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    I'm a solo player, and i dont play lots of hours everyday. But i have a nice amount of stuff

    I dont think people understand that farming stuff is a part of Ark, and why its a low x server. Most people these days wanna have a big base with all tek stuff and gacha tower in like a week. Stuff like that just takes some time, you just need to try to enjoy building it.

    Build a small base, get basic dino's, find yourself a perm. place and start building bigger there, get some gacha's and owl and a greenhouse ( most people will help/provide you in these stuff ). When you have your gacha's ready your going to start building a bigger base and design , but it always takes some time wich is normal.

    Most big bases are people who play long time on server, and most of the time solo or with 2 or 3 never really big tribes. Big tribes will get easly bored on a x server.

    Just what a said in top, i'm a solo player and defintly not play alot of time ( hours a day ) but i still have gacha's, rex army, lots of mats and im only on the server for like 4 weeks.

    So, do i think you need more mods to make solo easier. No, i dont think its that diff right now just play and enjoy the community

    hey guys i have a problem, i have reinstalled steam on GF pc for playing to day and we play almost every day on TheCenter PVE 20x but ater reinstalling i get the message.. cant login mods mismatch. have delete all mods and try again stil not working i have checked local files stil no good