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  • hi artwork, I have a little bit of a problem on the Ragnarok PvE server. I was trading with a guy named grizzlypoes and then the server had a big spike lag so we both got disconnected in his base but he didn't come back on to let me out. so now I'm stuck. can you please help me?

    • I can't come right now. Just ask someone to come with a tapejara and get you out. ;)

    • yeah i got out by some wierd gliches with platformsaddle dinos, but thnx

  • Hi Artwork, possibility to have you for a short moment? There's someone promissing to cheat and meanwhile insulting other ppl in chat.

    • where? what server?

    • sorry to have bothered you, Cala tuned in to check and has taken care of that guy :) But thank you aswell, didnt noticed that you have answered =/

  • SNK_Artwork. Thanks for resetting my bases while I was out. When I logged on to Scorched Earth I can not see my bed at my outpoast by the red beacon. Did that outpost get deleted while I was out? I have not had a chance to fly over there yet to look.

    • The only outpost I went to was the one in the desert near the scar.

    • I had 2 on SE. Should I assume that the second one by the red beacon is gone?

      I am not complaining just checking.

    • Well in your post you gave me 2 coords: 1 for the base at the green obi and 1 for the outpost at the scar. If you had 2 outposts then you should consider yourself lucky nobody saw them and deleted all.

    • I meant to say the green obi. I have a single player on the red. That was my mistake on my earlier post.

    • The construction should still be there at green obi.

  • can you help me, my tribe got wiped 2 times by the same tribe under 24h

  • Hey sorry to interrupt, I know you removed infamous's foundations, thank you very much , I wanted to build there, but some other tribe left foundations there as well tribe of tribe, if you could remove those I will forever be in your debt!

    • Well those aren't breaking any rules. The timer on their structures is ok.

  • Did you find out about my base wipe ?

  • hey i would like to buy something i play on the center pvp server

    • Ok. Write me when i am online or if not write another admin.

  • Hey I would like to buy something on the center if you have time please

  • hey i would like to buys some stuff. i play on the center pvp server

    • I will come in 2 min. I am already loading the map

  • Hello admin! Do you have some free time to give me 2 vote rewards? I play on PVP The Center x10

    • I can be online in about 1 hour

    • Thank you!

    • sorry I had to go, maybe reply if you have some free time and if I am on I will log-in :)

  • Can you help on PVP SE map there is a spot reservation that i made a forum post about.

  • Are you available ATM for a voting reward?
    (NVM, the Server is off)

  • i send u coins for x 4 dino colours , i am on low rate pve server . let me know when u have some time :) no rush

    • I can come in about 3 hours. I am not available at the moment.

    • no worries , even tomorrow is ok ;)

    • I can come now if you want.

    • ok i will log in now
      P.S. i am in game for the next couple of hours
      Low Rate Server , location 80/77 , tribe sunrise , thorax

  • hi,
    was ist mit server Ghost Division - PvE Die Insel - alle x20 - (v258.45) los

  • can i purchase some dino colours trough you ?

    • Yes sure but tomorrow because when i get back home.

    • yes sure , no worries ;) i am not in a rush

  • nicht

  • hi,
    komme auf server Ghost Division - PvE Die Insel - alle x20 - (v258.45)

  • Heya, I just donated and was wondering if I can get my donator prefix/rank :)

    • Hey. You will get it tomorrow when the owners see it. :) I am only admin I can't do that for you. Thank you for the donation!

    • Haha, Thank you, No problem loving the server so far!

  • Hello, SNK! Could you help me out? Would like to spend some GC on PVE The Island :) Ingame name: Rava Tribe: Ascended
    Pm me when you have the time!

  • sry my steam name :P is p2k , i have 180 votes

  • hello there , my name is Thorax i want to participate in the event , i dont have any coins , but i was voting all the time . so i am not sure how this works , if more than 150 votes is enough for 100 coins i want to participate with 100 coins for the event. thanks

    • 1 vote = 1 coin

    • If you've been voting for the servers I don't find your name in the Voting list so I can't confirm how many coins you have or will have at the end of the month.

  • Hello. I just want to know if it is possible to buy some dino...i mean if you are free.