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  • Hi Bossmob, Im looking for a high level Rock Drake (I have 28 GC), do you maybe have one Rock Drake for this money for me ?

  • Hi Boss, After playing on crappy servers I'm back. Its getting used to but my base is nearly getting somewhere. Then The build up to do bosses.
    Its good to be back. After the detour to other crappy servers one appreciate everything more.

  • Hi Mate, Been Ages since I've been on. How is everyone doing. So the server changed the server settings, x3 is a but slow for a multiplier for me, Like the fasted paced game not the snail paced one. Or do I see it wrong. Any Idea how easy its to gather with good dino's.

    Hope to see you around soon. Just need to get my mind around this x3 thing.

    Stay well

    Regards to everyone.

    • It is still managable to build up well, you just have to grind some now. Server is up since Saturday, so not quite 2 days now and me and other already have grinder, grill, fabricator, indi forge and chem bench, so it is fair.

  • Hello my name is filip i have been globaly banned for my stupiditi.... i was griefing can i somehow get un-banned? Or at least unbanned on one server?

    If no i respect that cuz my acting was very rude against others.

    • Make a ticket with a proper apology and you might.

    • Can u help me how do i get a ticket?

    • On the top of the forum there a several sections, like "News", "Forum", "Members", there is also "Ticketsystem"

    • i think i am not gonna gvet unbanned :(

  • Was the mod I sent ya anything interesting?

  • Kaazuuumaaa

    • Oni-chan, how do you write your name? Can you write it down for me?
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      | registration |
      | ------------------- |

  • gratz :)

  • Really quick, and nice person. Helped me!

  • Der Baum hat Äste, das ist das Beste. Denn wäre er kahl, dann wär's ein Pfahl.
    Ich war mal hier und mach mal Bunt xD