Dear Ghost Division Community,

    It is time again for another screenshot contest. The theme of this contest will be Abberration. We encourage everyone to send in their best and most amazing Abberation themed screenshots.
    We will look at the likes on the posts so that is a good way to influence our decision.

    Everyone in out Ghost Division Community is allowed to submit ONE screenshot.

    The screenshot must be Abberation themed.

    You may only submit screenshots of your own creatures and buildings.

    The screenshots must be taken on our Servers.

    Each screenshot has to be its own post in this thread and has to contain only the screenshot and a quick Headline for it.

    It is not allowed to edit a post you previously made. Edited posts will be disqualified.

    The contest ends January 15th at 0 UTC.

    We may use everything for advertising purposes!


    First Place: Level 100 Voidwyvern + 25 Ghost Coins

    Second Place: 2 Dino recolor Tokens + 20 Ghost Coins

    Third Place: 1 Dino recolor Token + 10 Ghost Coins

    For question please use the Eventchannel in the Discord!

    Your Event Team