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    With the server costs they have shown i would not recommend trying to take over their deal they most likely host at some game server renting services. Depending on your location you can start up your own server farm and connection with that kind of money. Meaning you own that stuff rather than paying ~5000€ per year to rent it (which is either a astronomically rip off, wrong hardware beeing rented or plain false information).

    1000/500mbit in germany is around ~1500€ per year and plentyful to host as many game servers as you can imagine, take the remaining 3500€ to start up your 4 server pvp cluster for the first year. If you go for the renting route DO NOT rent game servers but rather setup your own, be sure to rent a system with SSDs (game servers tend to lag while saving and ark seems to set an example at sucking at this).

    That beeing said, managing a cluster is much more expensive in terms of time rather than money. The hidden costs of Ghost Division easily outnumber anything shown to a full order of magnitude. Good luck finding 10+ people sinking their life into this without getting anything in return other than flaming kids and delusional maniacs in your forum telling you how shitty you run your project. :evil:

    They are banned, they can't be repeating offenders :)

    Gone is gone.

    Sweet summer child.

    Banning your playerbase should always be a last resort, in the best case this person does not come back. There are much worse options and i won't go over them to not lead people on the wrong path. From what i have read on the forums you enticed some to go down that road.

    Did you even read though?

    If so i pray to gaben that this was not the gist you got out of my post.

    1. ORP abuse = Warning + temp ban

    2. ORP abuse = ban

    A ban often serves no educational value. Most people lack knowledge, not morals. Those who do lack moral, often are repeating offenders.

    Now lets establish the reasons people are combat logging on purpose in the first place, no matter if they know about the consequences or not. Most combat loggings are according to my experience a mix of the following:

    - Frustration

    I think the biggest factor for people to log off is the experiencing of loss. Apart from getting PKed on D2 hardcore i have yet to experience a bigger feeling of loss and helpfulness in a multiplayer game. For many people, in particular younger ones, a raid in ark has a good chance of beeing the biggest loss they so far encountered in their life (feel free to educate me about this topic).

    A termination of the game SEEMS like the only viable option to end this feeling and start to cope with. Alt+F4 becomes a protecting mechanism like looking away/closing your eyes/turning on music when horror unfolds in real life.

    - Harm/punish the attacker

    Combat logging currently denies the main reward of a raid to the attacking tribe. And thats a big positive feeling you get out of it. Not only did you deny all the immediate loot, but every day you can rest assured that the attacker will painly watch your demolish timer go down because you aint coming back (for now anyway). They "wasted" all their time for nothing, that will show them!

    - Save what is left

    A warning for keeping 500k mats, hundreds of eggs, bloodlines, unharmed dinos, ammunition, got yourself a deal sir. Now excuse me while i write my future bestselling book "The Ark of the Deal".

    Apart from getting what seems to be the "best trade deal in history, maybe ever" those people will continue their agenda by stripping support members of their free time trying to bullshit their way out of punishment. Now this example is a bit over the top for 95% of actual cases. While most people combat log are most likely trying to preserve their stone house and their shitty bps (any numbers on that support team?) which wont ever get looted by a raiding tribe anyway we need to evaluate worth according to the logging player, not the raiding tribe. They think they are saving something because they never experienced endgame. Like a fresh d2 player stashing chipped gems.

    So after we got the 3 main reasons for someone to log off (again, feel free to correct me) lets see if the current system in place tackles those.

    - Frustration

    "You have been banned"...Nope.

    - Harm/punish the attacker

    Nope, still got those guys good.

    - Save what is left

    Well, kinda i guess? I don't know the exact procedure of punishment for the whole tribe. Depending on the players economic status buying a new ark license is a minor setback compared to losing hours of playtime.

    Now the result of the punishment gets much worse than failing to have educational value. You just got rid of a player using your service, maybe even a whole group of players. At the same time the attacking tribe is also left with a negative outcome.

    The current system handles this situation in a way that makes all three parties suffer. The attacker, the defendant and GD support staff.

    So away with the harsh criticism and lets establish a set of goals we actually want to achieve with our punishment:

    - Educating the community
    Creating a "combat logging is never worth it" mindset within the server population and the global chat is mandatory. Just like people warning others of foul language you want players to spread the message why combat logging is never feasible. Teach ark players ways to deal with raids instead of avoiding them alltogether by breaking the rules, a big sign in their raided base can go a long way when they log back in.

    - Keep the customer

    Banning your playerbase should always be a last resort, in the best case this person does not come back. There are much worse options and i won't go over them to not lead people on the wrong path. From what i have read on the forums you enticed some to go down that road.

