Economic suggestion

  • I feel like the economic system needs a way for incentives to buy dino's / items, other than for regular PVE play (bosses where mostly Tek Rexes only are used).

    Maybe there is a way to make events where world bosses are spawned in which are extremely strong and require many and strong dino's to defeat. Perhaps its even possible to set certain rules, ex. only use Carno's or Ptero's etc.

    This way there is an incentive to breed many different kinds of dino's and to buy / sell them trough the market place.

    Anyway, this is just a suggestion, maybe there are other ways to make it possible to recycle dino / item life to incentivice the trade for dino's and items.

  • I do believe the economy could use some work but I would really have to think on a possible solution. Hard because buying a neutered tame isn't an option for making a team and once someone sells a tame that has good stats and is not neutered the market tends to be flooded with the new standard. The only way to "fix" this is some form of a dino sink as you mentioned. Idk if world bosses are really a solution though as you would expect them to have decent loot and this server has tried to minimize loot in respect to official.

    I can only think of a few drastic possibilities, one being not being able to sell breed able tames but that seems a bit extreme and easy to get around. It is just so simple to breed a ton of tames and flood the market then all someone needs to do is buy one of the cheap tames with high stats and they never have to dip into the market again.

  • Some sort of a dino sink would help, but surely isnt the end all solution. Besides I feel like the platinum arc bars are a bit over priced. You will always have to spend atleast 20 GC (2 ARC bars) to buy anything.

  • There are dino sinks in the game already such as the OSDs in extinction and the bosses. So a general one wouldn't change much. But as suggested in the beginning, events for specific dinos might.

    For example, a bunny race that you bring your own dinos to might encourage people to get better procoptodons either by taming or buying. But even then most people might not care.

    I think the shiny dinos are a good incentive to trade, though not many people have them yet. As we get more tamed, people might be pickier about which ones they got and sell the others instead of holding onto them forever.

    At the end of the day, it is a pve cluster and people will want to progress on their own.

  • Maybe more granularity in arc bars would make them easier to trade. Like 1 bar = 5 coins or even a 1:1. Idk it might not make a difference.

    This was the case last time i played a bit over a year agoo, and I remember a lot of friendly players willing to just give dinos for free, plus the market was ok, and they spent theyer coins on breeding events etc. becouse of the overflow of the coins.