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  • Do you sell some eggs on Aberration Megalosaurus/Spinos? Whats the price if you sellin aand most important can you help out with empty eggs? My dodos dont produce them ;/

    • Yes. I sell megalo eggs 360+ baselvl. Price depends on amount. 36 ghost coins for 5 eggs so you could have a pair for a boss. Just don't sell them afterwards to others.

      Also normal not feritized eggs you will get for free. I have lots of them.

    • Cool let me know when you are online and i would take eggs ;P not fertilized ones and for now i have only 18 gc ;/ how much eggs i can afford for 18gc? Tommorow i will have 27 gc. Let me know. We can meet on serv tommorow?

    • Hello i got 27 GC and how much you can sell me Megalos Eggs? Looking forward to get also not feritized eggs. Just give me your cords and i will get there :)

    • Sorry for spam your online? :) Can we make trade now on abe?