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    Kurz nach Beginn des Events habe ich einige Knochen gefunden, aber seit etwa 10 Tagen nicht mehr. Laut Patch Notes gab es auch einen Bug, welcher zum Verschwinden der Knochen beim Neustart führen konnte. Vielleicht haben die Admins dann das Event deaktiviert...

    Thanks a lot for the answers.

    I'll probably never get to the transmitter tier again. But actually Ragnarok is a big and nice map to stay on, so it's ok for me for the time beeing.

    I hate to be annoying.

    But I'd appreciate some sort of answer from an admin or owner if this is a bug or on purpose, if nobody else feels the urge to answer.

    I reinstalled (downloaded everything again, and that's about 2 to 3 hours with 100 MBit/s) about a month ago.

    So, is there a possibility that it is only my (and a few others) problem, or is it a general problem?

    I built my base near the red obelisk to use it and to be able to transfer somewhere else....

    Greetings, happy dino day, and whatever triggers an answer


    I can't access the red obelisk on Ragnarok PVE.

    No message like "Press E to open terminal" appears when i'm near the terminal, and spamming E doesn't help either. I have not tried green and blue obis yet.

    Some people in chat confirmed that the red obi doesn't work for them.

    Does it work for anybody?

    Any ideas?

    , da ich die grundsätzliche Zähmtaktik kenne.

    Hey Bossmob, danke für die Beschreibung. Habe aber auch schon 3 Reaper gezähmt. :) (mich befruchten lassen...)

    Die Beschreibung von Dagros:

    "....wie man sich in 3 Minuten und mit einer 100% Erfolgschance von einer Reaperqueen befruchten lässt! Sogar ganz ohne Schild, Käfig, oder bugusing!..."

    hat sich halt irgendwie nach einer davon etwas abweichenden Taktik angehört. Zudem, wie gesagt, bin ich mir nicht sicher ob ein Level 290 Rockdrake mit schlechtem Sattel den Kampf so lange aushält, auch mit Lichttier...


    da ich beim letzten Reaper Tame level 500 Rock Drakes hatte, und dies nun nicht mehr möglich ist, wollte ich fragen ob du in ein paar Sätzen die Taktik zum Zähmen erläutern könntest. Ganz kurz reicht, da ich die grundsätzliche Zähmtaktik kenne.

    Ich denke zwar, dass ich nicht nochmal auf Abberation anfangen werde, aber interessieren würde es mich doch

    I was very sad about the wipe because I spent a lot of time to breed dinos, which I lost.

    Now that I have some new dinos to breed, it's becoming fun again. Settings seemed grindy at first, but I adjusted.

    So, I think I like it how it is now.

    PS: If there still is a plan to make the old savegames downloadable somehow at some point, I would still really appreciate that. Those breeding lines would be really nice to revisit in a singleplayer game. (Although I don't know if that works, I just remember reading something about playing multiplayer maps in singleplayer some months ago...)

    Hmmm. You seem to know about the utilized browser. Is there also a browser history analysis with the help of cookies, like facebook spy tek?

    Well, he's not the one accusing other people and talking shit because he can't accept changes... Don't be childish please.

    That's high quality communication. So, i'm outa here.

    To clarify:

    I feel like dardarim described one page ago.

    I started over on Ragnarok yesterday because Scorched Earth isn't online yet.

    It felt grindy. And i missed my bred dinos.

    We never intended to wipe the servers. However we have sadly noticed that the amount of long term players shrinked to a small number, with most of the players being completely new and received several complaints from the remaining long term player about different ascpects being too easy and boring in the long run.

    So we basically could ahve continued as it was just to see the servers falling apart and getting deserted, which obviously is a no go with these costs or we could wipe and rework the concept to save the server.

    From what i've read, the complaints came from one guy who played on the cluster for a maximum of two months. He bought / got gifted all his dinos, and problably joined other bossfights. So, he was maxed out in that time, couldn't think of anything creative to do, and started to complain about everything beeing boring.

    On the other hand, there were a bunch of people who played on the cluster for a very long time, and they were not bored - and so they didn't complain.

    I still am disappointed about how thinks worked out now, but i respect the decision.

    BUT, please don't tell people that the only few longtime players were bored and wanted a wipe. And, btw, i don't see how the actual settings provide more longtime fun. It's all a lot more grind and so it takes longer. But there is no change about the endgame.

    Thanks for the answer, Kogadins.

    One more question: Would it be possible for you to share the savegames so i can try to import it into a singleplayer game?

    Btw, I've played over 2000 hours on this cluster (with a break). But about 1000 hours will be lost here, and to be able to continue some stuff in singleplayer would be nice, and wouldn't make it feel like a complete waste of time (at least the breeding, because breeding isn't sooo much fun...)

    Hello Kogadins,

    i appreciate very much that you took option two. This will become a very long thread again, with lots of opinions.

    As a longtime player who worked quite a long time and very hard to get most tek-engrams solo and to breed most of the dinos solo, i'm mostly worried about my engrams and my breds.

    So, the question, will they remain?

    The rest will be a welcome surprise to me i guess.

    With kind regards,


    just sell him the greenhouse walls and take the money (ghostcoins).

    that's how business works today. the mc donalds salesperson doesn't tell people that the burger is a piece of crap

    Yes what this man said you have to play PvE aberration alot and use it as main to understand how it is!

    I've got about 500 hours on this PVE Abberation Server. I always ask for a flying Rex with laser eyes, but noone gives me that.

    Well, seriously, in my opinion the only reasons for a teleporter would be

    - transporting Megalos, Spinos and red gems from red to green area or vice versa

    - transporting your dinos from low ground to high ground or vice versa

    And you can already do that by walking. It just takes a little more time. Also you can fly with rock drakes and transport dinos with crabs.

    It's just a comfort feature, and it's not really necessary.

    The 10x material gathering, and some OP mods like steampunk lead to some sort of gigantism and lazyness. And sometimes, one forgets to play the game as it's meant to be played. The idea was to include challenges like pathfinding or dealing with dangers like the nameless to give people the feeling that it's a survival game and not a sandbox building game with dinos.