Dino Storage Mod

Hello survivors,

We have made changes to the PvE cluster to finally fix the issue with the Tame Limit. But the solution also requires your help! At the same time, we also made other changes:


  • The Dino Storage Mod has been added to the PvE cluster.
    • The uploading of Dino Souls has been disabled.
    • The transfer of Dino Souls has been disabled.
    • Dino Souls will not count toward the Tribes or the Global Server Tame Limit.
  • The Tame Limit has been drastically reduced from 150 dinos to only 50 dinos.
    • Reason: We do not want the tame limit to further limit the gameplay any longer and therefore we are forcing players to actively use the Dino Storage Mod.
  • The rule regarding the limitation of dinos of a particular class is hereby canceled. You can now have as many dinos of each class as you want.
  • The Steam Mod collection for the PvE Cluster has been updated and the Dino Storage Mod added accordingly.
  • The timer for uploaded dinos and items has been increased to 96 hours.

The Ghost Division Team


Server Owner

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    • Is there some kind of rough guide of the dino storage mod and s+ vivarium please I've been away and although there is information on the website about the function of these things it's not 100% clear on how to use the dino storage mod and what the cost and limit is and if the s+vivarium still needs a tek generator to function thanks

    • thumbs-up

    • Excellent! 50 Dinos active at a time should be more than enough for a tribe.
      Might make breeding a bit more complicated for tribes with 3+ people but I'm sure it's possible to figure out.

    • Awesome

      Thanks :D