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    Hello fellow Survivors,

    i am on this Server for nearly a Year and decided to reopen my Trading Post. Its the same as last time just with some little Changes.

    First of all i will open this Shop for 1 or 2 Weeks for now since last time some guys abused it.

    The Main Change is that i switched from Center to Island. At the Post you find everything unlocked and you can Travel back with the unlocked Transmitter.

    I have various of eggs like Giga, Rex or Yuti and some more. You can see all Parents in the Backyard of my base

    The Payment Methods Change a little bit too.

    One Egg will cost 500 Metal Ingots

    or 250 Crystal

    500 Sulfur

    500 Oil

    500 Stone

    Just to be sure because not everybody sees it: There are 3 Fridges

    I still got so much Fibre and Wood from last time that i dont need it at the Moment.

    Im planning to use the income of this for a new Project but to be honest i have no ideas maybe you guys can suggest something.

    If you have any wishes of eggs i should add just let me know and i will see if it is possible.

    Some People from last time wrote me in privat that they could imagine to gift something to me. If thats the case let me know and i will add a code locked Vault at the location.

    Thats it for now. Have fun with my offers and feel free to ask me anything about it.

    And dont forget. This System is built on Trust and when i realise some people will abuse it i will close it without any Notice.

    Giveaway Guy Jimmy

    Maybe your Ping on this Server is too high.

    Open Windows Console and write ping [ServerIP] -t

    with the -t at the end u make an endless check, when u get kicked off look whats your ping is.

    Thats the first i can imagine. Do you get any Messages. Gamecrash? only Disconnect and return to main Menu?

    Maybe you have a problem with a Mod you installed which is not needed on your friends Server.


    Just a short Update:

    In the next 1-3 Weeks i will delete this Outpost and rebuild my Base where u Guys can directly take the Eggs off the Hatchery.

    I will expand my Market with Cryo Babys. Im planning for Manas, Gachas Tylacoleo and maybe Tusos.

    Additionaly i will add Blueprints to the market but mine arent so well xD Maybe i find more interesting ones.

    Thats it for now. More Infos will come when i find time for expanding my Base.

    I wish all of you a great time and i thank you all again that this Project is still alive =)

    Bump Im back from Vacation and will keep this project alife since it looks like everyone is honest, which, i admit, i didnt expect :D I will refill the Vault from time to time since i cant produce so much eggs :D. Im planning on expand the offer in the next days with blueprints or adult dinos. I dont know yet. Thanks to everyone!