S+ Vivariums, Lava Golems & Trophies

Hello survivors,

we have made a further variety of changes and optimizations, which we will distribute on the servers in a timely manner.


  • The crafting costs for S + Vivariums have been changed to 500 metal ingots.
    • To further facilitate, the team will occasionally sell S + Vivarium's for 500 metal ingots at the marketplace.
    • Note: S + Vivariums can be used primarily for Kibble Dinos, as the Dinos in the S + Vivariums continue to lay eggs every 30 minutes.
  • All Island and Ragnarok bosses now drop the missing trophies.
  • The public S + Tek transmitter at the 'broken' red obelisk on PvE Ragnarok has been re-placed.
  • The loot from the Lava Golems has been improved a bit.
    • The blueprint chance has been doubled from 5% to 10%.
    • The number of items has been increased from 2 to 3 to now 4 to 5.

The Ghost Division Team


-Server Owner-

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    • Excellent communication, thank you guys for doing this, it'll definitely stabilize both the current active community as well as make the server much sexier to newer players.

    • Thanks very much, appreciate your time and efforts!