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    while we are discussing this. I would also like for it to be discussed about making the tek stryder a permanent addition to Gen2. As is, with Gen2 gather rates being at X1, and the inability to transfer the stryder, as well as the inability to soul them, they're really not that great.

    I don't see much harm in having them always available on gen2, most people wouldn't even keep them considering the tame limit cap at 50 and the stryder taking up 20 of it.

    So... my recommendation would be, make stryders permanent on Gen2, and instead increase Hexagon bonus during farming weekends, and keep Gather at X1 on gen2.

    (Also, personally it's difficult for me to play on weekends, as I'm generally busy. While I love the events, I hate that they are always on weekends :( )

    While I really enjoyed the increase this past week for the event, I also don't think that it should be permanent. I wouldn't cry if it was permanent, especially with Ark 2 looming, but I'd still prefer a bit of a challenge.

    However, I do think that this paves the way to the discussion for other improvements towards breeding. Namely around the GC Purchased breeding event (and possibly all events.) I would personally like the see the purchased events not only be on the weekends, and feel that they would be better suited to a full week long event. Similar to what we just saw this past week.

    Personally, I work all week, and then I'm off on the weekends. I usually try to go do other things outside of Ark on the weekends, and do most of my Ark playing during weeknights. So, I would rather see the events during the weekdays rather than the weekend. I also liked that gathering rates and exo points were increased on Gen2 (and the stryder not enabled). I would like it more if the purchasable gathering event would increase gathering on gen2, and have the stryder enabling be a separate event of some sort.

    So, my recommendation would be to rework the purchasable GC events. I'd make most of them the full week instead of only a weekend, and maybe add some different ones. like I could see having a purchaseable event for ONLY enabling the stryder and Gachas, etc. I'd also like to see a mutation event, where we ONLY enable the N+ Mutator. I think that would be fun as a temporary event. I don't think temporarily enabling the mutator would be too overpowered, since you'd really only be able to get a few mutations out of it, what with baby growth time and such.

    I think this has been shot down before, but I also would like to see this happen. With the new map being out, and everyone playing over there, the other maps feel completely dead. I typically play on Gen2, and I feel completely alone there :D

    While I also hate when people leave the wood in a beaver dam and take everyone else, it doesn't make sense for a beaver dam to not have wood in the beaver dam. To a beaver, the entire reason of a beaver dam is for them to put their wood when they chew on trees. I know that sounds like a stupid reason, but I like things to make sense.

    I think it would be better to organize a mission completion run. I'm sure people would be interested. I know quite a few others are lacking the completion of some missions, I know I am... but that's mainly because I've been too lazy to redo them after how long I spent completing them on Official :D

    I'm not saying that the Tek Bow should be easy to unlock. I'm just saying that I think it wasn't taken into account when rethinking the new level balance when Fjordur came out.

    Prior to the rebalance, the Tek Bow required level 196 to unlock. Doing a single alpha ascension could get you to 190. So it was JUST out of reach. Practically doing anything else could get you there (1 more gamma ascension + 1 chibi level; or one more beta ascension, etc.) However... before the level adjustment, if you ascended on every map on just the gamma level, you could get to 195, so just 1 chibi level would get you there. Now if you ascend on every map, you can only get to 185, which is a far cry from the 196 requirement of the Tek bow.

    With the rebalance, doing 2 alpha ascensions can only bring you up to 195. Still out of reach of Tek Bow level.

    Again, I'm not saying that it should be easy, I'm just saying that I think it was an unforeseen consequence of the level rebalance, and wasn't taken into consideration.

    The level requirement for the tek bow should probably be adjusted now that the player level cap was decreased from 175 to 165. I am of the opinion that if a player ascends on every map on gamma (thinking solo players, not pushing for alpha ascensions, etc.) they should be able to learn the tek bow engram. As it stands with the 165 player level cap, you could ascend on every map, including gen2, and still not be able to learn the tek bow engram.

    Just a thought... decreasing base player levels by 10, should probably decrease engram cost of the tek bow by 10.

    In case anyone was wondering. One day I walked by, and noticed something was different. Bob had gone. I don't know where Bob had gone, but I'd like to think that he was off bare backing a Dilo into the battle of a life-time, fighting with nothing but a journeyman Sickle from my "free stuff" box. Bob had a nice restful beauty sleep, and then he moved on to better things.


    I played ark since alpha, and a group of us played on official and ran a massive public egg farm (back when kibble was dino specific). Everyone quit but me, and it was overwhelming to run by myself. I finally quit for a while and came back to play again a while later, and found that official was now awful and overrun by pillar spam. So, still having the mindset of doing something for the community of ark (think public egg farm) I decided to start, fund, and support my own server cluster. I ran a cluster through survival servers for about 6 months, which had 3 maps (island, ragnarok, and center). As I was the only admin, and also trying to play on the cluster as well, once there were about 60 regular people playing on the cluster and running caves and always needing help, this became unmanageable. So, I communicated a date when the cluster was going to shut down, and then I searched for a cluster to play on that had the same modifiers that I was using on my cluster. So, I started playing on GD at that time back in mid 2018. I quit for a bit due to some life changes, but recently returned around June or July. Any chance I get I tell people to play here and support through patreon :D

    Not that it's helpful, but I just found the server by searching through the in game server list, looking for the settings in the server title.