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Our PvP rules changed with the wipe, please make sure to read them thoroughly.

Added: Tribe names have to be identical on all servers in the cluster.
Added: Each tribe can define one ORP location per server.

Changed: When logging out with active PvP-Cooldown the ORP-timer is 45 minutes
Changed: Ragnarok/Valguero: Building around the wyvern trench or in the wyvern cave is not permitted.

Removed: Teaming is forbidden in all raid activities.
Removed: Raid protection is only granted if your main base got raided.

    But besides that, if it's ok I can make a suggestion inside a suggestion, that you will make a new rule that building on spawn points is not allowed unless you spawn in a safe area inside someone's base and not get stuck and can get out, for example: Open gates, Transmitter (Unlocked) ect.

    Problem about that is the spawn mechanic. If you pick a spawn on the map the whole circle is where you can spawn

    I think adding items could cause problems or sth, but there is a very simple workaround:

    1) Use normal Tek Dedis (not s+)

    2) Put in whatever you want (literally no limitation)

    3) Wait for next server restart where they will keep their inventory, yet be turned into S+, making it into a working S+ Storage for whatever you want to put in

    Not a PvP player atm, but


    "F3 will set a waypoint on the dino/player you are looking at. Works while riding or using an item like a spyglass."

    this sounds OP, you can put waypoints on enemy tribes and track them over the whole map

    To all those people that think TEK shouldn't be available to new players for GC or free:

    If your whole purpose in the game is to reach TEK you just shouldn't take them. But even then you are not in for a long run.

    But there are many players like me who enjoy other aspects of the game. In my case its breeding as endgame, so I too bought TEK when I started playing here again. The way to Tek is just tedious for me, as I have other goals. So that varies from player to player.

    Yeah, TEK prices will always be low with EXT active.

    You can get like 600 to 800 element in a couple of minutes, except the giga you need no preparation, you don't use anything up. If I had to do boss fights for the stuff I sure as hell would charge several times the price or don't sell tek in the first place.

    This sounds rather ridiculous to me, if I'm not allowed to breed and trade Dinos for what reason should I play Ark on a Server with other people? I could just go to the SP mode instead. I think simply disabling an omni-currency like GC/ArcBars instead would motivate people more to actually trade with each other. I see nothing wrong with trading self-bred Dinos with others, regardless of their stats; Ghost Division prides itself with no PvE Server wide wipes, so of course the longer a Server exists the better the Dinos become. 45 is quite low for a cap (should there be considered one) especially for Flyers. The real problem lies with people who do not tame and breed Dinos for themself, which alone is no problem of course, it only turns into one if they simply cannot retrace the effort, time, pain, fun and trouble it takes to actually breed and properly mutate a Dino to a satisfying level.

    The bottom line is there simply is no real solution to counteract peoples greed and laziness, but punishing the people who play the game and strive to min-max their efforts seems the wrong approach, in my opinion. One of the most fun aspect playing on a rather large cluster like GD is, for me, to be able to trade, exchange and interact with other people. It is the main reason I prefer this server over the official ones. And now needing to fear a ban or a wipe because I want to trade my Yuty with 47 points in HP for which I have no need, even with a friend, seems unnecessary to say the least.

    That is actually interesting. I thought about giving GC a worth so people might be more eager to get more of them for their stuff, but limiting tradeability of them might also work.

    Actually I think a huge help would also be reenabling souling of unclaimed dinos. That way it would be easier to sell Dino lines neutered while the buyer can still fully imprint the babies on himself.

    What's your imputs? Why are you into trading, what do you want to get out of it? How do you use the GC you get? You guys are the biggest sellers on the PVE cluster, and I think we can get a better understanding of the situation and maybe glimpse possible solutions from you. I for one am a small fry in this situation, I rarely sell or buy stuff, so I'm sure I don't understand the situation and the end goal as much as you all do. If you don't want to comment or participate that's perfectly fine of course, but I think we could benefit from your opinions.

    I sell for a price I deem fair considering the time I have to invest to get the sold item/ dinos etc. If someone sells lower than I do, so be it, not gonna go lower.

    As for the use of the GC: There is nothing in the reward vault I'd need. So it's mainly horded in case someone sells something I want and doesn't take ressources for it.

    If the reward vault had stuff players bought more it would probably balance itself. Atm GC is just a ressource for trading for other things with players imo.

    -1 Im really looking forward to moving to genesis, as I am bored of extinction and it would be a shame not to be able to do so.

    I'd hate to have to start again on genesis, been looking forward to it :(

    Most people will want to experience it without having level 300 gigas from the start + full tek. So just experience it like it was meant to, after a while you will be able to freely transfer.