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    If anything valguero official is worse than valguero when it was unofficial. There's no griffin's, rock drakes etc. People voted for the centre over valguero in the poll so why should we change it now when it's worse... Just because it's official and has a new dino...

    At the point of the vote what you could see from valguero was not complete. The page mentioned how it was only like 85% done and that was because progression on it had stopped as the next big release for it was on official. This is probably why people voted against it however now it is supposedly 100% complete (there are always some bugs to work out especially when first released). The team that made the map are working a lot on fixing these bugs, there has already been a big update to the map a couple of days ago. Thats just a of information though i play only on PvE

    I think there are some issues with the mesh meaning people may fall through at points and get stuck which just causes a multitude of problems.

    People are very active on the discord for it so hopefully these can be small quick fixes

    Ok lads. if i have seen and heard right Valguero seems a bit broken atm (I can be 100% wrong) i like the map idea but i think it shouldnt be added yet. when its better i 100% think it should be added

    This is true as Pl0x pointed out. There are some areas that the water is not quite right or the ground is angular at some places. Plox's example was a gap in the border on the map but this will be fixed quickly I imagine.

    Hopefully by the time the server has made a decision these will be mostly fixed

    As for the concern about rexes from the center because of the good spawns there seems to be a few around the place which is nice i would say more than on rag.

    They are spawning with levels like the island and aberration however.

    I think these will be fixed soon.

    The performance of the map varies and others are that better.

    Overall I love the map and would love to see it on the cluster

    Just got 2 cents and I haven't even got to the luminescent biome yet (underwater ocean is amazing)

    Future plans

    • Complete the Redwood biome
    • Complete the White cliff biome
    • Underground ocean with bigger dinos (Mosasaurus, Plesiosaurus, Tusoteuthis)
    • Complete Aberration cave system with all Aberration dinos
    • Add Thylacoleo nest/cave
    • Custom Tekcave

    I've found it from the dev on the map workshop, I don't know how much time it will take to fix all of it but I don't know if it's worth deleting a complete map to get a new incomplete one.

    the mod has not been updated for a while since it was going to be released officially. They have said that the map is now 100% complete, that is why the mod still says its about 85% done so don't worry about it being incomplete

    So I'm sure most of you will have seen the announcement for the new supported map Vaguero (if you haven't here is the steam page)

    Is there enough server space and power to be able to run this as well or will we either need to not include the map or drop one we already have?

    What are people's opinion on having this map and will it need to go through a testing phase or would you be happy to add it seen as its being supported for release?

    I don't see a problem with the day night cycle I'm afraid, would you then make night time last longer?

    I'm quite happy with the way it is

    We used to have a method of death recovery from the steampunk mod. That was one of the main reasons for getting rid of the mod. By having this ability it takes the challenge out of things like getting your first drake/wyvern egg and pretty much anything that may cause you to die.

    Its a nice idea but too powerful. As for the other mod that will also probably not make its way in as its very new (levelling up a dino wipes its inventory, this is bound to create loads of problems) as well as the bosses spawning in the normal map seems odd to me.

    I will let you see what other people say though that's just my 2 cents. :)

    You can purchase imprints on them as a reward for gc however that is quite expensive so if you can spare another day to raise a new load then that will probably be best unless you are happy with 60%.

    I'm also afraid that if you lost any items as well then there are no refunds for that kind of thing.

    Hi Tayler,

    To my knowledge you shouldn't be finding rotten meat in a loot drop the only reason i can think for it to be there is if someone came, took the loot and left that in there sot they could use the beacon to transfer to another map.

    As for the Rex saddles, I do not own one myself however there are people that have found them after lots of drop farming (its not meant to be easy for everyone to get) and they are willing to sell you crafts from it.

    Not sure if you have seen but there was a post a little while ago about the loot tables, because they are custom the owners have said that they will not tell us what they are however it is personally acceptable to come together and find it out between us. Because of this I had made some google docs for people to document their finds on. While there are some improvements that can be made to them it is a good starting point (not that it really took off)

    I will leave the links to the google doc pages if you want to see what has already been documented and feel free to add to them as it will help work out more about the loot drops.




    Aberration: (the ring option doesn't make sense on this one but i have just left it there anyway :P)

    Extinction:…t9Ox0Fgc/edit?usp=sharing (again because of the different loot system the names will be wrong, i don't play on extinction much but feel free to rename the tables to fit the map)