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    Des ist schade zu hören, aber vollkommen verständlich. Ich bedanke mich dafür ,dass ich über ein Jahr auf euren Server spielen durfte und ich finde auch, dass ihr tolle Arbeit geleistet habt.:thumbup:

    Nun noch eine kleinen Vorschlag für den letzten Monat.

    Wäre es möglich, dass man die ORP ausschaltet, damit man noch ein bisl raiden kann und wir (Elysium) uns noch ein bisl mit Beach Bobs beefen können:D

    Glaub mir 175 Heavys tun sehr weh. Ich hab schon mal nen gegnerischen Golem vor meiner einen Turretwand teleportiert und der war fast instant weg. Und außerdem gibt es immer noch die Möglichkeit Tek Turrets zu bauen/kaufen die machen mehr also ordentlich schaden.

    Und wenn man den Turret anheben würde dann wäre es für größere Tribes noch schwerer sich gegenseitig zu raiden.

    Nah you would know if they were alpha or not right newe :saint:, Move your base to a better hidden location.

    The funny thing is that nobody knows that we are alpha, because all they can see is 1 dino gate in dessert and one behemoth gate in the viking bay

    I think the main argument for a tribe cap is that PvP will have more to do with the individual skills and not with pure mass.

    However, I believe diplomacy and finding trustworthy members is also a big part of the PvP in ark. Also on defence you dont really need many people to defend a good spot. Like plOx already said just get a guy with transfer tool or an other way to strong thing is just getting a tek teleporter and porting every soaking dino in the middle of your base to kill it easiley.

    In addition, as a bigger tribe you can just make a log out room where you can kick the members which arent playing right now and invite the online ones. With this methode you will be able to have 10 players always online, which won't even happen, because no tribe has so many active members.

    Kicking and then inviting more than x people in less than y time before z happens should be considered as pvp rule when we have a cap in tribe members.

    And that would lead to a lot more work for the admins 🙃

    Also, my apologies if this has already been addressed. I just couldn't find the thread if it was.

    This issue has indeed been addressed already. The attacker is allowed to kill your passive dinos, because you could hide your blueprints in them. The only way to prevent this is as far as I know that you surrender. Then you can unclaim the dinos temporaly so the attackers can claim those and look in their inventories.

    But dont ask me what happens when the attacker doesnt gice you your dinos back.

    Tribe size doesn't seem to matter to much, just seems like the amount of time you put into it is what matters, especially because of orp.

    Yep I agree with you a bit. In addition, I dont know any tribe with many active or semi-active members. Like we are only 2 active guys and in a raid maye 8 people. And it seems to me that Beach Bobs doesn't have that many memebers anymore aswell. Yet, I would love to see a tribe cap at 15 people, because it would be riduculous, when a tribe would raid with 16+ members.

    I was refering to you saying that Odem, Loved Ones and Elysium raided you on Island. Elysium never raided you on Island, because I was the only one in this Tribe at this moment and we were just stopping our war on each other.

    I actually just want to correct false statements so nobody can spread "Fake News".

    if anything the first time my base got seriously fobbed by enemy the island server was capped from Elysium,odem, and rising. and with proper base building and prep we survived an 11 hour raid

    EzHero Funny how you are always bringing lies in your story ^^ Anyway, EzHero is right you are able to build up, when you know what to do. The best tipps are just stay hidden (hidden base and no comments in the chat) and get a transmitter asap (I would adivce you to buy one from a bigger). Oh and another tipp is: Focus on defence and not animals. Animals only help you to build up, but are not the none plus ultra thing for defending.