    But lets not forget about the two other parties involved. We want create a good outcome for the attacking tribe and the supporter handling the case too. For the supporter this can be done with less work and more hedgehog smileys :igellove:, while the attacking tribe should get the reward they intended with the raid anyway...a feeling of accomplishment and of course, ingame stuff.

    - Push the agenda of this project

    Growth and a stable population is a problem any game server faces and this can be tracked back to the quality of your service. Enticing fair play should be a number one priority in keeping any game server alive. While there are other parts to a successful project like keeping the staff sane, you want to better your brand and become the best service in your niche. "Oh, i know a server in ark." is what you want people to tell their friends and not "Oh, i know a server in ark that i got banned from for totally unjustified reasons."

    So now that we roughly looked at this whole issue lets work together and find a solution that can be implemented right now, and one that should be the ulitmate goal.

    Im pretty sure technology is not there YET. All of my punishments and further educational goals can be completely automated into a single command for the supporter. My guess ist that the main problem from creating set automations is the way ark servers handle data and backups. I could fit all those things into a single query, but it is not simple as that right?

    Instead of evaluating how the current system, toolset and developer team can succeed and solve a problem you might want to consider evaluating what new ressources you can actually tap in. Now this a hard topic for me because i wanted to get involved with the project in the past and kinda not called back. While there are reasons for this (mainly the involuntary deconstruction of my personal and working life) i don't want to make up excuses now. My point is that you should grasp every help you can. Get to know your community, be transparent about what you do and what your goals are in the future. Ask for help coding, ask for help hosting, ask for help creating and improving your content. From developing tools for the ark dev community (monetized or not) to rewriting your rulesets, restructuring your forums, and creating cool server events that stand out in the vast space of treasure hunts and spawning bosses somewhe (no offense, you can only do so much without automation and an event server ready to fire up on command and free to manipulate and corrupt).

    I really want to help you with all those things, and while i need to sort out my own shattered life right now im easy to get hooked on a two hour writeup for one of my favorite projects. There sure are more out there.

    This kinda went off topic, maybe i should create a different thread for this. :/

    1. ORP should immediately kick in, no timer.

    2. Logging off (combat logging) during Raid is forbidden, a raid is started when a tribe log message is generated informing the defendant tribe or the attackers announce their raid in global chat.

    3. Combat logging has the following punishments:

    - All ressources of the tribe will get transfered to a vault of the attackers choosing (vault name(s) must be provided in the ticket).

    - Every 10th tribe structure will be destroyed at random, a minimum of 100. Further destruction applies according to ark building rules.

    - Every 4th tribe tame will be killed at random, a minimum of 10.

    - All players belonging to the tribe recieve a 50% total player xp penalty, reseting their level and stat points.

    - All players belonging to the tribe and in particular the last player logging of will be punished according to their current standing with Ghost Division.

    You can tweak the numbers, ascended players might need a different punishment than xp penalty. You might need a custom system to track tribe membership through multiple save game files.

    Is technology there yet?

    Prefer eggs rather than adults.

    Prefer paying in materials, can offer anything but silicia perls. (Ghost coins requests also work)

    You can pm me the stats of your bloodline and name a price or wait for my offer. Don't pm me with "they are lvl xxx", either provide me with accurate details that let me calculate base points spend or give me the most important stats.

    Combat logging should be counted as surrender, resulting in the freezing of all tribe structures, unlocking them and letting the attackers loot while defenders get a warning for their behaviour. If the state of the base was changed, all Tribe structures should be reverted back to the state the ORP violation happened, deleting any change made to tribe/player structures. Trying to abuse this System should result in a ban.

    Supporters reading this are thinking "uff..." and you are right, technology isn't there yet. But seeing what Ghost Data showcases and knowing how ark savegames work, this will not be impossible forever.

    Kicking and then inviting more than x people in less than y time before z happens should be considered as pvp rule when we have a cap in tribe members.

    If it was introduced it limits people having 2 characters for purposes like crafting etc.

    The limit you are speaking of is only in your mind my friend. Crafting chars can be used without increasing the tribe cap. While both methods i can think of have downsides, both are negated by having a big tribe.

    Login worked fine on my computer, getting "No data could be loaded for the given steam id." now but i guess thats just until the next data dump.

    Is viewing/notifications on running out ORP timers a planned feature?

    Do you extract all the information from the last savegame or an extra dump/feed by the server?

    EDIT: still "No data could be loaded for the given steam id." Is it working for anyone at all? If so i have a good guess why it is not working for my particular case. :saint:

    Can someone with a decent understanding of the actual meta make a list of BPs roughly ordered by importance?

    What about lowering the PVP max reward to mastercraft? Can mastercraft BPs still spawn with maximum amor/damage values?

