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    Ah well if the max quality is 5, that perfectly explains why people are claiming to only see crap BP's. Even Quality 10 is "only" ca 90%~ chance of being ascendant, Quality 5 I think has maybe 5%~ of being ascendant.

    Personally, I wouldn't see how a single source of -one- possibly ascendant BP, that also can't be hyperfarmed (Unlike Ice Queen or Lava Golem that only has their 30 min CD), would ruin the balance, but eh, that's me.

    Now, I don't play on GD anymore, but I'm here, lurking. I'd just like to offer my two cents.

    Firstly, the "lack of endgame content" could -perhaps- be solved by adding some form of build mod? I am aware the mod list is already heavy for lower end computers, but for a PvE Cluster, this would most likely give incentive to more farming, fancier bases, all that. People would have things to do.

    Secondly, the BP "Issue"... Would it perhaps be possible to make say, Rag Alpha bosses (Afaik the hardest boss, correct me if I'm wrong) have a guaranteed chance to drop -one- Quality 10 BP? Quality 10 isn't guaranteed ascendant, and even though the boss is farmable by endgame players, it would still require time and effort to gather the required artifacts/trophies, and I'd say for a single BP, that's some hard work necessary.

    There, two cents.

    Oh? Maybe it's different for sea creatures then. Last I checked, Alpha Raptors and Carnos, that are carryable by Argies/Wyv/Quetzes, cannot be carried even if carrying is enabled.

    My favorite in -ARK-, is probably my beloved tickle chickens, aka Therizinos. Not only are they great gatherers for -most- materials, they're also IMO quite cute, and very strong fighters. (I dare you to fight off rexes while farming berries on your trike). Also, they have an animation where they literally lean down and tickle someone.

    It's time to Call-A-Ban for that update we never got. Because I agree with Leyren here. Either there is a rule specifically against it, or the people who can't handle friendly competition for items that aren't even theirs yet should have clarified that it's not infact theirs until they have it in their pocket, so these sort of posts can stop appearing.

    There was briefly a rule about not being allowed for contend for drops, but said rule was -removed- due to the fact that just because you happen to be sitting by the drop, doesn't mean you're entitled to the contents of the drop.

    I'll still say taking a drop that you are obviously uploading from is a douche move, but taking the contents from a drop just because you were sat by it, is according to -some- admins, not a bannable offense. This has been up for discussion a multitude of times. IMHO, it's simple.

    It's not yours, until it's in your inventory. (And you are technically making it up. The "Rule" that drops belong to whoever park by them, was removed the day after it came into existance.) As for what Kat says... IDEK. Seems even the Admins/Owners can't decide on this one.

    I mean, the Center has far more bugs than SE, in general... But the Center is also about twice as big, which I think is a partially determining factor.

    Personally, I was never a huge fan of SE after the initial hypetrain left the station, with how it's simply not, in my opinion, player friendly. Sure, Abby got all this shit that wants to eat you, but on SE you will die simply from spawning in the wrong place, or going outside at the wrong time. I also am not fond of how some resources that are a nigh necessity; Oil, Water, as two prime examples, are as scarce as they are.

    Since I can't find the old thread, sue me, here it is! The new, Improved (not really), -

    Lost and Found!

    (Now with color)

    Starting with:


    One Fire Wyvern, lvl 201. He listens to "Magma" and is owned by "The Nation"!

    Found a Dino that looks lost?! Think he wants to go home?
    Post him or her in Green! List it's species, it's level, name and owner, together with an approximate location, a map screenshot, or a GPS!

    Lost your favorite best friend? Maybe you starved, or were killed, or even took an accidental skydive and forgot your parachute!

    Fret not! Put up an ad for your lost companion in Red, and approximate record of where he or she may wait eagerly for your return, maybe someone else has caught the trail!