands by default) a ticket is mandatory for any support case.
    • Keep it nice and friendly, everyone is welcome to this event and should be treated with respect!
    • Please don't spoil other players with coordinates or PIN codes!


    There are several ways to win wonderful prizes at this event.

    Top 3 Zombie Killers

    The three players with the highest score total will win these special prices. Check the Highscore list to see your current position.

    Place Prize
    First Place
    one Shiny Essence for a dino of choice (Shinobi, Burning, Frozen, Holographic, Lunar or Taser), Ascendent BP of choice
    Second Place
    one Shiny Essence for a dino of choice (Burning, Frozen, Lunar or Taser), Ascendent BP of choice
    Third Place
    one Shiny Essence for a dino of choice (Burning or Lunar), Ascendent BP of choice

    Community Challenge

    All survivors work towards the Community Goal to reach 350000 Points total. If this goal will be reached our cluster will have increased rates from November 1st, 12am CET, to November 7th, 12:15pm CET. The increased rates will be:

    • Boosted Breeding (20x Egg Hatch, 20x Baby Maturation, 0.25x Mating Cooldown)
    • Boosted Farming (4x Farming, 2x Farming on Genesis 2)
    • Boosted Taming (5x Taming)
    • Boosted XP (4x Player and Dino Experience)
    • Boosted Hexagons (1.5x Hexagons on Genesis 1 and 2)

    Top 5 Screenshots

    We will reward the 5 best screenshots chosen by the team. Every player can send in 1 Screenshot after the event is finished (we will open a seperate thread for this). Every screenshot must contain the extended HUD which displays your survivors name (hold H to display it), only screenshots with matching names ingame and on the website will be able to take part.

    Place Prize
    First Place
    10 Dino Color Tokens, Chibi of choice with custom colors
    Second Place
    8 Dino Color Tokens, Chibi of choice
    Third Place
    6 Dino Color Tokens, Chibi of choice (no Red Chibis)
    Fourth Place
    4 Dino Color Tokens, Chibi of choice (no Red Chibis)
    Fifth Place
    2 Dino Color Tokens, Chibi of choice (no Red or Yellow Chibis)

    The ultimate Score Store

    You will be able to buy prizes from the score you get for killing Zombies. Have fun shopping in our awesome Score Store.

    Price Reward
    12000 PointsAscendant Tek Blueprint of choice
    9500 Points Ascendant Blueprint of choice
    7000 Points Mastercraft Blueprint of choice
    4500 Points Journeyman Blueprint of choice
    2750 Points Capped Item (any item from reward vault)
    2500 Points any Chibi with custom colors
    2000 Points Max. level dino of choice (no TEK)
    2000 Points Red Chibi
    1000 Points 100x Element
    1000 Points Yellow Chibi
    800 Points 20x Mutagen
    750 Points 1x Gender Change Token
    600 Points any Plant Species R Seed
    500 Points Purple Chibi
    400 Points 1x Dino Color Token
    200 Points 1000 of a resource (Metal Ingot, Polymer, Cementing Paste, Gunpowder, Narcotics, Electronics, green/blue/red gems, crystal)
    100 Points 1x N+ Domesticated Bee Hive
    100 Points 1x GD Dino Mindwipe
    50 Points 1x GD Levelboost
    20 Points 1x GD Weightboost
    20 Points 1x GD Speedboost
    15 Points 1x GD Superstim


    • Kill Zombies to gain points for the highscore and ARc bars to buy better equipment.
    • You can use the teleporter at any trader to switch to another spot if you are not happy with your current position.
    • You can upload your stuff in the transmitter at any trader while being logged out.
    • You do not have any engrams on the event server, all stuff is provided by the reward vault and air supplies.
    • Air supllies are different than in Vanilla ARK, they will be dropped by a plane and go down with a parachute.
    • Rumors say survivors can summon special boss creatures that reward extra points. Ask your local trader!
    • Use a spawn location near a trader to get your starter equipment!

    Map of Traders