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    Look for Haliax and Tainted. They haven't been online for a few days though, so if there's a structure of them blocking your base or anything then just send us a ticket.

    Is 3 servers necessary to advertise the PvE community though? I mean they list it as a cluster with all maps.

    Could you not just update the banner to reflect you also have a pvp community? I always thought that you guys where a PvE only community it was only after some investigating that I found you do pvp

    That's because of a change of rules by ark-servers some months ago to avoid a big community (us) can occupy the entire front page.

    We've worked on a few things and are back with both PvE and PvP advertisements. PvP Ragnarok is currently placed 18th and will be further up the list once it has received a few more votes and generate more traffic. We'Ve had 192 ppl last weekend, so it's going in the right direction.

    Slightly off topic here, but have you guys thought about getting a cluster wide chat thing going? Its hard when your moving between maps and lose the chat, plus the community is together then

    Experienced that before and it's too confusing and "spammy" during raids. Tribes that split and play on different servers will use (our) TS3 or Discord to stay in touch.

    I've just read about your plans to ban any item and dino uploads from Extinction indefinitely ...

    Noone said indefinitely. Gunnsen said current plans... and the reason why e.g. AH isn'z added atm or transfers are disabled. That says nothing about the near future or long-term plans.

    Dear People of Ghost Division

    I honestly believe this decision to be short-sighted and in complete disregard of what the playerbase here actually wants.

    People also wanted more blueprints, got them and at some point some people were annoyed they just got another MC BP.
    Your creed is not considering some circumstances that lead to this decision and it would actually be irresponsible and short-sighted by us to give people all they're asking for.

    The DLC was clearly rushed, holes in map, dead areas, OP creatures and loot drops, bugged spawns, patch that deleted bases, instability and mod issues caused by changed and bad code... just to name a few. You know WC screwed up big time when the server engine crashes because it's looking for DevKit files on your F: drive. :D
    No offense, but do you really expect us to add the AH to a server that is that unstable and unpredictable and expose all our players to a high risk of losing all their auctioned stuff, Ghost Coins/ARc Bars, items and resources only because it makes trading more convenient? The AH hasn't been added to protect players and their virtual property as good as possible until WC cleans up their act.
    Old items are still OP and make any other map, at least once more widely distributed and used, way too easy. A game that's too easy is boring, and a boring game makes people leave, too.

    I rather have 3 maps with medium difficulty and 1 sandbox with crazy (OP) stuff than 4 maps that become overly boring because of the unbalanced crap WC released with Extinction.

    We've just had a whole bunch of really great and well-respected members of this community leave and I'd really hate to lose more good people or be one that has to consider leaving himself because of certain choices made by the admins and owners.

    A few people left as a covenant of loyalty because one of their tribe mates was suspended after having a heated argument with an owner, not because Extinction is currently separated, or the AH is missing. Even if people were leaving just because of that, it would still not change our decision we consider the most reasonable.

    - Gachas have been nerfed considerably and there are only very few "OP" items in circulation, this is PvE not PvP so that balancing aspect is much less critical.

    Nerfed days after tons of items were produced. Less critical is still critical.

    We have 400 dmg longnecks on the other maps as well, which compared to official servers is insane, and yet nobody calls that "OP".

    BP quality is 5 and a crafting char can get such values more easily than you think, also on official.

    Official got the same DLC and content btw and we know of some ppl getting guns with 700% damage... that's OP indeed.

    - This decision will make trading and exchanging dinos and stats a lot worse since people that will use Extinction as their main map can't really interact at all with other players.

    Not really. Before the AH was introduced or other maps were opened, people just used the marketplace in our forum and had no issues to get their breeding done. Now there's also Discord.

    It may be a limiting factor for now but not an inevitable handicap.

    - The proposed change will add a lot of hassle to cross-server travel since you can't actually travel with your items on you so you'll always have to get rid of your gear before travel or your gear is now stuck on another map with no way back.

    People survived pressing O and T a few times when SE came out and also when Aberration was new. Extinction is no different.

    I think you are overreacting to the changes that come with a new DLC, when Aberration came out nobody wanted to disable item uploads from aberration even if it allows for vastly superior metal farming.

    Already explained why certain things are not added atm and we're not overreacting but going ahead with our common procedure and watch the latest DLC and its developement for at least a month before making any long-term decisions. We did so when SE and Aberration came out and will keep doing it with Extinction until we know for certain what we're dealing with before blindly rushing anything that may have unpredictable effects that could cause damage to anything. Be patient, Ark is like wine and needs time to mellow.

    When we are 100% sure that it doesn't contribute to (additional) crashes on Extinction and we got the time.

    It's enabled on other servers, so just learn the engram (lvl 25) if you're on Island and use it.

    Also, watch your language. Thank you.

    100 slot cap Kat

    €: Silly me, BM ofc.

    Yea, that 100 slot server he's talking about is in the UK . The canadian server is the one with the outdated mods.

    Anyway, we had a good laugh and OT should be answered.

    If there are any news about PvE or PvE Extinction specifically, we'll inform you as usual.

    Making things like buying imprint and events buyable earlier is still not a thing for you, or will you let us talk about that? :D

    Voting rewards (including events) will be available when the server/map is at least one month old. It's common practice that we let people experience the more vanilla like gameplay and give them time to learn all about the new map before rewards and events are allowed.

    Don't worry, didn't consider it flaming. It was just a bad joke after a long day, before being straight forward and trying explain why things are the way they are.

    We use x10 and the official rate is hard coded x2 by now, which is why I said effectively x20.

    You got a bit over 1 % when I was playing and caring about them every 20 mins was necessary. We still imprinted them to 100% also w/o Nanny, so yea, the current settings are a massive improvement on both PvP (where it was changed just recently) and PvE (where settings were altered with the relaunch).
    You have to keep in mind that Increasing the imprint bonus would affect all other creatures and people would be able to raise e.g. Rexes, Spino etc. in let's say 4 hrs or a Giga in about 6.

    Other dinos would take even less or just a couple of minutes. Imprinting any dino 100% would be a piece of cake and make breeds no longer special. That would affect casual fight but most importantly boss fights and ascension eventually, which again would kill the long term play & fun factor by roughly 40-60%. We have to consider such things.

    Sorry, but Giga, Rex, Spino etc. are just too powerful and valuable to make imprinting much easier.

    What if all tribe members have to work and noone can stay up all night even on the weekends:/

    Would a x1000 breeding rate be more convenient?

    Seriously though, imprint bonus has already been doubled two or three weeks ago and effictive rate is x20. Talk to your mates, create a schedule and imprint during the day.


    we actually wanted to ask if it was possible to at least allow some voting rewards on extinction at the current point.

    Voting rewards will not be allowed until that server is at least 1 month old and all people are familiar with the map. Same procedure was used for SE, Abe and the cluster in general. Same on PvE. Rewards have been enabled for the rest of the cluster and can be purchased in game at the reward vault or via ticket.

    1. Imprints: One of the main dinos being used for osds, veins is the giga. Sadly the giga imprint lasts over 20hours and not everyone is able to stay only that long to finish it up (Also in bigger tribes this can be a huge issue as you have to claim all eggs for the specific persons at the same time due to time zones, work and so on..)

    Then plan ahead, take your time and if you can't make it then just don't imprint or imprint as much as you can. The bonus you get is more valuable as the level have been reduced heavily and every little advantage matters now. That advantage has to be earned though and doesn't come easy i.e. you want something good, you've got to work for it.