Important PvE & PvP news!

Dear Ghost-Division-Community,

we'll start a cleansing of the PvE cluster in the upcoming week (Jan. 25th).

Please read the tutorial by Gunnsen carefully, so there are no problems with your activitiy timers and nothing gets lost:

[PvE Cluster] How to maintain your timers and not get wiped!

Additionally, we'll move the PvP cluster and host it on new hardware this Friday. The savegame will be copied, so nothing is lost.

We'll have to close the old servers during the early evening to do all that and will also rename them, so everyone can get the new IP.

If you want to create new favorites before they open officially, you can find the upcoming servers under the IP - Island - Center - Extinction - Ragnarok - Aberration

With that change we'll also allow transfer from and to Extinction on the PvP cluster!

It will also be changed (partly) on PvE in the near future.

Have fun,



-Server Owner-