    Any opinions from actual full tek, full breed alphas regarding the reward and its assumed brokeness/rareness? Nobody so far plainly disagreed with my concerns (aside from the whole discussion about how i expressed myself and what should be part of a forum conversation). The nerf to soaker saddles actually limits the harm done by those saddle bps by a lot, right?

    If I like the change and post it thats up to me you can't tell me not to express how I feel about the changes I don't have to write down a entire paragraph of opinions to express that I like or dislike it.

    Well if you dislike something, yes please do. Try to convince us why you dislike changes and explain to us what we fail to see.

    If you agree with OP just stay silent, we had a like button for agreement back then but its gone without replacement now i guess. Either way, even if this decision was made via democratic vote, we can do this in the end. Please give me room to express my concern and dont make my voice vanish between pointless affirmation.

    It sure is partially my fault because i did not make it clear i was talking about PVP only. I agree this is a perfectly fine voting reward for PVE. (Flamethrowers for everyone!)

    EDIT: If i wrote in german, i would be a lot better at not sounding condescending or arrogant. It sometimes is hard to find balance between proper english and using words in wrong context. Just give me a little slack and don't assume im just here to vent my rage. I am roughly even playing and my whole concern goes to the longlivety of this project. Lets forget about my wrongdoings for now and try to figure out proper PVP rewards for voting and also if PVP/PVE rewards should compete with each other.

    Like momo I'm a PvE player, and I like the changes. Tho I'm still interested for what we'll be able to use GC in the future.

    That was unnecessary, just makes you seem like a person who can't accept different opinions.

    Opinions? You mistake a like button translated to text with the option to voice your opinion. I admit i was a little heated while writing it because it is so obviously not thought through. Like Kogadins had a showerthought and the whole team just nodded their head. (Yeah no need to pin me on that, and no need to explain to me how valuable the team is, I know.)

    Now if you want to contribute to the discussion, sure go ahead. I will listen and take my time to understand and evaluate you contribution. If you want +1 please refrain from doing so in text and taking the actual discussion to the abyss with it.

    As with every topic, officials feel less need to explain or discuss their decision if enough bloat and spam make voices unheard.

    Hate to be that guy, sorry.

    "Ascendant blueprint of your choice."

    This is way to op. Either exclude certain BPs, announce them yourself beforehand or think of some other kind of reward. Like a set of different ascendant items. Handing out unlimited crafted 170+ armor saddles for Golems Stegos etc to alpha tribes is just completely broken balance wise. BPs differ greatly in value and to get something you actually want is extremely rare. You are basically handing out a hundred to a thousand red nodes to the winner every month and alpha tribes with the means will abuse this system with automation and numbers.

    Don't get me wrong, I really would enjoy running around with 400%+ ascendent flamethrowers without having to fear loss and I might happily run my scripts to abuse any timezone loophole in existence to get the maximum possible amount of coins every month. It is just not favorable to give out these kind of things.

    We already have/had a really big unspoken problem with the Ghost Coin dino breeds having unrealistic high hp/melee rolls, because you basically got 10-20x perfect tames instead of 1x and we all looked away because we profited of this system ourselves. Without removing the human factor in these reward systems I dont see those problems going away either so maybe its time we start to talk about them and think of something more balanced and not heavily favoring alphas.

    If you are reading this and thinking it is not that bad you are most likely one of the people who never cloned ghost coin Golems (with 301 unspent levels available after cloning) for 100 something element only to now be able to equip a 170+ armor saddle each. And you can basically reach this stage after a month now.

    Now go spam away your "lol, like :love: great support omg best server" messages and mess up this topic so the team can silently ignore everything i just said and has to wipe up the ticket tears when your 40tame 1turret base gets rekt by bored alphas stomping through your shit with 550 armor flak and 415% weapons.


    EDIT: i hate having to be this guy everytime, but somebody gotta do it.

    I can relate to you because i felt the same when Scorched Earth PVP closed, even though i was able to transfer my stuff to the cluster beforehand the shutdown made me stop playing Ark for half a year (resulting in losing all anyway). I recently started again, but i am still having the pain of not beeing able to revisit my old base. See the beautiful SE superheat sunrise once more.

    If you are lucky, they will release the savegames of the PVE cluster and allow you to relive the old days once in a while. Its an important part to get closure and continue playing the game in my opinion. It is like having your old skyrim character saves still around even if you started new with different mods and you probably wont make the sync happen anyway...but knowing it is still there is important.

    In my opinion the Ghost Division savegames are of no worth compared to the team and support itself. Even if someone was to copy a savegame to make a public server, we all know what it would look like one month from now.

    You kinda promised me Koga, give me my SE backup :P