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    I wish they were not that broken, then we might even be able to transfer now :(

    Also saying it doesnt matter what you feed them doesnt seem right. Feeding them berries only gives crap items, vertical cables and war maps however mostly ascendant.

    Hey guys,

    I still need the TEKgrams from the following bossfights:

    - Alpha Dragon or Alpha Ragnarok Bosses

    - Alpha Rockwell

    As I am currently on Extinction only I cannot bring anything to the fights and can pay either on Extinction with element/ metal or whatever you need or with ghost coins.

    I do not want any share of the loot, just the unlocks :)

    True, that might be. I thought of the timer more to be something like a month or so. That ofc fully depends on how they actually implement it. Still, personally, I would wait with such a decision until we know more about the system to come.

    I highly doubt it will be high. Probably not as low as a fishing basket, but probably around 1, mabye 2 days.

    Do you guys see any other viable options where storing does not leave you with a disadvantage compared to not storing? Maybe I am just not seeing the huge numbers of tames people would store with this mod.

    ofc I can't speak for everyone, but my dino count would drop from currently 92 to probably 10ish.

    What you can store:

    - Bossrexes (huge slot eater)

    - all breeders (and as I can tell you from experience even having "only" a pair of the maxed dino results in huge numbers, as breeders will try to breed every dino in the game)

    - farmdinos (you only need them when you go farming anyways)

    So yeah, the only dinos that make sense staying outside are the ones you use for kibble farming. Which you honestly do not need. Just contact any breeder and they will have like 500 of each egg in their fridge thanks to the s+ item collector

    So cheap boss 🤔 would be bumping up those prices ingots are so easy to get

    Already seems to be the limit of what I can charge, hardly getting bought :D

    Is it possible to imprint and then unclaim a baby Argy? So that I can get the full 100% imprint buff for my character and not just the stat boost that anyone using it gets from your 100% imprint. That would be really great. I know this would need a little bit of trust towards me but since you are admin anyway how far would I get if I tried anything fishy?


    Bossmob's Marketplace

    It is time to reopen the market!

    What I am selling:

    • Argentavis level 330 base, 100% imprint, neutered (55HP, 56Stam, 52Oxy, 51Food, 58Weight, 57DMG) for 3,000 metal ingots on the auction house
    • Anklyosaurus level 318 base, 100% imprint, neutered (51HP, 46Stam, 43Oxy, 42Food, 46Weight, 46DMG, 43Speed) for 3,000 metal ingots on the auction house
    • Pteranodon level 307 base, 100% imprint, neutered (54HP, 51Stam, 50Oxy, 52Food, 50Weight, 49DMG) for 2,000 metal ingots on the auction house
    • Rex level 311 base, 100% imprint, neutered (45HP, 47Stam, 46Oxy, 41Food, 40Weight, 49DMG, 42Speed) for 4,000 metal ingots on the auction house (currently out of stock)

    Special offer: Argentavis Breeder with 55 DMG base stat unneutered! 4,500 ingots on the auction house!

    If you have any stat better than those listed above I am interested in borrowing/ buying/ combining those for my breed!