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    Just a suggestion that this event command could be added to the voting rewards (I mean the ones listed in the TC vault)

    This command doesn't do much apart from add all the special colours used in all the extinction chronicles events to the server. Purple, blue, pure white, black plus some other unusual muted pale colours people may enjoy like pale yellow.

    I would imagine this being a high value reward, maybe 500 arcbars?

    Anyhow the opportunity to have these colours spawn for a weekend is something I would definitely save for so I thought I would suggest it :)

    Lets be real, no one runs the cave for bosses anymore, just the loot. What's the point of high reward with 0 risk? Then everyone has OP loot with minimal effort? What's the point of that? If you want such a chill and relaxed and easy way out for a survival game, tweak settings and play single player?

    Give yourself infinite resources, build a fancy base, get max level loot out of every drop. Kill every boss with 1 punch. Enjoy the casual experience!

    I spent the last 2 weeks running caves collecting artifacts for the bosses, then did the bosses solo to get the engrams which I had personally chosen not to use until I had the engrams (except the transmitter, I mean that's just far too useful to ignore and tbh I spent ridiculous amounts of time campaigning to have them useable by people without the engram back in that day on official even though I had the engram so that was a personal choice). People are still running caves for bosses, just not the circles you move in.

    Ironically NONE of those artifact caves required a cryopod to bring a dino in (I picked and chose which map I did each artifact on). Apart from once when my bary got stuck behind a rock in Island central cave... souls / cryos are a godsend in those situations and save admin time.

    Notice a lot of the people in favour of not allowing souls to be used in caves already have more resources than they know what to do with, they don't 'need' to run any cave at all, but they want to dictate how new players acquire resources - ask yourself why?

    Let's be honest most of the people in favour of not allowing soul in the caves are on the marketplace and big traders and there are actually only around 4 people running ice queen and lava golem - this is actually a very small issue and it has trading and 'BP wealth' at it's heart.

    If we're talking survival game, challenges and accusing new players of just wanting an easy life then I don't hear anyone shouting out for a 6 monthly or yearly wipe of characters... people are happy to sit on years of progress - there is no challenge or survival aspect to sitting in a large tek base with OP dinos and BP's. If you want to see chilled and relaxed gameplay then you're accusing the wrong people, look at the situation of any long term player, on any cluster, PVP or PVE, that's Ark.

    There are many QOL additions to this cluster which others would deem 'too easy' or gamebreaking, but we all choose to play here, no-one here is in a position to lecture anyone else on being lazy or seeking an easy life.

    I choose to use the vanilla spyglass, I'm uncomfortable with the OP version and feel it ruins the game FOR ME - I do not want to stop other people using it, it's their game.

    I'm not comfortable using engrams until I have achieved them, but I don't campaign to have that removed (even though that would create far more opportunities for cooperation between players as some people seem to think removing cryos / souls from caves creates) - other people should choose how they play.

    Anyhow less of this pointless waffle, this really is a small issue and I've said more than enough on it. I'd like to see souls being able to be used in caves once cryos are removed, but really it won't make any difference to my own gameplay at all - as with the vast majority of the people debating for either side. I guess I just wanted to point out accusing others of just wanting an easy life for being pro souls in caves really isn't accurate - people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones and all that and making the game too easy isn't really the issue here is it. If it was then many other aspects and the mods on the cluster would be being discussed regularly.


    Following from what Kat says above, if the slots aren't going to be increased could someone there stream it on youtube / twitch or something? I was gonna come along just to watch but ppl like me shouldn't really come if ppl with far more resources and intending to bid high want a spot there in person (if my tribe was gonna spend all our GC I sure as hell would wanna be there so whole tribes could turn up).

    I agree with exoripper, I don't really see the point of another map within the cluster which would mean same mods, same boost, etc., to be consistent with main cluster. Just different scenery that wouldn't be somewhere you'd want to make home as it could be wiped.

    A separate map however with different rules, eg prim+, gaia on olympus, pre extinction ark, or some other variation to actual game play every 6 months would be more interesting. (if it turned into a massive success then it could be kept).

    Some people need to understand that cryos are BUGGED this is not intentional this is just Wild Cards doing what Wild Cards do the best : Bugs

    Yes, there are a lot of bugs and exploits related to cryos ... but allowing their use in caves is not one.

    And yes, we all know no decision has been made yet. Like you we're contributing to the discussion.

    Everyone here compaining about the Ice Queen and Lava Golem, meanwhile I run Ice Queen with fur armor and a shotgun, and the Lava Golem naked 8)

    You don't need dinos to run them, and you certainly don't need tek armor. You just need a bit of skill and experience. I for one like this change.

    EDIT: If people want, I can make a couple tutorials to show you how to easily do both of them with very little gear. For Ice Queen especially, I can do it faster on foot than with dinos.

    That's fine, if people want to do any cave on foot they can right now, nothing is stopping them. Other people however have got used to running caves with dinos - WC may have changed entrance ways over the years to restrict entry, but then they introduced cryopods and then did not restrict their use in caves on official - that would have been easy for them to do, but they didn't. They intentionally make earlier content easier as time goes on... like many games.

    I don't think people aren't capable of running it on foot, but they personally don't enjoy it as much.

