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  • Hey men i was wondering if u sell any high lvl female rexes with no mutations lv.500+

    I'm on vacation till the 10th of August but when ill be back ill have around 100gc i can spare a little more depending on how expensive they are. Feel free to message me on discord: Noach#7643

    • Hey, I want you to know that it is near impossible to have a dino with no mutations to be anywhere near lvl 500 on hatch. Also, I explained the irrelevance of clean dinos in my post. If you are willing to buy dinos with negative mutations which are better breeders in the long run, I have anything you need :)

    • yeah when i'm back from vacation ill buy one :D

  • Hey M8,

    I noticed your nice rexes, and just thought og Gigas.

    I believe I got my gigas from u, at one point at AH.

    Just wanted to know if u have better ones in your stables?

    • No man not yet. They are 45 HP 45 Melee. I havent gotten them to negative mutations yet