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    Hi all - we want to start breeding water dinos but are not allowed to build a second base to enable us to do so, I have been thinking of a solution and I'd like admins to consider this please:

    - Either the admins, or me, build a breeding area underwater

    - This will be available for use by everyone, there will be pin-coded fridges and feeding troughs in each "booth"

    - Pin codes will be set to 1234 by default, if necessary people can request that it is set to something unique whilst they are using the breeding booth (they would have to ask whoever built it)

    Please let me know what you think, or if anyone has alternative solutions then please share them

    I don't play PvP (I am planning to at some point when i am bored of PvE) - however what if there was a mod that made it so that you cannot log off within a certain time period of one of your tribe / structures being damaged or your turrets firing?

    There was a similar system in DayZ - if you took damage you couldn't log off for a couple minutes

    This would involve a mod being custom made and i don't even know if the game will allow it but may be worth investigating if you have the technical knowledge

    Hi - when you are going to delete structures that have cost quite a bit to make - and also contain lots of resources that in turn get destroyed along with the structure, please give people the chance to remove them on their own so everything isn't lost.

    Tell us on the Forum

    Tell us in-game

    Add it to the welcome message

    lost a hell of a lot because I didn't check discord in the last 24 hours...

    Hey - got a lovely yellow giga now - I will need to try to get its stats down if I am selling as breedable as its my 292 line. I'll send you some screenshots later

    Hey - I would like to transfer 700 GC to Arc Bars on PvE Extinction please

    Name: Daisho

    Tribe: Tribe of Daisho

    Many thanks,


    Ok thanks for clarifying - it goes without saying that if someone is fighting then it has already been claimed. That same German quote exists in English (from the bible): "Do unto others as you would have done unto you"

    We will continue claiming in chat with GPS. I can confirm however that as soon as the OSD is activated you can now claim it with the radial menu

    Hey all,

    This is a question for an admin please!

    I have had two experiences recently:

    I flew up to an OSD and claimed it, as I was on the "E" menu someone "claimed" it in chat and then accused me of stealing it. (We were under the impression you no longer need to claim in chat due to the raidal menu addition)

    I then went to another OSD a few hours later, claimed it in chat and then claimed it on the radial menu - still got accused of stealing it because someone "had a transmitter out"... He then told me he hopes I get wiped and wrote "FU" - just general toxicity. I was going to report him but just put it down to him having a bad day.

    So I have followed both "claim techniques" and people still get the hump - could an admin please clarify the exact rule? We don't want to offend people by playing the game and I really don't want to cause more toxic chat from the guy in "the ancients" tribe. I would suggest that with the radial menu addition you shouldn't need to claim in chat anymore



    What did you do to get wiped?

    You can have both a base and an outpost on every map (PvE)

    I'm no admin so can't confirm the second question, however if it is obvious that the buildings are part of the same structure I can't see a problem - I have seen massive bases that require 4 tek generators to cover and they aren't a problem. The reason this rule is there is to stop people claiming and blocking multiple areas off. As long as it is sensible I'm sure the admins will be fine with it

    Hey all,

    With the valentines event, breeding was at 3x the standard rate of 10x (I think)

    This was just about enough to fully imprint a giga - It still takes 8 hours but it is doable. I would like to suggest that the current reward of X2 breeding be increased to X3 breeding - if the price was to be increased accordingly I'm sure people would still prefer this