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    Everyone with 93 votes (team members excluded) is participating our drawing for the giveway.

    Name Votes
    One 93
    Mschmidi 93
    mrdiablo 93
    [FEL Dev] Zeyden 93
    massey 93
    FourOne 93
    Emir 93
    Fulkth 93
    Maku 93
    N-E-B-U-L-A 93
    Mountain Jew LFT 93
    Rags 93
    Jordi 93
    HobelPeter 93
    Yevon 93
    Javi 93
    kodiakas 93
    bLunT 93
    Ionut 93
    piamette 93
    Poseidon 93
    Frankyi 93
    Psycho Dad 93
    kottan 93
    Shade 93
    || King Louie || 93
    Hoto 93
    Asgad 93

    These are the top voters of the month.

    We used the list randomizer from to randomize the list and draw our 3 winners.

    Here is the result:

    Congratulations to Frankyi for coming in first place and winning an ascendant blueprint of your choice.

    Congratulations to Javi for place #2 and winning a mastercraft blueprint of your choice.

    Congratulations to Hoto for making it on the list in spot #3 and winning a journeyman blueprint of your choice.

    Please contact us via the ticket system and leave us your name and coords, so we can give out the prizes personally at any time.

    Thank you.

    Thanks for all voters and good luck for the next drawing!

    People should check their soul terminals regardless and update them as needed.

    So far people reported that the update deleted custom folders and I don't want to risk any other potential losses or complaints because we missed to inform the community about recent changes. So, please make sure your stuff is up-to-date and report if any conversion or unforeseen issues appear. :)

    Thank you.


    The old Dino Storage mod is still running in the background even though all souls have been converted.

    Despite the change to Dino Storage V2 many players are still using the outdated soul storage and could lose dinos once the old mod is removed.

    To avoid such issues you need to destroy your outdated soul storage after you took out all of your dino souls.

    After that just go to engrams and learn Soul Traps (DS), Soul Terminal (DS) and Soul Gun (DS). Then build a new Soul Terminal (DS) and store your (converted= dino souls in there. Every soul that should still be managed by the old mod will display an "OUTDATED MOD" note behind the dino's name (which shouldn't be the case for anyone as we forced V2 to convert all souls prior this week).

    If your terminal is still from the old mod version it will also have an "OUTDATED MOD" note in its name.

    So, to make sure you're not running into any problems, please learn the new engrams and update your terminals in the next 7 days.

    Thank you.


    Aktuell läuft die veraltete Dino Storage Mod noch im Hintergrund, alle Dino Souls sind mittlerweile aber konvertiert worden.

    Trotz der Umstellung auf Dino Storage V2 nutzen viele Spieler aber immer noch die Storage der veralteten Mod und könnten Tiere verlieren, wenn die alte Mod entfernt wird.

    Um derartige Probleme zu vermeiden solltet ihr unbedingt eure alten Dino Storages zerstören, nachdem ihr alle enthaltenen Dino Seelen entnommen habt.

    Lernt danach die neuen Soul Traps (DS), Soul Terminal (DS) und Soul Gun (DS) Engramme und baut schließlich ein neues Soul Terminal und lagert dort die (konvertierten) Dino Seelen. Jede Seele, die von der alten Mod verwaltet wird, wird dick "OUTDATED MOD" hinter dem Dino Namen stehen haben (was bei keinem vorkommen wird, da V2 Anfang der Woche angewiesen wurde, alle Seelen zu aktualisieren).

    Bei den Soul Terminals wird ebenfalls "OUTDATED MOD" im Namen stehen, wenn es von der veralteten Mod ist.

    Geht also sicher, dass ihr eure Terminals zeitnah austauscht und die neuen Items lernt, damit es keine Probleme gibt.

    Yea, is PvE cluster, my bad.

    The timeout message is normal and you will keep getting it as long as not all mods are downloaded and installed properly.

    Just reconnect until all is done and it works like for everyone else.

    Look for Haliax and Tainted. They haven't been online for a few days though, so if there's a structure of them blocking your base or anything then just send us a ticket.