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    In case anyone was wondering. One day I walked by, and noticed something was different. Bob had gone. I don't know where Bob had gone, but I'd like to think that he was off bare backing a Dilo into the battle of a life-time, fighting with nothing but a journeyman Sickle from my "free stuff" box. Bob had a nice restful beauty sleep, and then he moved on to better things.


    I played ark since alpha, and a group of us played on official and ran a massive public egg farm (back when kibble was dino specific). Everyone quit but me, and it was overwhelming to run by myself. I finally quit for a while and came back to play again a while later, and found that official was now awful and overrun by pillar spam. So, still having the mindset of doing something for the community of ark (think public egg farm) I decided to start, fund, and support my own server cluster. I ran a cluster through survival servers for about 6 months, which had 3 maps (island, ragnarok, and center). As I was the only admin, and also trying to play on the cluster as well, once there were about 60 regular people playing on the cluster and running caves and always needing help, this became unmanageable. So, I communicated a date when the cluster was going to shut down, and then I searched for a cluster to play on that had the same modifiers that I was using on my cluster. So, I started playing on GD at that time back in mid 2018. I quit for a bit due to some life changes, but recently returned around June or July. Any chance I get I tell people to play here and support through patreon :D

    Not that it's helpful, but I just found the server by searching through the in game server list, looking for the settings in the server title.

    In all of the admins defense, they do take violations of rules and abuse seriously, and act on it promptly and accordingly. It is very much appreciated, and not common among private servers.

    However, this thread was made as a joke. I was quite obviously not being serious. I literally tamed penguins and monkeys solely to put hats on them and take this screenshot. lol


    lol, I was joking, I'm not trying to lure wild dinos or drown anyone, I just thought it was funny. Hence the obviously satirical screenshot with the dinos in hats. ;)

    I'm more-so just surprised at how long the bodies stay. Also, mine is minor compared to others, as I just have this one. My base is not a spawn-point, and it's not entirely walled off, so Bob could have just walked out. I think it's more likely that he was a peeping Tom, and was looking in my window watching me change from my flak to my ghillie suit.

    Anyone else have any abandoned low level naked dudes in their bases for a rather extended period of time? Should we schedule a Purge™? One night only, we're allowed to drag and drown naked low level bodies from our bases? :evil:

    My personal opinion, is that I wouldn't put in the effort to modify it from how it is. I use the breeding event for mass breeding to perfect lines of mixed stats into max base stats. In this, imprint doesn't matter. Maybe have a separate 1000GC imprint event, where all imprints are 100%, if you're looking to make all your dinos 100% imprint.

    I was able to get yuty, theri, ember wyvern, and working on megaloceros, all together into a male and female with all of my max stats. This event has been perfect for that.