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  • can u help me...i want to buy a rex?

  • no, we dont remove your base. you can have 2 outposts. one as a water baser at the beach or one tree platform and the second underwater.

  • Sorry to disturb you mrbrocker, but what did you mean by ''will change the rules about underwater bases''?
    I'm just afraid of it being removed and all my structures ><

  • Hey, thank you again for my raft and i am so sorry .... Of course before disturb an admin i tried to unstuck it during many minutes/hours. The first time it was stuck cause i took a wrong way by night but this time i don't understand.... i use this way many times without troubles and since some days i have issues with this "road". Anyway i gonna built a new empty raft for use this "road" and if i will stuck again i will could destroy it without disturbing you. Thank you again and apologize me please !
    Best regards.

  • Thanks to you for my raft :) !

    Good continuation !