GD Project Update & Changes

Hello survivors,

over the past two weeks, we've made a lot of changes. Decisive for this was also the feedback, which we received from the community. Since there are still confusions regarding the Dino Tame Limit for Tribes and the Dino Storage Mod, we would like to make some clarifications here:

Before the Dino Storage Mod was added, both the PvE Ragnarok and PvE Island server reached the global - ie server-wide - tame limit of 5.000 dinos. This prevented not only taming of new dinos, but also claiming of baby dinos when breeding, as well as the downloading of dinos from the obelisk. For this reason, many players called the two affected servers "unplayable".

We tested a number of solutions (for example, Kibble Table, higher upload timers), which did not succeed. One of the reasons for this was, among other things, the lack of willingness on the part of the players to upload unused dinos.

In order to allow playing on the servers in the future we have therefore implemented the repeated suggestion of the community and added the Dino Storage Mod. At the same time, we felt it was necessary to force players to use the mod through a significantly lower tribe tame limit. Otherwise, the new mod would not have achieved the current success in terms of the tame limit problem.

Nevertheless, we continue to work to facilitate the production of Kibble. We focus on the possibilities of the S + Vivarium. At this point we refer to the changes listed below.

In addition, we would like to express our thanks for the continued great support through votes and donations. Together we want to recapture the top of the toplists. In addition, we have already reached the donation target for the second month in a row. In August, all costs of the current month were already covered on 06. August 2018. This lively participation in the running costs makes us happy - thank you!

The repeated achievement of the donation goal opens also opens new possibilities for a possible future of the old PvP servers. We will collect and discuss ideas in the team. However, it has by no means been decided whether there will be a future.

Finally, we would like to inform you about a variety of changes and improvements.


  • The maximum number of Dino Souls in the Dino Storage Terminal has been reduced from 102 Dino Souls to only 60 Dino Souls. This change was made to avoid lost Dino Souls.
    • Important: Never use the "S + Transfer Tool" or the "S + Transfer Gun" to move / pull Dino Souls.
  • Players can only carry 60 Dino Souls in their inventory. This change was made to avoid lost Dino Souls. If more than 60 Dino Souls have already been stored before the change, they can still be removed after the change.
  • Only Dino Souls can be stored in the Dino Soul Terminal. Already previously stored items can still be removed after the change.
  • The faulty mating timer display on the Dino Souls has been fixed by a mod update from the mod creator.
  • The engram for the S + Crafting Station has been released and can now be learned.
  • The engram for the S + Tek transmitter has been released and can now be learned.
    • The Dino Scan feature is disabled.
    • Existing normal Tek transmitters can be exchanged with the CurrencyExchanger of the AuctionHouse Mod for an S + Tek Transmitter (1:1).
  • S + Vivariums no longer have to be "powered". Therefore you no longer need a Tek Generator. In addition, S + Vivariums can be crafted in the now released S + Crafting Station.
  • The Dino Limit of the S + Vivariums has been increased from 10 to 50.
    • Important: Only the first 10 dinos are displayed.

    Comments 10

    • These changes really show a positive commitment. If the in game welcome message mentioned the latest news posts this information may reach some players who don't realize they can store their dinos.

    • Really nice changes! Can you still have multiple Dino Soul Terminals? Or is the maximum number of dinos stored 60?

      • you can have multiple terminals. each terminal can hold 60 souled dinos.

      • excellent ty for confirming that noelpy

    • Great changes! I bet the S+ Transmitters are going to be really useful :)

    • :thumbup:

    • Glad I could help with the bug testing, haha.
      Loving the dino soul storage mod. Makes caves much more enjoyable and simpler to run solo.
      Also makes breeding a bit easier in the end since all stats and even color regions are listed on the pokeballs.

      3 cheers for S+ crafting station, S+ transmitter, and I'm guessing the S+ autocrafter should now be craft-able/usable also.

    • s+ transmitter is back <3

    • Nice changes thanks for all the good work.

    • Wow nice changes! thanks very much!!!