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    Ouch, that's more expensive than expected.

    WC has been a mess all around so I'm not surprised at the terrible load it creates.

    The issue with creating a character on each server is that it disables your characters from being able to have all tekgrams/ascension/extra levels. If we were able to copy our character to multiple servers (maybe a charge of 100GC per copy) Im sure it would make a lot of people's live easier when it comes to playing on the cluster.

    Maybe it won't. But still, there are players who manage to play Extinction 10-15 hours a day. So there is a way to stay connected, only requires some effort?

    Until they get mass Dc'd or the server crashes, then they can't get back in while in the middle of an OSD.

    You assume extinction will be less popular than abberation.

    These are two completely different experiences. Extinction isn't going to die down anytime soon.
    You have to consider that Extinction has a much lower difficulty than abberation for a plethora of reasons.

    Once element veins are released as well, any player than enjoys tek and wants to experience endgame will STAY on extinction.
    GD also made the map non-transferable, so most people will STAY on extinction to manage base and dinos.

    You CANNOT compare this map to abberation that way.

    While I understand having to reduce the slots on extinction by half the current limit to minimize crashes, are we going to see a second extinction server?
    Can we increase donation cap for that?

    ^^ What Koga Said.

    Boys and girls, this is the last expension.
    The final map.
    Possibly the last experience with ARK.

    There are ASC tek Engrams, element is farmable, and gatcha are totally random loot machines.

    It was also thought that metal was too easy with abberation, and that wyverns were too powerful...

    Gachas are powerful, yes. And that's ok.

    i would actually prefer the cryo pods vs the dino mod which is a good mod it actually allowed us to have unlimited dinos and solved the tame cap issue but is too op in some regards

    from what ive seen so far the cryo pods are a lot more balanced and do the same thing , so if crafting resources will be availabele to mid , late , end game players i would think a switch should be considered

    Newer players don't have access to cryo pods and generators. The mods solves this issue.

    Coming from somebody that in the past did a lot of selling on the AH and through the forums, I have to say, aside from the occasional bug,
    Arc Bars has made a huge difference in a positive way.

    It's now much easier to sell rare breeding dinos that are worth more than 6k Ingots or crystal, considering how easy it is to get metal and other resources in comparison to good stats.
    Honestly, if the AH had a higher cap on resources than 6k, we would have no real need for a secondary currency, but as it stands,
    it helps a lot with people who want to sell for something other than a resource they have 1mil+ of.

    I can understand the frustration newer players have, but at the same time understand that those who've spent 1k+ hours breeding and taming for stats need to be rewarded with something other than a resources they have no real need of any longer.

    Finally had saved up enough GC for the giga couple and was very happy to see that they could be bough on the auction house now. They look even better in game :)

    Many thanks from a happy customer!

    I'm so glad you like them, and thank you very much for the purchase <3

    For example, I hatched 50 ptera eggs, and my 5k+ mutation counts mutate at about the same rate as 50 clean 0/0 eggs.
    There is absolutely no difference, and it is just a glitch in the heredity tree that's been around since it was first introduced.

    Although, having clean mutation counters does allow you to keep better track, if you don't have a super spyglass.
    This is why it was so sought-after on official.
    It is also why people who use breeding addons never cares about mutation counts.

    Sly, very nice!

    As for the mutation counters.
    It is a MYTH that after a dino has 20+ mutations on one side it cannot further mutate.

    IF (and a highly doubt anyone has achieved this yet on this cluster) it truly has 20 + mutated stats it will not further mutate.
    As for mutation counters in the thousands, it's still very possible for the dino to mutate AT THE SAME RATE one with 0/0 would.

    Its been debunked MANY MANY times.