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    Valguero seems like a cool map and i'd like to play it, however, it would be rather silly to add it at the cost of another map so close after a cluster wipe.

    If anything you add it on the next cluster wipe(whenever that is), so that nobody looses all their shit. It's not even mid season afterall.

    The Cluster hasn't been wiped in fact it's not been wiped in well over a year the player structure's that break the rules of having more than 1 base and 1 outpost have been wiped

    You could also expand to another map of the cluster. I moved my 40+ Rhinos to Island so I got enough space on ragnarok and extinction for all other dinos.

    That's what I'm planning to do with my gacha's just not enough space and time on one map for 1 person to keep setting them up

    I understand that some tribes want to play/keep the center since less people play on that map. But there is a reason no body wants to play on that map and voted it to be removed. It doesn't offer anything to the table when it comes to dinos or boss fights. It makes sense that more than half of the votes were to remove it. I'm for removing The Center even if some tribes will be upset due to this.
    Look at it this way, everyone is begging for a new map with the new dinos and world to explore.
    Since tribes from The Center would loss their bases if it is chosen to remove the map either by vote or due to money, I suggest we could possibly do a fresh wipe so everyone has a chance to build in any of the maps.
    I know it's insane but it'd be a bit fair to the Center favored tribes and maybe they could save their dinos from the map structure wipe if that is possible. If not, then everyone can't complain about that they can't build anywhere cause everything is new.

    This thread should be closed at this point Valguero isn't being added anytime soon

    You've regurgitated the same points everyone else has made

    You've joined the cluster 3 months ago so it's easy for you to say wipe all the maps but it is ridiculous and out of the question I cannot begin to explain on how many levels it would effect and ruin all the PVE player base just to benefit you and the Center map many of whom already have bases on other maps with in the cluster

    if a new map is added it would mean anyone would have a fair chance to find base spots regardless of wiping all the maps so your talking a load of rubbish

    Do not leave anything open or unlocked EVER craft an S+ door set it to automatically close build perimeter walls and spikes as defences in the past people have done this kind of thing before but you need proof otherwise you cannot do anything about it , Megalosaurus like Troodons become more active and hunt at night they could of killed you through the walls or open door if you were close enough .. good luck

    But would it be tricky to ask PVE players who already have a base to think conservatively about where to build outposts ? and to be more specific I was talking about Ragnarok maybe I've been playing the game too much lately but 7 days is a long time on a busy server it's real bad in certain places where someone could build a main base

    Is it possible to add a rule stating outposts cannot take up base locations i.e putting an outpost right in the middle of a flat open area where a base could of been, so it frees up more locations for other players. And is there a way of doing more maintenance or frequent wipes of things like abandoned starter bases that get left everywhere.

    The best course of action would be to leave the Valguero map for 6 months till it's playable and then revisit this topic of conversation at a later date and so people can stop asking the same questions nearly everyday on discord ^^

    WC decided to remove griffins from Valguero, so they remain exclusive for Ragnarok (they appear in Val's trailer, but ark players must be dumb so they won't notice, it's ok wildcard, you did nothing wrong). Fire wyverns currently dont spawn, but it will be fixed. Ice wyverns do spawn, but they are a different class than on Rag, not the same. But hey, it has two new types of golems and some raptor-drake thing. This map is becoming more and more a nonsense.

    I'm just seeing hype for Valguero at this point it's a beautiful map but holds nothing substantial I mean what at stage of progression in ARK are the players who want Valguero on PVE it would be interesting to know that

    Now the PVP player base want Valguero and the Center map removed as well and that was added to the PVP cluster 1 week and two days ago ! "feelsbadman"

    Nothing is set in stone, there is literally no rush what so ever to change a map overnight. It's new and exciting content I understand but have patience. The admins haven't announced what they plan to do yet they may decide to keep The Center permanently or indefinitely as Valguero still has problems.

    I also don't think anyone would expect The Center player base to move all their belongings in a hurry just so others can play on a new map that would be unfair.

    Well the Ark Stream on Twitch just finished the map is being released tomorrow morning however they didn't answer whether the map was completed would seem stupid to released a half finished modded map as an official Ark map but you never know with Wildcard guess we'll find out tomorrow

    It's a free map which is great but from what I can gather at this point in time it only adds 1 new dinosaur the Deinonychus and a boss fight " A boss arena where players face an epic battle against a Megapithecus, Manticore and Dragon " so it's going to be difficult to decide because it's subjective.

    It's going to be popular like Ragnarok with the player base because of the wyvern cave and the aberration biome, I have to say some of the base locations looks amazing it's a beautiful map.

    I think the best thing to do is wait for more information to be released so we can make a better decision because your still stuck on the question of what map do you replace which looks like it would be The Center or what would it cost to add another server to the cluster which may end up with more of the player base being asked to donate each month. It's a tough decision.

    It's a slow process and is not as simple as that saying item A is the best thing to sell unfortunately, each map has different demands so the Auction houses are slightly different on each server. All methods of farming GC/Arc Bars do require you to sink a lot of time so you can begin to compete with the current competition.

    Some players have already accumulated thousands and thousands of GC by controlling most of the auctions listed on each server or have been breeding the same dino lines to make the very best mutated dinos to sell for months in some cases over a year, so new or returning players don't really stand a chance till they reach a certain level of progression.

    I would stick to voting daily till you have the GC or Arc bars to buy what you need to get started 9 GC/Arc bars a day is reasonable for 30 seconds of your time.

    Good luck