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    Hello Everybody

    I'd like to giveaway a ARK: Survival Evolved Season Pass Key Steam GLOBAL which will be bought from G2A.

    Why i do this? - I just like to give stuff back to the Community because its always fun to play here. Additional to that its hella cool how everyone playes together and helps each other, i.e the Teleport Network or many different things aswell. Now as Extinction got opened i saw a lot of people which dont have the DLC's. So here i am :D

    How can i enter?

    With this Giveaway i would like to support the Community Driven PVE x2 Breeding event.

    (PvE Breeding Event - Community Sponsored Events - Hosted by Breaths Edge)

    So you enter by sending GC to me with the Comment "Giveaway". Every GC collected in this Giveaway go directly into the Pot of the Event.

    The Max amount of entrys you will get is 10. So if you send 20 GC you only get 10 Entrys but still donate 20 GC's to the Event.

    With only Accepting 10 Entrys i want to give everyone the Possibility to enter.

    Additional to that i will donate another 100 GC from my own pockets into the next Event.

    You can see your Entries on the following Spreadsheet.…r9F3dtoA/edit?usp=sharing

    Total Collected GC since the last update: 401

    The Giveaway will end on Sunday 03.02.2019 22:00 UTC+1.

    The Winner will be found public here in this thread.

    If there are any open Questions feel free to ask.



    If you find misspellings you can keep them or sell on Ebay.8o

    I really want to point out that People start to look at the Tags here in the Marketplace forum.

    I've got numerous deals canceled because we found out that the buyer didn't look at the Tag and is on the other Cluster.


    Im kinda for Baby freezing and kinda against it. I see the point of Blunt which would make it too easy to imprint a dino and on the other hand i see the need for people like arca.

    For me in example i get a ton of eggs in a week and just breed them on the weekends when i need the Imprint. In my opinion thats enough but i wouldnt mind that feature to be activated.

    - Neutral like my land.

    Hello Everybody

    Im selling a lot of Wyvern eggs, down below you can find my price table.

    Almost every Egg is on Stock Except 190 Eggs.

    Stock will be added soon.

    Also note that you get Wyvern milk at every purchase and you can even buy the milk alone. -> 5x Milk = 380 Metal/190 Crystal

    If you are interested you can reach me on The forum, under this thread, ingame as "Tsukijomi" or on the Discord Tsukijomi#2328


    Oh thats sad. Can we figure out what the highest one on the normal PVE servers is and cap it to that? and can we cap like blueprints? Additional to that, the amount of blueprints were not something to worry about on PVP? or how did you manage it there?

    Yea but i dont think that these rates should be it. For me as an example I have a Masterwork longneck with 350% and its not even from Extinction. But i really like the idea but it will have some configuration before.

    Yeah this was what I was saying - I guess it could be argued that it would ruin the economy but it wouldn't really as the OP stuff will just have really high values because it is rare. OP blueprints would ruin the economy

    Yep and as i understood that there were no OP blueprints, right?

    Economy, yea thats a thing. Those would just be very expensive or frikin cheap because the tools are useless ;)

    In my opinion the Impact on PVe wouldnt be that much if we would open everything. Just opening the Dino transport will allow people to get the dinos from Extinction but they still had to start with 0 over there and to build up to just get them. What would be unfair for other peoples?

    Tools with high damage due to gacha: As we just found out the farming rate is 3x but the healt is low which makes it a real 1.5x.

    As they do more damage in real they are much more worse than a primitive pickaxe/Hatchet/etc.

    Weapons: Alright People do more damage on dinos... its still pve, you cant kill someone with a op weapon on pve because.. its pve right?

    So i really dont see the point here, can someone clear that up? or am i missing the point?