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    I think adding items could cause problems or sth, but there is a very simple workaround:

    1) Use normal Tek Dedis (not s+)

    2) Put in whatever you want (literally no limitation)

    3) Wait for next server restart where they will keep their inventory, yet be turned into S+, making it into a working S+ Storage for whatever you want

    Isnt that bug abusing?

    I think wiping at this point isnt such a good idea, because Genesis is coming soon. Everyone will build up for 2 months just to start again on Genesis. Most people dont like to build up that often with such low rates.

    I think a wipe is not necessary, because there will be a lot of new player coming with Genesis.

    And I also dont mind having to move a base, because of a new ORP-system. Yet, sometime to prepare for the changes would be awesome :)

    I see many people like the idea of seasons, but not all. How about making 2-3 maps no wipe but with disabled uploads and lowered rates and disabled certain things, like gachas; and the rest seasonal with enabled up and downloads?

    Or maybe, instead of adding valguero and SE, add Valguero + a new Ragnarok.

    First of all nobody plays on SE.

    In addition, we could disable transfer to the new maps for 1 or 2 months, so people can build up and have more primitive pvp.

    This would lead to possible new players, who may transfer to the old maps.

    Also, in 2 months Genesis will be released, so there will be a hype anyway.


    I will just start with the first comment :)

    1. I like the idea of changing the orp. It makes the really strong tribes more vulnerable. The only problem I see with limiting the ORP to just a few places is, that it will enforce the cave matter, because you cant huge bases in the open. yet you can claim a huge cave with 1 or 2 entrances and just put your orp zone at the entrance. But caves are op anyway so, it doesnt matter too much. The really great thing about this, is that spaming is not that effective anymore and I really hate this spam matter. You just put cliffplattform everywhere and your defence is all of the sudden way stronger. I prefer if you need a bit more skill ^^.

    2. I like the idea of the balancer plugin, because it makes player numbers less important and as you know I prefer skill over numbers.

    But yet again, this change would make cave spots even stronger :D. Of cause defence is getting easier for every base, but most caves are getting way stronger than any other spot. Why? Because in many caves you are just not able to tank, if the defender is online, so the only possible way is suciding. But by increasing the turret damage you will die way faster, which makes suicinding way harder. In addition, there are a lot of caves, which can be defended alone or with 2 players, so they never had a disadvantage. My idea to solve this issue is instead of increasing the turret damage is decreasing the ammo needed per shot. So for example if you are defending solo against 3 people heavy turrets would only use 2 ammo per shot and tek turrets only one shard every second shot.

    Well, but i guess this isnt doable, so I would say increase the dmg against dinos, but not against Players, if this is possible.

    3. The anti-meshing thing is obviously good. I am not so sure what I should think about the Item upgrader, because I think OSDs should still be the way to get really good stuff. But I guess if you balance the plugin good enough it should work. But I would suggest making the cost exponential, because getting ressources is way easier these days.

    4. yeah, I dont mind any map changes. I just dont like replacing maps with other :D

    5.Well, but the next suggestion is a whole other story.

    I really really dislike seasonal servers, because I like the endgame stuff and dont want to build up again and again.

    Let's do it a bit more objective. Of cause wiping a server leads to peaks in Player numbers. But how long do these numbers keep up? Not that long you might think and definetly not 6 months and in addittion the server will be complete dead a few weeks before the next wipe. I think a consitant high player count is better than a short super high number of players.

    Right now, we dont really have a high consistant player count more like a medium one. So we should change something. I think the biggest issue is that new players are afraid to start fresh, because they see huuuugeeee bases and think they have no chance. How ever many just look big and strong, because of the crazy amount of spam. Luckily, this wont be a issue anymore if the orp setting is changed to the "area thing". The other issue preventing new tribes is that they are getting raided and annihilated by bigger tribes.

    I have a few ideas to prevent the last thing.

    1. Make a list of "Alpha" tribes (biggest tribes on the cluster). Those tribes are only allowed to raid each other. As an Idea to prevent more work for the admins, I would suggest, that the PvP-Players can nominate big tribes (atleast tek turrets) for the alpha status and maybe vote for them.

    2. This idea goes along with the a new orp system. A big tribe (maybe one per server) can claim the status as THE alpha tribe. if you claim being the one and only alpha tribe, you will get no ORP at all. If you can endure this for a certain amount of time (for example a month) you get a reward (Asc. Bp or 500 GC or whatever the com. decides)

    3. Deactivate Manas. Yeah, guys hate me :D

    No seriously. Manas are also a problem for the big tribe - small tribe issue. Of cause manas are awesome and there is nothing better than placing some plant y and lure some enemy manas in them. However, they still not good for the server

    First of all, there are no flyers who can seriously fight against a mana with out putting a Species Y trap somewhere as preparation. So as a starter, you are f****d if you fly around with your argy to farm some metal.

    Even if you finally got a mana as a starter you are still, well .....ed,. Why because you dont have an ascendant saddle with 100 armor, but the enemys has.

    In addition, you can breed those bad boys. So yeah, even a good mana with a good saddle cant compete with a mana with a lot of mutations in dmg. All you can do is run.

    Without manas you have a bigger variety in Open World Air battle. Of cause griffin will still be the strongest creature, but there is a chance to kill the rider of a griffin with a wyvern or a petri or an argy or a snow owl. Well, maybe not with a snow owl, but you get the point. :D

    That's my opinion, hope some of you guys agree a bit ^^ and feel free to comment and destroy my arguments :)

    Newe [Nightcrawler]

    whats up with vagluero now? This poll made me be stuck.. I played on Center and wanted to move to the new map, but when does it come and when will Center die? I rly dont want to leave this cluster but this situation forces me to play on a map i dont want to play on just because of the wait for valguero..

    Take a look at the same discussion for Pve. There the Admins/Owner said what the current situation is.

    By blocking the S+ Transmitter during PvP Cooldown you could fix this problem

    I dont think this is a good solution, because you need the Transmitter to transport your Dino from Point A to Point B. Yes eventhough, there are cryos you need the Trans., because there is no cooldown and you can fit dinos in narrow areas.

    Des ist schade zu hören, aber vollkommen verständlich. Ich bedanke mich dafür ,dass ich über ein Jahr auf euren Server spielen durfte und ich finde auch, dass ihr tolle Arbeit geleistet habt.:thumbup:

    Nun noch eine kleinen Vorschlag für den letzten Monat.

    Wäre es möglich, dass man die ORP ausschaltet, damit man noch ein bisl raiden kann und wir (Elysium) uns noch ein bisl mit Beach Bobs beefen können:D

    Glaub mir 175 Heavys tun sehr weh. Ich hab schon mal nen gegnerischen Golem vor meiner einen Turretwand teleportiert und der war fast instant weg. Und außerdem gibt es immer noch die Möglichkeit Tek Turrets zu bauen/kaufen die machen mehr also ordentlich schaden.

    Und wenn man den Turret anheben würde dann wäre es für größere Tribes noch schwerer sich gegenseitig zu raiden.