[PvE] Comeback of the century: GhostData returned!

Dear Survivors of the PvE-Cluster,

we are happy to announce the revival of a legend: GhostData is back! After endless fights with configurations, after intensive talks to the initial developer of the Tool, after several problems with our server and after a lot of research work regarding data transfers we finally solved all problems and are able to make GhostData available on an external server that is neither affecting the gameserver's performance nor has a big delay between savegames and GhostData. All the data is available as quick as possible!

To the "newer" players among us: GhostData is a service that prepares and displays a lot of your tribes data once you logged in via Steam. You can see baby imprints, creatures and their food status, the tribelog and much more. Just have a look at it, ot is really handy especially to find lost dinos!

We will also use the tool to clean our servers again (the servers are pretty messed up at the moment), so we need you to update your profiles in GhostData again. I know, it is a bit annoying, but we all will profit from it - and it should be really quick this time due to the new data transfer. A guide on how to update and check your profile is here: [PvE Cluster] How to maintain your timers and not get wiped!

Sadly I cannot announce any news for our PvP players, we are currently considering if we want to activate GhostData for PvP. Such an data collection might have an impact on the gameplay. Feel free to tell us your thoughts regarding this topic, we will read them and include your thoughts into our discussions: GhostData on PvP - Your thoughts

Now have fun and a lot of success while surviving,

Your GhostDivision Team

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