    BTW I have never run the Ice queen or Lava golem on this cluster, I'm not sore I'm losing something I've been doing up until now. When I did do it years ago I did it without dinos (actually I think i may have eventually bred a thyla inside for speed), most drops are garbage so if you are relatively new and need saddles or gear you have to run those caves 100's of times - it gets tedious, when it's a necessity it's not something fun you log on to do.

    It just seems to me that looking at it from a broader view, people come to this type of cluster for the boosted rates, s+, rewards, etc - I don't think it will be appealing to have one aspect of the game artificially made more difficult than official.

    P.S. Yes please to the vod (youtube addict here) :)

    DorIdose I certainly don't want that to happen. I want the game to progress and I am really looking forward to genesis.

    It was just a early morning suggestion as some people on these servers are clearly not happy with the direction the game has taken. I would obviously be moving on to another cluster if they did that, I made that clear, but just occurred to me that there is what might be a good solution to what 2 owners and some others have said makes them unhappy with the game.

    Tek Suit needs element to function, both those things are end game, you even need the tekgram to use the suit. Cryopods are early game, you get them everywhere for free. This is not a valif comparison.

    Element is early game now too, the devs intended to nerf the hell out of element and tek management with extinction and tek parasaurs everywhere. No idea why, it changed the game hugely and I'm not a fan, I also wasn't a fan of the kibble changes (I thought new players moving up through the ranks of tames was an excellent progression system which needed some 'tweaks' not a sledgehammer), but that's WC for you. Genesis will surely bring even more upheaval too.

    so in my opinion it is a bugfix to make dinos not releasable in caves again. I'd even go that far that I would disable souling baby dinos, but I guess we cannot make people put effort into breeding again.

    I guess you could, you could remove extinction and anything after that from the cluster. Call it Original Ark or something.

    It may not appeal to a lot of the current players, myself included, but it's a possibility, and something I get the feeling a lot of your veteran players on these servers would enjoy. There's probably a huge market for players who want to go back to the original game.

    Anyhow, thanks for the clarification on the intention of removing the easy release of dinos in caves, I don't like it, not at all, but it's good to know where GD is headed.

    Tried a few through the in-game list but all were quite lacklustre or odd in one way or another so my tribemate and I decided to find out about starting our own. Once we found ark-servers we decided to try the top 10 just for research. We did and found GD to be nearly exactly what we were looking for so we decided to forget making our own and make GD our long term Ark home instead.

    I'd like to join too if there are still spaces available, just me as my tribemate is MIA. I haven't got any top aber dinos yet but I've got a drake and a good shotty for tentacle and weird floating ball thingies duty :)

    I've cut a massive amount out from my comment as it was just far too long (it's still too long) so I'll just stick to the crux of the issues (or try to lol).

    Tek items

    I hear people complaining prices have dropped drastically, but this is the same all over Ark. Since extinction all tek prices have dropped dramatically. This is something I think the seller community just has to get used to - tek isn't worth what it used to be worth.

    Just as the bottom fell out of the kibble / egg market with the kibble changes (titanoboa eggs anyone?), rex lines were trashed and prices tanked overnight when tek rex's came in and mega weight / stam quetzal breeders lost their market when cryos were introduced - markets change, it's not just on GD, it's everywhere.

    I believe Genesis will bring new opportunities for traders, maybe chibis will be breedable and give different buffs, maybe there will be another resource that new players desperately want to buy from more established or organised tribes / players - this is the nature of Ark .. things move on, traders need to adjust and move with it.

    Tek simply isn't worth much anymore.

    Dino lines

    I do feel as a managed cluster GD does have an opportunity to monitor and create rules around selling of dino lines.

    It is easy to 'mark' a dino line, no need for specialised mods, simply name a male breeder something like 'Daisy line no resale' then it would be easy to report - it's forever in the ancestry log. Think someone is profiting from ur line? Buy one, or get a friend to buy one and check. Encourage others to check they have bought legit dinos at purchase and to report.

    Make it a time out offence with refund of buying price to resell a dino that is marked 'no resale', with bans / dino wipes for repeat offenders.

    This is extra work for admins and I'm not sure they would want to take that on but it is an opportunity a small cluster could feasibly manage.

    I would definitely NOT want to see only neutered dinos being sold, but that's just my personal preference. I never buy neutered dinos, not because I want to resell (I rarely sell anything, I'm a habitual shopper) but 'cos I want to create backups. I would have no problem buying an inferior breedable dino over a neutered dino. But that's just my personal opinion and if that did become a rule I know I wouldn't have stayed on the server, I suspect a lot of other 'smaller' players would feel the same.

    Personal Gripe

    Personally it irritates the hell out of me that people, some people, continually seem to be giving away good dinos. There should be a market for lower tier traders / players to get involved at the lower end of the market for dinos such as ankys, manas or snow owls (an opportunity to trade to accumulate enough to buy top tier items such as saddles / bp's) but that is missing on GD as there are people giving them away, every day.

    Maybe a rule that it is good to help new players, help with taming, advice, etc., but giving away for free anything better than metal tools and pteras is not allowed. Begging in global not allowed. Hard to monitor, probably too harsh, but yet I'm still gonna suggest it :D

    With all that said, great cluster, awesome people, fantastic admin team - even if things stay exactly as they are right now... I'm staying - GD is AWESOME!