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    My personal opinion, allow element transfer (or at least one way from extinction if possible), it is PVE ffs. Since everyone is anyway crafting a shitton on other maps then extinction anyway. If the point is to keep the nature/style of the map, which i can understand, crafters already mitigated this point. Element is like a unobtainable resource for many people who dont want to spend hours and hours on a average game night just crafting element and enjoy the game instead. At least make it simpler for those people. Give them the ability to obtain element without all the necessarry requirements (Gacha farm, plants etc etc, crafting char).

    Or lemme rephrase it a bit, allow transfer FROM extinction to any other map, one way from that map to others. Good idea or not?

    Well each mod increases the chance of failures and like slow update on the mod creator their part. What you need to look at is mods that are really well maintained. Where the mod owner updates them fast enough, so the server does not have downtime because a mod creator is too lazy to update. Beware of that.

    I can concur that it is a good choice to disable soul traps in caves too. I noticed the ice queen and lava golem are more prone to bugs with dinos there. To avoid more buggyness of those mini bosses it is a good choice, simply to protect ourselves from the buggyness (not to speak unbalance) that wildcard is creating.

    Here is my last few cents on this topic, again if removed or not i don't care that much. I made a question for the q&a to remove cryo pods and enable the soultraps for caves and then you see this in announcements, raises an eyebrow on my part. Anyway for new players, throwing out the soultraps there and because of the vanilla blueprints, i would personally enable the soultraps in caves for them.

    I also find it bullshit that you can release them in caves, but then again i also find it bullshit that the tek suit is enabled there and i also find it bullshit that the small worms as a solo player in the ice queen, you dont have a chance to switch between shield and shotgun to kill those annoying bastards (2 mc fur outfits needed). Think it through

    Yes help starter players even more, lvl 700 rexes + 1 transmitter day one aint enough

    The cryo removal makes ark a challenge again even though gachas are still on but still make it a bit more challenging and fun

    Nah, i am now breeding my own line of thylas, when done, i will help them by giving them good thylas, no worries there Gilbert ;-) :-) * sarcasm included

    I suggested removing crypods and enabling the soul traps for cave release too. Not specifically for me, i can do the ice queen with tek rifle and tek suit anyways. But more in a help for starter players. You might now even have new players that leave the server because of this, so be carefull. Yes it is cheesing with cry pods, but it is also on the vanilla servers and vs the vanilla loot and vs new players, it is not that crazy OP. Makes people less ragequit in a way.

    Tell it to WC :igelballoon:

    How is actually running a cave with proper equippment instead of walking a giga through it called "grinding"? If you want to go for a walk, there are some lovely beaches in Ark. If you want to get that loot from caves, then hey, gear up.


    Yups, gear up, lemme get my OP tek suit so i do the lava golem in 3-4 min. Grind away!

    And i fully understand the part of custom lootdrops breaking the game, when i ran a 2 map cluster, i tend to overconfigure it too. Like give 2% chance of s+ industrial grinder/forge in red drops. But then there was update from ark, s+ broke for 2 days. But the server just would not start because of it (2-3 years ago).

    Wildcard needs to send out what they chance in each update, they are not good in communication.

    Gunnsen be carefull with everything, i mean too much grinding does make people leave the game. But also too easy loot makes people leave the game also. It needs to be somewhere balanced inbetween. But i am just stating that the loot drops are always simular. I will be laughing when i do NOT get a frikkin mosa saddle (bp) from any of the red drops. For some reason the loot seems to tend stick to certain types of dinos, which is also bad. The loot drops should be more diverse IMO. Not like you do the lava golem 20 times and you get 19 times a mosa saddle, that is just wrong.

    Good items, ha. It is always the same, the RNG of dropping different kind of blueprints is so bad in vanilla. Maybe togheter with this change, chance the loot quality a little bit (like 1.01), in the hope it drops more random blueprints instead of the same mosa, paracer, araneo, quetz saddle blueprints.

    First of all, my apoligees to the admins from saying in local chat: 'it is not my problem that admins spawned in lvl 560 rexes'

    But that said, i am probably not gonna play anymore for a week. The reasons are quiet obvious if you track it down through all the details/bugs in this game.

    First of all, i enjoyed Ark waaaaaaaaay more when breeding was not a thing. Now wildcard is doing all they can to keep people addicted to the game. The problem is more the time you need to spend for breeding, even with 10x speed tbh. The fact that you could do boss fights far more easier with tamed wild rexes and a good saddle vs now you need to breed to win more easily, triggers me so much.

    When you tamed a rex in the wild on the island for the first time, you felt like the king of the world (When even kibble did not exist yet). Seeing how they nerve here and there some core mechanics and lately with the manas triggered me more.

    The biggest example is how easy it is to get the artifacts for the valguero alpha boss fight. I mean, great for doing that, but they did it probably in a response because people were leaving the game too fast for 'the island' boss fights, getting the artifacts, especially the dino artifacts farming was a bit too much. So they nerfed it in valguero?

    There are a lot of ridiculous unbalances and bugs in this game that makes me sad.

    Now about the market, there is no solution. Undercutting will continue, so in the end, nobody earns a lot anymore. I mostly blame extinction for disrupting, slowly, the market since the DLC came out. I wish there was no market and people where trading resources for eggs like in the past. But because gachas give so many resources, many people live in their own gacha cocoon these days, even me. Going to your neighbour and talk with them, you got some milk for my wyverns, i got some rex eggs, lets trade, i miss that. On GD if you ask for any kind of dino, many people just respond with 'xx GC for neutered'. So many people are very 'tight assed', so to say, about talking dinos which made me sad too.

    Restore the community, restore the grinding, restore the tid for tad market.

    About the lvl 560 rexes, everyone i met and had them where like: We do not sell, no you cannot have. No

    I asked for a giga, peoples reaction: "Oh that is gonna cost you a lot" Sigh

    One day i helped a guy on the beach near viking bay, you know where that big poggers base is in the middle with high end dinos, and they just gave me a lvl 560 rex egg, i was like noice.

    In the end, instead of talking like 'my line' i advice everyone to just help each other, instead of only focussing on the 'market' game. The market is not a game, ark is a game. If i decide to help a friend who i have seen struggling for weeks, giving them a rex or wyvern egg, i help them, no matter what. Helping people is a core mechanic of the game. Do not ignore it.

    Oh and about the admins saying: "Jake does knows shit about breeding!" Check the screenshot

    And yes i was not planning to sell them, just give away for free, helping people.