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    just use t.maxfps 1 it will cap ark to 1 FPS

    thats what i do, and i always cap my FPS to 60 (--> t.maxfps 60) to reduce the heat and energy waste

    You do it in Tab Console? or you need to go to game folder, that is very useful as my pc overheats :)

    did u read what we wrote?

    u can treansfer all the stuff they give, so why to disable them on a map, but open transfer

    and if it makes no difference, we can enable them, so as u said: no difference. (and btw. we are not talking about pvp)

    Pls read the stuff and dont just write something to try to be funny, thx

    Not trying to be funny, saying what I am seeing, and my own opinion, thx.

    And to add up people, in PvP we have no gachas, and we are doing just fine, farming is so much more fun than just afk'ing at your base playing fortnite.

    Don't think it should make a difference for 1 map in PvE, after all, you all farmed without gachas all this time, so what difference does it make?

    Because i am not having problems finding blood wyverns at all, and those traps are not bothering me because traps on ground CANNOT block a flyer dino spawn. And i live in their spawn, i have wild wyverns landing on my base very often.

    Can't block the spawn sure, but can block placing more traps for people who needs crystal.

    Excluding the fact that blocking a spawn of a flyer dino is pretty much impossible, blood wyverns spawns, in good quantity, i would add. I have seen many traps around the spawn zone that people left there and those traps have to be removed, feel free to report them by opening a ticket. Additionally, if you need blood wyverns buy them from me :)

    Not taking shots but, if you saw those wyvern traps around, why you are not making a ticket? and telling others to do that?

    Since you added raid protection I've noticed couple of things, as you may know, raid protections allows you to rebuild and try to get to where you were at before when you get raided (if you request it), so what sense does it make for those who got raided, in that time, to just go and raid other people, and those other people can't raid them for 3 days? sounds a bit silly tbh, and to add up, that they can't get raided on a specific map, just transfer stuff from their main, to the other map that they got their base raided on, and just starting to raid people without the worry of them getting raided again for 3 days.

    And it happened to us with Friendly?? when they had raid protection on for getting raided in the second day gg.

    They griefed our base and ran away, and we couldn't do that to them, because of raid protection, now we can't again cause we ''raided'' them.

    So I'd like to suggest a new rule about adding 3 days cooldown from raiding others also, if you got raided, cause this can be abused in a lot of ways.


    Also asking for raid protection for griefs is dumb.

    at least with gachas you need to feed them if not they will starve, Hexagons you can keep and just go to a million if you even want to, the point is that I didn't talk only about gunpowder or wood or stuff like that, also talked about loot quality you get, compared to extinction, I find loot on genesis more OP.

    Just my opinion, don't rush me with hate ^^

    Official doesn't care about game breaking, Official runs by WC and they will keep opening servers and won't support anything, here it's unofficial, there are reasons some people don't like official.

    In here the owners look closely into anything that can ruin the server's atmosphere or beyond it, to make sure to avoid it, that's why genesis is closed cause they are aware of a lot of problems that can't be dealt with when opening the servers in, not just out.

    In my eyes even if the hype is done, it will be too easy to farm all of the things there with 100+ melee gigas, osd's did enough of damage.

    You will never need to farm anything if you go to genesis. simple as that. like Kat said, if there are settings to make it better, I am up for that one.

    Official PvP and PvE Genesis servers has been open for more than a month now, If it was anything game breaking they would have known by now, I also wish to see Genesis servers open up.