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    Ok thanks for answering my question, you haven't understood the topic of this thread.

    If you are looking for the stuff everyone get's once a certain goal is achieved please take a look at this thread. I however was more about changing the structure of the current tiers. I wasn't suggesting any new rewards, except to receive the same rewards (dino recolorings, as a cosmetic definitely not pay to win) in different amounts at different tiers.

    ANY event triggered by a sum of money is P2W.

    Which isn't true. Take for example colored dinos. Where would they help you with winning the game?

    your structures wont be removed as long as your subscription is active

    Kats suggestion on the other hand would technically be pay to win, since player don't have to log in that often, although the "win" part of it would be neglectable.

    Patreon is more suited for projects that create new stuff/content, not that maintain existing stuff.

    As for this, read the motto of patreon: "Start a membership business to develop a direct relationship with your biggest fans and generate predictable, recurring revenue from your creative work." What part of this made you think patreon isn't intended to support existing projects?

    I think one problem, which might not be the sole reason, but definitely not helping, would be the donation goal reward. Some players - including me - would donate as soon as a reward is implemented. I'm still planning to give a 10€ PaySafeCard as soon as a donation reward is announced, but from the first time I though I should donate onwards I got held back by your promises (or rather announcements) to tell us more "soon" and "after the next team meeting". Don't get me wrong, I'd donate even without a reward for it, or even if you said "we'll be implementing it in 2 months", but the word "soon" just does something with you psychological. And I think I'm 100% certain I'm not the only one hesitating due to this.

    But to conclude with a positive ending: Thank you very much <3 I really love the project, and would definitely help out more if I had the financial means to do so ;)

    You neither have to change how you are doing it right now, nor have to explain why not. However Koga found two problems with my proposal, and, considering the semantics of that statement, I wouldn't pragmatically interpret a generall dislike of my suggestion, but rather a decent suggestion with to many issues you don't have the time right now to fix.

    Your answer in the Q&A stated two problems, it takes way more work to add links to all the Q&A's, and the post get's filled with to many link. My suggestion mitigates both of these problems; spoilers are collapsed by default and thus take up virtually no space, and copying the section from the Q&A of the previous week plus adding one additional link doesn't take more time than taming a dodo either. If you still don't want to do this just tell me you are happy with the current system next time and I'll stop sending constructive feeback and already worked out suggestions.

    Thank you for your consideration, Nano

    Q: Can you unpin some of the previous Q&As in the forum? 'General' subforum is really getting cluttered up

    During the QA I suggested linking previous QA's in the newer threads. You pointed out it would be difficult to maintain, and a mess of links. So I came up with this solution using spoilers:

    That only a little bit of space is taken up by the 'expand spoiler' button, but if anyone is interested in previous QA's they can just expand and click on the corresponding links. For you, the admins, it isn't really difficult either since you just need to copy paste the section and add the last one to it.

    If this sound good to you, feel free to use my already premade list, and if not, I'd like to request some feedback on why not. Thanks ;)

    Since unlocked tek transmitters are always useful, but no one knows where they are, I'm now making a list for them. Feel free to tell me about more transmitters or mistakes/changes and I'll edit them

    The Island:

    Uh, dunno
    8150on the roof
    Black Knights
    One Man Army6747between the two tek shields

    The Center:

    Nameless86.630.6on a balcony
    Dani6724under a cliff

    Scorched Earth:



    Seals17.421.8gate open, accessible by water
    District 1267.454.7


    Nameless3763.4on a platform
    Malodora23.6341.59up stone ramp through the unlocked doors
    Uh, dunno
    3945Temporary, will be moved to red zone in a few weekends
    Psycho Dad
    Dani2560Small stone house open door


    Rags4341Tek shield base nearby
    District 1258.754.6


    Uh, dunno
    8464inside, unlocked doors/tek elevator
    OEM43.4765.98aberration biome, one door unlocked

    Follow up suggestion:

    4) combine donation goal on the forum and patreon. 84.02€ from patreon and 40€ donations just don't add up, and patreons are in some form donators too. I don't know how difficult this would be from a technical standpoint though, I just think it would be nice to see

    Since no one wants to make me a discord channel for it, I'm now making this thread for it:

    What do you do while the servers are down?

    I'll give a few of my ideas:

    - Design a beautiful (new) base

    - Finally finish the story of that game you started before ARK and never came back to

    - Play official No, don't do that. It's not good for you

    Feel free to add your own suggestion ;)

    And @admins, PvE-Generall since all of PvE is down

    [I made the thread here cause there isn't an all purpose suggestions forum]

    1) Your tiers scale (almost) linear. But the amount of money people are will donate doesn't scale linear. Someone who already donates 50€ is far more willing to spend an additional 10€ than someone only having 5€ available for donations. So I would like to suggest, change tiers to something like 5, 10, 25 and 50 €.

    2) Give an incentive to make lower tier donation, and more incentive to make higher donations. I for example would have the bugget to donate maybe 5 to 10 €, assumung I'd be 18 already. But currently there is no reward for it, other than colored names. I'd suggest maybe a one time recolor for free once you first join. For higher tier patreons, how about early access to changes and news, even if they aren't final yet?

    3), and this is only a small suggestion: On patreon you currently have to click "show more" to see the perks for higher tiers. I'd suggest putting the improved perks first, and follow it with a "And all perks for lower tiers"

    This are only a small suggestion though, and they won't affect me for some time still.

    Suggestion: export the QA as a PDF or other vector format instead of .jpg to preserve quality. If you are to lazy to do that I could do it aswell. Furthermore I would also suggest to fix any errors in the questions it self and maybe reformat them, it's kinda difficult to read like that. Otherwise, thanks for the QAs again :)

    Mal komplett abgesehn von den technischen Möglichkeiten, sind nicht bei jeden Level genug Punkte verfügbar um alle Engrame zu haben. Weiteres besteht die Gefahr in einen 'reliable buffer overflow' zu laufen


    But learning all engrams makes your character "heavy" and increases the risk of getting reliable buffer overflow so it's advised to only learn what you're going to need