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    I am supporting this as it's exactly like Exo wrote: It feels like a punishment to get new dlc when this means to lose levels on my char. I own Genesis but I don't play it actually as there are no transfers (yet). Using Mindwipe i was loosing levels I had before. So I am now lvl 200 coming from 220. Reverse progress :(

    Looking forward to an official answer as I don't see any impact on crafting bonuses as they are capped anyway afaik.

    Edit: just saw Gunnsens reply. Doesn't change my opinion but taking note of it.

    Yeah I know of the ascension levels. I never did ascension so far on any map. But when I had lvl 220 before to my understanding using mindwipe should result in the same level afterward.

    So if there wasn't an actual change on this server I'd consider it beeing a bug.


    I didn't play for a while and started again 1-2 weeks ago now. My char was still at Level 220 and today I used Mindwipe tonic to reset my Skillpoints. Now after using Mindwipe I have 199 Levels to spend and can only reach Level 200. XP is at max. (1702000.0)

    As I didn't play for a while I may have missed something but I can't find any information about max level on the forum. Is this intended? Or am I missing something? Is there a way to get back to 220?

    Thanks for any help - may be I am just confused.



    I disagree and am happy the way it is - sometimes I have to break mating process when I realize I selected wrong male or something. I would hate it if it pops instantly and activates the mating cooldown.

    Having the actual state stored is more than perfect for me as well.