I just heard form the oil baron and he was very happy from what he saw. everyone who competed was amazing and it was a lot of fun.

    he would like to congratulate Jelly form Tribe of jelly with winning first place

    and he would like to congratulate Narco nerds with winning second place.

    The oil baron and the event team would also like to thank everyone who participated and came to see the carnage that went on. Everyone who has won and/or participated can make a ticket and then the admins will make sure you will get your rewards.

    Your event team.

    Here a short update how everything will go tomorrow.
    the event will start at 8 Pm Cet. people will be able to transfer in to the event server from all the maps. you can take items and Dion’s with you but note that anything you bring to the event server you cannot bring back to the regular cluster. you can also not bring anything from genesis 2. if any of the contestants are form genesis 2 please let me know on discord(hugu#6466) then we will make sure you can still join in on the event.

    The rewards will be as follows:

    1st place will get an Ascendent Blueprint of choice *

    2nd place will get a Mastercraft Blueprint of choice *

    All participants will receive a bag of goodies

    You can now also see the Tournament bracket. This will show all the matches in the first round of the fight.
    If you have any questions regarding this event please message me on discord(hugu#6466)
    We cant wait to see all the amazing dodo’s everyone will bring.

    your event team.

    Since the restart of all the arks the oil baron has been watching everyone making great progress. He is watching with great interest in all the creatures survivors have been taming and breeding. Now he has issued a challenge. He wants everyone to tame and breed the most ferocious creature in of the arks: The Dodo. He wants to see the best of the best dodo’s go against each other in an epic annihilation tournament. We, on behalf of the oil baron, challenge everyone to tame and breed the best dodo’s you can find so we can let them battle to the end.

    The fights will be 5 versus 5. We recommend to bring extra dodo’s so even if one dodo dies you will still have 5 dodo’s for the next round. If you win a fight you will pass to the next round of fights. If you lose you will not take part in any more fights. The winner will get a price later to be revealed. Everyone contending will get a participation reward.

    how it works:

    you will have the possibility to enlist until the 17th of June 2021

    on the 18th of June we will announce the schedule of the fights.

    on the 19th of June the fights will be held at

    We allow only one team for each tribe.

    You can enlist by sending me a dm on discord(hugu#6466) where you tell me your tribe name, your player name and the names of any other tribe members who are joining)

    If you don’t want to take part but just want to come along and watch the carnage you are of course welcome to do so.

    We hope to see you all there,
    Your Event Team.

    Dear Ghost Division Community,

    It is time again for another screenshot contest. The theme of this contest will be Abberration. We encourage everyone to send in their best and most amazing Abberation themed screenshots.
    We will look at the likes on the posts so that is a good way to influence our decision.

    Everyone in out Ghost Division Community is allowed to submit ONE screenshot.

    The screenshot must be Abberation themed.

    You may only submit screenshots of your own creatures and buildings.

    The screenshots must be taken on our Servers.

    Each screenshot has to be its own post in this thread and has to contain only the screenshot and a quick Headline for it.

    It is not allowed to edit a post you previously made. Edited posts will be disqualified.

    The contest ends January 15th at 0 UTC.

    We may use everything for advertising purposes!


    First Place: Level 100 Voidwyvern + 25 Ghost Coins

    Second Place: 2 Dino recolor Tokens + 20 Ghost Coins

    Third Place: 1 Dino recolor Token + 10 Ghost Coins

    For question please use the Eventchannel in the Discord!

    Your Event Team