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    The Homepage is a bit outdated. I see many new players on the servers, maybe it would be easier for them if everything is up-to-date.

    In "Item Stat Clamp" the items from genesis and crystal isles are missing.
    "Blocked Engrams" are outdated - PVP is even still there.

    And maybe add some more FAQ with just links to the guides from Kat to better find them.

    btw: Leusele is listed under honorary members and admins.

    Thought the same.
    If we get this mod and it works as intended, we don't need the Crafting Skill Potion.

    This mod adds even more quality, because it's not only for crafting. It's tested better - 460k subscribers compared to 6k from the potion - and the publisher is the same as "Awesome Spyglass!", we already have on our server.

    Downside is it's larger and not updated since 08/2020 and someone has to test it if it does unlock hidden engrams.

    Good idea but wrong topic!

    Here the topic is the Crafting Skill Potion. Which has, in my opinion, nothing to do with element transfer!
    I want to craft my saddles and armors and dont have to join every map and relearn every engram.

    For me it's not the dust. I'm not using Gachas at the moment.

    I just want to craft some Armor or Saddles from time to time. Right now I have to make a list what to craft and wait and wait and wait to have an reassonable amount of things to craft because it's such an effort to relearn all engrams and going to each map and learn there.

    For me it would be really big impact in my gameplay, because I can craft the things I want immediately and don't have to make a list.

    Sure for somebody with alternate accounts and crafting characters this is useless, but for the "non-hardcore" solo players this would be awesome.

    But I have never tested how many points in crafting still make sense and if there is a theoretical hardcap you can reach or not.

    Would be nice to know that like 150-200 levels in crafting yield almost the same results as all 251 level you can get with full ascension, all bosses done and Chibi Pet on level five.

    MaxPossibleOutcome = ValueBlueprint + ( ( ValueBlueprint - StandardValueItem ) * ( CraftingSkillPoints * 0,5 / 100 ) )

    Let's say you have a LongneckBlueprint with 200% DMG and 200 Durability

    So you set ValueBluePrint to 200% DMG (or 200 Durability)
    StandardValueItem is 100% DMG (or 70 Durability)
    CraftingSkillPoints is like 251 or whatever you can achieve

    So you could get a 325,5% DMG (and 363 Durability) longneck.

    The hardcap for items is listed on this forum "info -> stat clamp (pve)"

    Well. I have to admit. You changed my mind a bit.

    You are right. I can bring as many dinos as I want to a mission. So 5 of that op Rexes are the same as one Giga...

    So maybe nearly every mission is easy in a way, but you need to find the easiest way and you need time/work for that. In the end the loot will be earned. If you used a giga or not...

    I don't think that you understand it right. The owners want a balanced and challenging gameplay on PvE. And that is not achieved with "if you don't like it, don't use it", because wildcard keeps adding op stuff.

    They can't forbid Gachas anymore, that's to late - I would prefer forbidding them. But they are "only" op in giving ressources.

    Missions give you heaxgons and with that you can buy blueprints and other op gear and saddles.

    The same like from a purple drop. But if you want to clear a purple drop, you have to get good gigas (like that mentioned 100 dmg gigas). It's hard work and you earn the loot.

    For the missions you only need one giga, no matter how good, not even a good level required. And that's the point. It's to easy with a giga. There are missions that are to easy with other dinos aswell, but if there is an easy way to keep some missions challenging, why not do it?

    It has to be balanced. Somehow. Thats pretty hard to do with all the new stuff added from wildcard and the many many ways to use glitches and other stuff, but I think the owners are doing a very good job at keeping it a bit balanced.

    Disagree - cause there will be 100% those retards who will decide to spam your base with scorpions/terror birds etc. People can't really get on with simple rule to pickup dino trap after taming, and you want them to not harass beach bobs, or not soaking turrets/plants of other players...