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    Hello One and All

    I thought the time was right to make a post regards me and what i've been up to.

    You may or not have seen the Recent Space X mission with my mate Elon Musk. I am a big fan of the space program and dedicated 1.3 Billion dollars towards the launch of Robert and Douglas into space and docking with the ISS. What a monumental achievement.

    I have also signed up for a rideshare into space in 2021 i will keep you all informed. if you too would like to take part in the ride share with me please follow this link

    Enough about me back to business. As you may be aware there has been a slight issue with my Oil pumps and they all exploded a few months ago and all veins were left empty. As you can imagine this has cost me a lot of money but we have now developed a Super Duper Oil Pump were calling it The Gunnsenator 2.0.

    This was designed by, your guessed it my top Petroleum Geologist, and engineer Gunnsen.

    What does this mean i hear you cry?? well in short it means free oil for everyone again but i need your help. My Database of all the oil vein locations got lost when my data center at my company headquarters picked up a virus and now i need some help.

    Were asking anyone who finds a Oil Pump not owned by GD Oil & Resources Inc. to post the CCC here and we will upgrade it free of charge to one of our new Gunnsenator 2.0 pumps. All we ask is you provide us with the CCC or Coords and map so we can find it.

    I will then dispatch one of my minions to change it!

    Anyone who has a Oil pump on one of these veins needs to remove it as it will be removed for the upgrade. My pumps will also deliver twice the amount of oil of a standard pump so its a win win!

    Hope you all have a lovely week


    The Oil Baron.