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    The issue with this and similar plugins is that they break battlemetrics, which is one of essential tools for GD :igelcry:

    You wanna expand on this? How exactly do they break battlemetrics? I've seen plenty of servers that have run similar plugins, and even adminned on one with no battlemetrics issues.

    It absolutely has NOT been fixed, it doesn't work on any map. It's just that it generates a ton of eggs and Test hasn't gone through the amount that was already built up. Vivarium is still broken and waiting on an update from N+ mod author to fix.

    Before everyone goes throwing away coins, make sure you get info on the actual event. Last time Genesis 2 didn't get it, and there was no mention of Gen 2 not getting it until after everyone had already spent their points. At least one person, maybe more spent points while only having stuff on Gen 2, so it was a complete waste.

    I think enabling auto trapping will primarily promote afk breed towers more. I like that challenging aspect Ghost adds to pve with the selective disables so im pretty on board with maintaining that. I know it sucks with gestation to have to catch the babies yourself and makes maxing out dinos take longer...but its a no-wipe server so ya kinda dont wanna rush things in the beginning

    Then why do we have the hatchery? That also just promotes afk breed towers. You just have your egg layers sitting out dropping eggs all the time when you're not on. All auto trap does is allow the exact same thing for gestaters as well. I don't see why we have one but not the other.

    Theres No need to trap anymore with The incubator. Just crack bad eggs in it. And im sure its not Hard work when u need to trap The one Dino with a mutation.

    You're not accounting for gestaters though. Shadowmanes, Ferox, Mosasaurs....things like that can't be dealt with using the incubator. Given we have the hatchery for catching/incubating eggs all the time, and the incubator for lowering times and hatching, I can't think of a reason not to have auto trap. It's not going to be game breaking. It's essentially the same thing as a hatchery which the server doesn't seem to have a problem with.

    oh it's easy as hell. literally all it would take is a single line change and server restart to put it in, and another to put it back. It's as simple as changing a 0 to a 1....or however N+ does true/false for their items.

    Honestly though, I don't care much one way or another if Gen 2 isn't even going to get the event. People who main there are just kinda road side trash at this point, it's like we don't exist :(

    Alright, I know typically we don't run/like the nanny, but if the imprints are such a big hassle with this event, why not just temporarily have the nanny enable for the event, because then we can be sure to get full imprint on everything and it's not as big of a deal.

    And side note, maybe we could get that event on Genesis 2 as well? >.>


    This. Exactly this! The dropsystem on gen2 is just giving away so much stuff... wich was made harder on the normal cluster for a reason. The economy will go to hell when it opens without proper consideration...

    Pretty sure they meant as in a lot of people joined the cluster and are maining Gen 2. Which means that all their belongings are on Gen 2, and they have little to nothing on the main cluster. There's several groups like that, and I know my tribe is one of them. We started maybe the day before Gen 2 launched. We've been playing Gen 2, and it just feels pointless to be building up from scratch on two different clusters at the same time.

    As for the "so much stuff" ....oh well? None of it is really all that broken. Desert Drops have always had crazy loot, and there's still OSDs. The only thing Gen 2 really offers that's much better than other maps is Element. Which cannot even be transferred to other maps anyways. People are worried about cloning and whatever but honestly...Extinction exists. Gen 1 exists. Crystal Isles exists. Element isn't that hard to get and hasn't been for a while now. Nothing from Gen 2 will break the economy, the economy will just change. People will want different things, but they'll still be trading for stuff. Even Mutagen/Mutagel which people have tried to make a big deal of, isn't that game breaking. It still requires you to tame hunt. You'll still have to find that high melee giga, or the hp/melee theris, or whatever. Even though it boosts 4 different stats, that won't make a difference either. Besides your first 10 tames on a new cluster, how often have you ever found both Health AND Melee on a single rex? You're still going to have to go out and find your high stat tames, they can just be a little better is all.

    TLDR; Genesis 2 is nowhere near as bad as people are saying. The new map has already out half as long as the main cluster. It's past time to just merge already and let people enjoy a full cluster.

    Ours are showing, and always have. Are you using N+ troughs? That may or may not make a difference, I don't know. We're using N+ Tek Troughs though, and they definitely show up.

    There is. At the top of the forums, if you click on Info, then go down to the GhostData. Once you log in there you go to 'View My Profile' select the server, and hit the 'Disconnect' Button on the right. You might not even have to select the server, I'm not sure on that, I do it anyways.

    According to the resource map on the wiki, here are all the oil veins. However, there's no gas veins listed and I don't think they exist, I haven't seen any either. Gas seems to come from drops and the big yellow gas plants like in the swamp from Genesis 1.

    Oil Veins for Genesis 2

    -204005 -252534 1611 -78.85 -39.02

    -215133 -173030 -24153 42.89 -45.45

    -375692 -182791 -13317 160.47 -59.55

    -532903 -183486 -13457 -65.91 -53.64 (this one is hidden underneath a breakable rock)

    -536455 -186294 -13606 158.62 -46.90

    -580951 63540 -5148 106.03 -21.20

    -424748 42608 -5250 -72.89 -38.87

    -386937 46554 -10706 34.74 -40.84

    -382542 45131 -10628 -29.99 -36.70

    -300460 63030 -10588 -161.55 -46.67

    -312234 112000 -3842 -129.86 -36.29

    -307441 108680 -3624 -131.44 -22.71

    -311937 105538 -3622 -155.91 -53.38

    -164292 53784 -12383 -33.88 -25.54

    -152859 62145 -10269 -4.01 -14.63 (hidden under a breakable tree)

    -152289 174010 -13736 -160.22 -55.22

    -233510 160105 -9667 -96.13 -6.78

    -221991 220076 -13623 103.56 -16.29

    -407008 323127 5241 69.14 -12.45

    -412927 334069 3739 -17.67 3.94

    Thx for the Help! All are replaced/placed. Greetings Mschmidi