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    I use a theri, u just have to cryo it one time cause it cannot fit in one of the paths. Manas are good aswell btw but in my opinion worse than theris

    A their really? So a thyla with a journey saddle could probably solo it?

    Without breeding what Dino can I bring into this fight without risking of losing it , I am solo, also I don’t really have any good saddles

    What Dino and dino lvl did you use for the blue OSD? I haven't yet done one but I wanted to, need to make sure I have the right stuff first though :D

    The first one I ever did was with a 150 perfect Rex , think he was probably Lv.250 when I did it. This was overkill I’d say, I HIGHLY recommend bringing a Snow Owl, level doesn’t , my first Blue OSD took forever because Dino’s kept getting “lost” and I had to go find them so having the predator vision helps. A survivor named Manux came and gave me a level 80 Snow owl and it helped me finish the OSD

    The second Blue OSD I took a perfect tame 150 bear , I think he was level 290 when I did it though. I also brought a 150 perfect tame snow owl , like I said level doesn’t really matter all that much but I did have to use the Snow Owl to heal my bear a couple of times because I kept getting random theris/bears/rexs come attack me along with the corrupted Dino’s that spawned from the OSD.

    I also only have primitive saddles for all my Dino’ I imagine if you had a good saddle you could do a blue OSD with anything over 5K HP lol, I got a journeyman thyla saddle so I’m gonna try doing it with him next time just cause they’re faster.

    I don’t know the difficulty gap between blue and yellow but I feel like if I brought a second Rex mate boosted with decent saddles I could probably do yellow

    It is OK to grind things you don't need, but most players use them to level dinos via shared XP (one player grinds wood, another sits passive on a tame)

    As a means of getting materials you need is it viable ? Say I get a saddle that would take 5000 metal ingots that I would never use , it would give me 1250 ingots ?

    Is this thing really worth the materials needed to make it ? I read that you only get 1/4th resources need to create item back or Max 100 resources. Is this accurate for these servers ? Seems like a waste to me.

    I tried looking

    You can craft cryopods in tek replicator. Engram is learnable on every map.

    People also sell them.

    I tried looking on the AH for some and couldn’t find any and nobody is usually on when I play I guess, I solo’d my first blue OSD and it was easy I just couldn’t find the dilos until someone came and gave me a low level owl to help find them, turns out they were getting stuck like a mile away in a ravine -.- I got 5 cryopods from it

    I just purchased the extinction DLC, so obviously never played it yet but have looked up videos on stuff I’m interested in,

    I see you can get cryopods from the blue OSDs , I should be able to just bring a 150 perfect tame , either a rex or other high dmg Dino and solo it right ? Or would farming materials for an ascendant enforcer be better ?

    Fresh tame cooldown has been removed a few days ago: Dino storage: trapping fresh tames

    Cryopods stops the maturation process, after releasing the baby you can imprint it but it doesn't skip the interval between imprints so babies have to be out of cryos for enough time anyway.

    So say you Cryo a baby at 1:32 imprint , 50 % maturation, you uncryo it 24 IRL hours later and it has 1:32 imprint , 50% maturation?

    On PVE I haven’t noticed this 3hour cooldown for the soul gun, I’ve tamed Dino’s and instantly put them into balls right after taming . Back to the original question though, if I was to use a cryopod during maturing so I can go to bed IRL, I can bring the baby back out of its cryopod and continue maturing it without any penalty? I only have about 3hours a night to play and that’s pushing it , so obviously that limits what I can actually raise in one play session.

    Hello everyone , new to PVE and private servers and mods and had some questions regarding breeding and best course of action.

    I have very little experience in breeding since I primarily played PVP official solo, I am a parent of 3 children so I don’t have a lot of time to play but want to start breeding Dino’s my question is

    If I’m raising Dino’s and have to log off but still want imprinted Dino’s , what’s the best thing to do? Cryopod or use the soul gun? This will stop the maturation timer and imprint timers right?