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    Hi, is so frustrating doing red loots so many times and find only gallimimus saddle or random resources, i undertstand server is plenty of people and normal drop quality will make people reach best stuff easy and this can be a a problem for the server, but also is so boring checking all drops and loots and not finding anything valuable, i suggest put loot quality back to normal or just increase it a bit and put a limit on BPs, i mean if you find a rex saddle bp or a shotgun bp you can craft only 5 or 10 of them and the bp will be destroyed, this way you allow players to progress in game and do some bossfight...

    i saw that in some previous servers and was awesome, you just press /farm and ur doedicurus/anky keep attack without someone riding it, so you can easy farm alone metal or stone with argy/anky

    what about adding it on this server?