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    I think i've said it a long time ago and i'll keep saying it "i hate the ghost coin system". I know why it was added but i hate what it transformed these servers into. All i see is people obsessed with acumulating coins like their life depends on it which makes me sad.

    Right now on PVE all you can do is acumulate stuff but you don't consume anything. I don't know if it is possible but i would love a system like RUST has where stuff decays and you actually need to gather resources.

    I would love for the game to be about dinos and ingame original resource trading again.

    If you plan to make a resting area, we would like to offer some of our handcrafted bed designs we used since the beginning of time in collaboration with the first "bobs" that landed on our beaches. They only had thatch but our advanced TEKnology added substantialy to the frame of the bed by making it more durable and confortable. Our corporation would be honored to give you these designs to confort all travelers.

    So I quit playing ark on GD roughly 10 months ago or so maybe more. Coming back from official even with the dream machine, ice slush and all the other mods removed, I still feel like i can progress very fast. And yes I know some people really like casual stuff but to be fair with all the stuff the server had before you basically had everything handed to you, now it feels more progressive. There is no need to have it all "right now!!!", the game is about the long run, now play 1 weekend and have it all.

    From my point of view, good changes!

    1. Manticore is currently added to the Ragnarok map only is not unlocked. SE artifacts are not needed for achievements.

    2. They will all be.

    3. I am God

    4. I think I can be counted among the only players who currently has huge bases on every map so I stand to lose no matter which map gets removed. But that is not the point.

    5. Since Ragnarok arrived almost 80% of the players from SE moved or haven't played there while on center the change was minimal, 15-20%. So let's talk numbers and realistic facts.

    6. Center promised big ocean update and you have it.

    What the actual fuck are you talking about there man? You lose content?

    1. Manticore doesn't provide all tekgrams.

    2. Wyverns, Mantis, Worms are already on Ragnarok.

    3. So because you can't wait a few more weeks you prefer to lose center map forever? Once they remove lets say "center" you will end up with 2 desert maps and all people will play only on one of them. My problem is that NONE of you think ahead of time. All you think is for is now. Probably because you won't be playing in a few months which leads me to why are you allowed to vote for longterm players.

    4. I don't know if you play on center but there are many players there, many more than on SE.

    5. Server loses some players? Others will come.

    6. If that is the case let's remove Ragnarok Map. That is the map causing all the issues.

    Let's look at this logically

    On Ragnarok you have wyverns (which is 50% of the reason people play on SE) and soon the rest of the map will be completed. So why vote out a nice map like the center and have 2 desert maps. Think of it like this for your own good: keeping center and voting out SE will only give you more space to build to store dinos. SE is the smallest map of all and soon everything will be included from it on Ragnarok.

    Ragnarok will kill SE as soon as it is completed. Since it is an official map you can bet it will be completed.

    A nice comparison for those who want to throw center out and not SE: You have a swiss knife, a knife( this is SE) and a spoon. Now why keep 2 knives?

    P.S. A little fun. 20 ingots bribe for those who change their vote haha.

    Want to support the server but i cant find the donate button only the list could admin point me in the right direction please :P, oh and have you ever thought about adding a shop where you could buy for E.G deep sea loot crates dinos ect would be pretty cool :)

    Donate button is on the right hand side under the banner :

    For the dinos and other stuff there is a "voting rewards" system. EN | Voting Rewards

    Puller Gun is not working.

    As for ghost coins, you get them for voting. Each month at the end of the month everyone receives their coins based on the amount of times he/she voted. There will be a list with everyone who voted that month and you will be able to see your total.

    You can get a vote per day for each server so a total of 9 votes/day.

    *if your username changed over the course of that month your voting name will change aswell, which will require you to notify the admins about the different usernames you had so they can identify you in the list and reward you properly.

    *the coins at the moment are distributed manually so if you don't receive them on the 1st of the next month don't worry about the short delay they will come, but be a bit patient :)

    That's about all you need to know about how you get ghost coins.

    This is where you will find "what you can exchange the ghost coins for" and here is "how you can get them"

    Hope it is clear now :)