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    So once every 2-3 months people would be able to get an insane amount of OP blueprints for a minimal effort. That's just stupid.

    Stupid are the actual quality loot at the moment on GD...Idk what balance owner try to keep here but a lot of people quit the GD cuz of this.That custom drops with kibble is rubish atm,i wonder after wild card take out this kibbles what will go find here on the beacons? Will be full with that 6 or 8 type of kibbles what wildcard already present to us?hmm....

    Dont worry,thats why i post in the forum so u can see..i dont like to contact admins,but i didnt knew who u are so i tried this way.U didnt grief anyone,u didnt break any rule if u didnt had another base on the map,even u had it no problem now if u deleted one of tham..thanks,but i l be able to tame myself,and i buy from other people who cach for me what i need,i dont want free things,everyone spend time for it so i m not a noobie things for new people who dont know to play..

    Have fun on extinction,if u need anything there tell me,i have base there too.

    Mafia de Recas

    foundation + 3 boxes

    100 metal gates

    coordinates 56/38

    Already i have 3 weeks since they fix my internet and i play daily.I have my base near that swamp and inside your walls spawn the snails and phiomia(they interest me).But i cant build a trap and a lot of bad things spawn there too,tons of dilos and snakes and we dont have the pick with flyer option enable...i tryed to clean but they respwan until i go to the other side...i cant tame anything there.I dont see u to play on central,i mean in 3 weeks u didnt build or show there but u block a large area for nothing...i dont have anything against having a huge base,but is frustrating cuz i cant tame what i want safe...So if u dont play on central please remove your walls,i dont want to botter the admins with a tiket for this.I hope u read this and do something.

    I would like to buy some phiomias max level(224 after tame)

    1 male and at least 6 females (DO NOT NEUTER AND SPYED)

    My discord : Ionut#1038

    If someone interested search me in discord,we talk price there.

    1.every time before exit the game leave your stuffs in a storage box.

    2. nick prob change his steam name and thats why is buggy,will be fine after a while.

    3. Rly sry man,i know how is to lost everyting.

    4.Admin do not refund for lost items.

    we have snow owl and magarma...his name... for speed..just wait the creature transfer from extinction.A mod who increase flyers speed will ruin the breading for tham and everything..its not normal.My opinion.

    Its PVE,should be fun and relaxing...I know not all people have time to stay non-stop in tha game for imprints...

    Many sayd u have the weekends...did u think about those who work saturday until 19:00 pm on the evening? No u dont,not all countries have "free weekeends" from job like many of u have...anyway i dont want to involve pro or con in this subject cuz after all owners decide..

    Now about rex saddle in red drops,i want to remember you in division servers the drop rate is smaller than official servers.The reason is to have more balanced market or something.

    With this oportunity i'd like to now what settings we have for difficulty on pve.

    DifficultyOffset (default 0.2)

    OverrideOfficialDifficulty (default 1.0)

    We have both settings on the servers or the OverrideOfficialDificulty is the only needed one..

    I ask cuz i like haw we encounter many 150 level dinos here..And since i have internet problems i play more singleplayer,i d love to have the same settings like here and i dont know how should be this 2.

    Well Ares correct me if i m wrong but i understood wildcard s+ future will be for a 30 seconds time,option what can be set in the .ini.So teoretical is not like the actual mod we use and we can pick everything when we want..and for example i doubt wildcard will make an option for s+ replicator or transmitter(again correct me if is wrong,but we dont need to beat bosses to make this?)

    Dia Nobody will replace s+ lol, the actual mod is way to intention was about the kibble..Lets hope this update will not mess arround with any mods..this kind of changes usualy get in conflict with some mods.