Testevent: Dino Scan Weekend

Hey ho buddies,

we are thrilled to present the next addition to our servers that might even become a regular. We will test a new event this weekend: The S+ Dino Scan Weekend

You may ask yoursef what thisis? We will activate the on our servers by default disabled option of S+ Tek Transmitters to scan for dinos. You then can get a quick overview of all wild creatures, their level and position on the current map. To do so you just need to open the radial menu of the transmitter (Hold E) and choose "Scan for Dinos".

We will host the event this weekend (March 29th to April 1st) on both our clusters - PvE and PvP - for free and will collect some data that we still need. If the event causes major lags because of the scanning or if it causes a lot of fights over high level dinos in PvE (PvP players can sort that out ingame) we will not host that event again! But if all our players behave in a good manner and there are no technical difficulties we will offer the event as a voting reward similar to the breeding event.

If you don't own an S+ Tek Transmitter yet try to check our marketplace, the transmitter is one of the most sold items in our community.

To improve the event and our cluster even further we will also test a plugin that optimizes the spawn level distribution on Island, Aberration and Extinction so that the wild dino levels are equal to those on Ragnarok and Center and all servers offer the same taming conditions.

Have fun with our new event,

Your Ghost Division Team

    Comments 6

    • You can still track dino's that another player is taming watch out for that

    • is this event on because my tek transmitter isnt showing scan for dino option

    • We are waiting

    • This is a great idea! Can't wait.

      • I take that back. I'd vote against this @ least on a PVE server.

    • Great initiative, love it, we defenetely need more ways of spending GC !