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    I don't mind not having precise co-ordinates, I like it the way that it is, makes it a challenge, I mean something like a command e.g ''/shiny'' just to prompt the pop up to see if there is a shiny/ alive/ dead/ tamed. I'd be more than happy with that.

    Just have an option to see if there is a way to find out if there is a shiny in the server when i log on would be good enough for me. Even if a separate page in Discord stating what it is, on what map dead/tamed/roaming. I understand that's extra effort on your part so I understand if you's don't want to, just throwing ideas out. It's a great pass time as building is very tedious to me, I make my base and then i'm not very interested in making it bigger unless I absolutely have to.

    Honestly this could be denied and I wouldn't complain.

    I'd be all about this, I've recently enjoyed hunting shinys, out of the 2 that I have hunted I only managed to find one (I'm pretty damned sure the indigo carno spawned in the Tek cave after 5 hours of searching then a further 3 hours when I got back home) I like the idea of the in-game command or the ghost data page as when I log on it can take FOREVER for a pop up, or at least for me to notice a pop up. I play solo and just getting on course with breeding, I have most of the artifacts and a hunt to keep me busy whilst they ''cool down'' is enjoyable, especially if I find them. Beyond hunting shinies, boredom kicks in as there isn't much else to do whilst I build up to boss fights.