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    This was happening to me also on my Extinction base, very strange considering that I was built in the place first. How is it possible someone can build close enough to block another players build privileges.

    Super annoying when someone comes on and builds a 1x1 next to you when there are so many places a map to build :D

    If players are asking you about your services I would assume players would much appreciate a written reply rather then a copy/paste answer as this is still gonna come across to server admins as a spam answer.

    Yes its time consuming but at the same time when you decided to open shop you choose to take on these types of responsibilities.

    Like tomscorer said redirect them to these platforms or simply take the time to chat to players in global chat.

    If I was to sell stuff and a player asked me what I sell I would simply reply with "What are you looking to buy?" In my opinion if someone don't know what they are looking for then they probably wasting your time lol

    Not sure if this is the right place to post but I noticed in the reward vault that the exchange for 1 arc bar cost 10 rather then 1 is this intended or a bug, I know nobody is likely to withdraw 1 but then that would defeat the object of having the option to :S

    I now have a 1 lonely arc bar sitting in my vault until I transfer more in :D