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    Yes, if your at cap the newborn will vanish.

    Lost alot of babies this way before i realized ^^

    Only tip I have for you is to hatch the babies a few at the time and imprint them and soul trap them. Then hatch some more and so on.

    Haven´t tried taming a dino when im at cap. So have no idea what happends there.

    You can have 50 dinos outside of soul traps, and 1000 dinos inside soul traps per map. There is no way anyone uses more then 50 dinos at once. Only reason I see whould be breeding. If you have 40 gachas and 10 snails you wont even have to leave your base on a dino to farm xD

    Unless your breeding alot I don´t see any reason to make the cap higher.

    well considering you can soul trap and finish the imprint later its not hard to get 100% imprint anyway so don´t really see why the Nanny can´t be a quality of life thing xD I just find it frustrating to have a time to keep, always ends up with standing afk 10 min waiting for imprint or miss the timer with 10 min and getting all stressed up ^^ might just be me but I whould love to have the Nanny back. She can take some of the stress away from raising all the babies ^^

    Let´s say that you only can play for a few hours a day cause of work and so on, it takes almost a week to get a giga with 100% imprint.

    I vote for enable the Nanny :)

    Transfer tool works just as fine, don´t see any need for another mod. I play mostly solo and when I farm i just use an argy and fly the anky to where I wanna farm. then I use the whip to get it around the nodes. Ofc it´s faster with a tribe m8 but I only save a few minutes with a tribe m8 =/